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Amen Prayers
Amen Prayers
Amen Prayers
Amen Prayers

This is your year of the Overflow (Psalm 65:11)

I release the anointing of increase, an overflow of MORE than enough If you’re going to dream, dream big


God says if you sow into My house, I’ll sow into yours
God is getting ready to elevate your finances before the year is out
God is getting ready to bring breakthrough in your life
Everything you touch shall prosper

I decree and I declare; Overflow in your house, in your business, at your job, in the work of your hands.
Somebody shout OVERFLOW!


We all go through things that are not fair: people do us wrong, we didn’t get the promotion, we came down with an illness. You can’t stop life from happening to you, but you can choose how you respond.

If you hold on to the hurt, go around dwelling on the offense, thinking, “Why did they say that about me? Why did I lose that loved one? Why did my friend walk away?” Then, you’re opening the door to bitterness. When you’re bitter, it affects every area of your life.

Bitterness poisons your attitude to where you see things in a negative light, you can’t enjoy life, there’s always something wrong.