Powerful Prayers For Your Children , Family , And Spiritual Warfare – Pastor Alph Lukau

 Powerful Prayers For Your Children , Family , And Spiritual Warfare – Pastor Alph Lukau 

I Know that you are currently facing some challenges with the current state of your  Children , Family , And Financial Status , Please Kindly Bookmark this page and pray the below prayers below , God will surely hear your prayers

IT IS THE BLESSING OF THE LORD THAT MAKES RICH AND ADDS NO SORROW • May you receive you a life changing blessing in this season in Jesus name.


 Reviews : Powerful Prayers For Your Children , Family , And Spiritual Warfare – Pastor Alph Lukau

For Children 

Father, Your Word is true and I believe it. Therefore, in the Name of Jesus, I believe in my heart and say with my mouth that the Word of God prevails over my children. Your Word says that You will pour out Your Spirit upon my offspring and Your blessing upon my descendants. I believe and say that my children are wise and that they take heed to and are the fruit of godly instruction and correction. I love my children and I will diligently discipline them early. Because of that, they give me delight and rest.

For Family and Finance

“Dear Lord, help me to leave my financial worries in Your Hands. Guide me to peace so that I can hear your wisdom. Keep me mindful of my blessings no matter how much or little I may have. Grant me the patience and tolerance necessary to calm my spirit knowing that you have everything under control. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


  1. Pastor Alph Lucau i am a mather who sufer just seeing the church empty whose pastor for 10 years is my son, he is very dedicate to the work of God, it is his desire with passion to work for the Lord but the church does not grow, All i ask is to help us to pray to our Father In heaven, to JESUS Our saviour to the Holy spirit have mercy sending people that realy love the Lord. Please Pastor help us praying to the Lord bless my son and renew his call, and his ministry. GOD. Bless you more and more

  2. Pastor, my prophet from far away, but distance is not a barrier. Thank you for your prayers for us, may you stay strong anointed protected. I believe so much in all your decree & prophetic declarations at all your AMI church services. Pray with me for my children as well, my finances, divine protection, & may the Lord reveals himself to me & empower me to succeed no matter what the devil has done or doing, the Lord has the last word in my circumstances & I believe his report. Surely darkness must be put to shame. I am an overcome & winner. God will continue to bless you & anything attached to you in Jesus.

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