Prayer For Manifestation Of Destiny , Wealth and 2018 Prosperity – Prophet T.B Joshua

 Prayer For Manifestation Of Destiny , Wealth and 2018 Prosperity – Prophet T.B Joshua

Pray the following prayer points:


1.    Lord, in any way I have limited you in my thinking and actions, have mercy and let Your perfect will (thoughts and ways) manifest in my life in Jesus name.

2.    Father I surrender my thoughts, ways into your thoughts, ways take over my thoughts and ways for your glory to manifest in my life.

3.    Father let every word that You have spoken concerning my life, destiny, star, foundation, glory, purpose, ministry, family, career, finances come to manifestation in Jesus name.

4.    Whatever is not allowing the word of God to manifest in my life let the blood of Jesus wash it away in Jesus name.

5.    Father, Let Your kindness not depart from me O Lord.

6.    Lord, by Your unfailing mercy, as I walk into the year 2016, let Your covenant of peace not be removed in my life in Jesus name.

7.    Father give me the grace to live a righteous life so that righteousness will be established in my life in Jesus name.

8.    O Lord as the year comes to an end, by Your mercy, let the powers of oppression and terror be far from my life, ministry, dwelling, business, children, job, finances, career in Jesus name.

9.    Father, as the year comes to an end let every weapon fashioned against my life, in whatever form, be nullified –they shall not prosper in Jesus name.

10.    Every satanic tongue that will rise up against me in judgment, I condemn in Jesus name.

11.    I shall enjoy protection and deliverance as my heritage in Christ Jesus.

12.    Father, I declare today, let every man oppressing me be fed with their own flesh IJN.

13.    Father let my blood be bitter to my enemies let them drink their own blood instead of mine IJN.

14.    Heavenly Father, release into my hands my Special Christmas Blessing/Gift in Jesus name.


  1. Am reading all my mail I got from you Glory to GOD ! for the good you are bringing into my life I have been going though some things I pray for you and your family please pray for mind.

  2. Father son and the holy spirit i recieve in jesuschrist name.
    Every sound under the voice of papa Alph i believe it and i recieve it today.

  3. Kindly request papa Alph Lukao to remember me and my family.
    Many years i have been in pain,debts,misfortune, negative attitude, bad luck in relationship, failure and lastnesss.
    My siblings, my parents and my children poverty, sickness, debts, mismanagement, rejection, sadness , lastness, misconducts, taking bad directions and decisions, misbelieve and incidents.
    Papa Alph i know you now not from long time 2months now through youtube your a true man of God intervn and remember us.
    Am the firstborn my wish is my family to be blessed and happy.With power , wisdom and wealth.
    My wish is to have a complete life with marriage, i wish to compose gospel music, to worship, to teach bible study, to ministering the word of God, and to be the best international Leader.I believe and i have faith Alph Lukau is my Moses.I wish to meet you papa in person.Pray for a breakthrough in my finance, gifting, visions and dreams, stars, maritually,my spiritual background and in my destiny.To have wisdom, knowledge,understaning and favour.
    My family to have breakthrough in all there areas in there lifes.Deut 38 i believe and trust in every sound under your voice.

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