Pastor Salt Man , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number

Pastor Salt Man , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number

 Pastor Salt Man , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number , Men your are blessed i like your motivational words it realy inspired me your are the best pastorPastor Salt Man , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number

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Do not associate yourself with anything that is DEAD in 2017!


2017 is a year for super natural divine alignment! Embrace it!

As the new year is upon us, be prepared for change! Change that will take place with or without you! Align your will to what God is doing.

When I cross your mind, pray for me; When you cross my mind, I will pray for you; Sometimes it’s God giving us that signal that we need to stand in gap for each other in prayer! TRY IT and you tell me!

Blessed good night to you and your congregation. May God use you in a special way to touch someone soul.


  1. Hi my daddy In the Lord, my name isPrince Augustine Udogu I am from Nigeria residing in Egpyt hurghada city, daddy is my wish to meet for prayer 🙏 and i need to come over there in South Africa but I don’t know how to go about it. Things are not working well for me and i need the hand of God in my life. Please pray for me thanks

  2. My supposed wife is from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 with my only son name Zion kelechi Udogu but we are separated due to hardship and unproductive in finance, I was being rejected visa to uk 🇬🇧 due to lack of finances since then I am suffering here in Egpyt please help me Udogu chukwudi Augustine is my name and name for the mother of my son is Sophie Busby, daddy help me please. Thanks

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