Powerful Prophetic Declarations By Pastor Alph Lukau (July 17th 2018) *Life Changer*

– This year will not pass before you receive everything God promised to give you. I speak speed and acceleration of the manifestation of your miracles in Jesus name


– God be for you who can be against you. Before the end of this season your mockers will admire you and your enemies will envy you.

– This is me laughing at those who said you will not get this far – God has proven them wrong once again. so ARISE AND SHINE for your light has come..

– Every time may not be your time but there is a time that is your Time. I am here to announce that your Time to testify, to rejoice and to prosper has arrived. YES I am talking to you. You will start seeing everything in your life turn around for your good. RECEIVE IT in Jesus name.

Can you Say AMEN To These Prayers


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