Can I Pray For You Today ?? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For You – (Submit Your Prayer Request) – Last Day Of the Month

In 2019 you are NOT alone. In 2019 you are not vulnerable. In 2019 you are not exposed. In January He says I have your back. In February He says I have your back. In March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December, He says I have your back.

He says “I’m holding your hand and you have NOTHING to fear”. Do you believe it?




Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Submit your finances to Him, submit your health, submit your family and your career and He will make your paths straight. Somebody say Amen


We all have people that have done us wrong. It’s easy to hold on to the hurt, be vindictive, try to pay people back. One test we all have to pass is not just forgiving people but being good to those that have not been good to us. When they betrayed you, when they left you out, when they said things that weren’t true, that put you at a disadvantage. It wasn’t fair, but God is a God of justice.

He sees every wrong, every hurt, every tear. At some point, the tables will be turned. You’ll be up and they’ll be down. The real test of how high you can go is what you do to people when you have the advantage. The way to pass the test is by being good to those that have done you wrong.


  1. Dearest Prophet, I thank God for you and your Minstry. There is mighty Power in the Word of God and you are so wonderful in explaining that to us. I wish no harm for those that wronged me. Dear Prophet my closest friend is in need. Clement, he loves God but has lost his way through life’s difficulties he has lost strength and confidence in himself. He has a good heart but many mistakes deter him from his destiny. He is now alone and faces the harsh realities of this world. I pray for mighty strength for him both spiritually and mentally. In work, increase in his income and a permanent position. He has two children and a wife to sustain and they live in Nigeria and he in Switzerland. All that glitters, so the saying goes. I love my friend and pray for absolute breakthrough for him in every area of his life. I love you dear Man of God, sent by God for a time like this for all of the family of God and our brothers and sisters in the Lord. You are a God portal, the Power of the living God flows through your Ministry and through you Great and mighty, compassionate Prophet. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.

  2. Pray for me man of God,my daughter has finished her diploma now she’s looking for a job,please help her,good relationship with my boss at work so that we can work well sister

  3. Papa I request prayer for financial breakthrough, am deep in debt, I want to pay for my Masters certificate that is still hed by the University because of the outstanding balance, I need that certificate to apply for higher positions, please pray for the upcoming court case which is on the 18th February it was the car accident that the person who hit my car dint want to pay for the expenses and the matter is at court, I have fixed my car I need him to pay for the expenses incurred, please pray for my promotion at work, please pray for the growth of my business and peace and calm in my marriage.

  4. O heavenly father Jesus Christ the lord. thank you for your support and being with me forever i give u my everything coz i know u will give me back all that happiness. o Lord Jesus cover me with your precious blood and fill me with thy holy spirit


  5. My Daddy Pray for me a breakthrough for my finance I have a company Texas Trading Enterprises but suffer a lot things are not proceed today is the end of month but I don’t know were too for my debs but I know My Pastor Alph Lukau and my God is Alive I have trust in Him my God who makes the impossible possible Amen

  6. Man of God pray for me that I follow Jesus Christ, do everything according to God’s will and follow his commandments in Jesus Christ name Amen

  7. Please Sir, I request for peace in my marriage cause its at the point of breaking, financial breakthrough, new job for me and my husband, good health for my family and fruit of the womb and above all the grace of God

  8. Pastor, please pray for me, can God favor me today financially….Please pray for me Pastor, i need financial breakthrough, can God of Alph Lukau locate me today, in the name of Jesus.

  9. God I love so much,I give all unto you make me a living sacrifice use me for your Glory, Amen. My prayer request to you my beloved pastor Alph Lukau financial breakthrough. God bless you

  10. My prayer by faith Pastor Alph Lukau that every Promises that God promise me I speak life unto each one by faith. And that God will change my story SUDDENLY. Every open door open. Every close door close. And that an out pouring of His ANOINTING be pour on each gift and talent and Ministry. And No weapon formed AGAINST me shall NOT PROSPER. And the best is yet to come.

  11. I need your prayer and blessing papa. My financial matter of my buisness ha been stopped since 8months. Simple giving excuses not workibg out. please help me papa

  12. Pastor I need a prayers for my finances that I will have a financial breakthrough over my life, my job as a public teacher that many lives of young people will touch by God that He may used me as a channel, my family, our resources, farm and the blessings which stolen by the enemies be back on us in Jesus Name.Amen.

  13. Please pray for my family that they would come to know the Lord.please praying my sons would get promotion and better paying jobs.please pray I would be debt free . I pray you and yours will be blessed. Thank you ever so much for your prayers.I connect and I recieve

  14. Pastor please pray for me I’m suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic cough. I’m going to church I have been prayed for so many times but I’m unable to receive healing

  15. Please pray for marital breakthrough and job breakthrough. And I say Amen and receive every word prophecies spoken into my life by Pastor Alph Lukau. Thank u sir .

  16. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,i belive i receive what my Prophet prophecies in Jesus name,oh Lord you are my strength my Shepherd nothing shall i fear,Help me to obey your will,oh Lord i don knw where to start mt way ,help me guide me ,i summit all my ways unto you oh Lord Amen

  17. Pray for me paa, for financial break and to able to finance my study and publish my book, pray for my health, to be employed as a full time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus and to be able to complete my studies this year as i am in my final year of my masters.

  18. Man of God please pray for financial break through, and complete deliverance from heavy debts to people, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus..Amen

  19. Oh!Lord I pray for fruitfulness,financial breakthrough endless Joy in my marriage.I pray that the Lord change i and my husbands status this year,appointments contracts…We will testify and make great sacrifice to God all this i ask and pray through Christ My Lord Amen

  20. I pray for total restoration of my finances, SOON. I pray for the hand of God to lead me through the year in my internship and for the Man of God who will mentor me. I pray for healing of this broken heart. I pray for my family to accept my walk with God. Though they want not to hear a word let me be humble, let me decrease that he who established this walk in me also establish renewal in my family of Love and forgiveness. What good is it that I am saved and they not. It is written what profit is there to love only those that love us. Surely Jesus was hated by many and yet his heart went out to all. I love you great Prophet Lukau and I am forever thankful for you.

  21. Good morning man of God, please pray for my mom for total healing from Diabetes and BP. for about Ten years now my mom has been sick and we have tried all we could. Nd God visit my brothers nd sisters this year with divine Success. things are not going on well with us.

  22. Papa pray for me i need a job at military hospital.i am going to submit my document.pray for me to be considered papa

  23. man of god pray for my neace Kunashe she is paralysed can you pray that she will be well i need a prayer so that i can have my own house and a loving husband

  24. Man of God please pray,for my health, my job,my finaces,my family,friends and all my surrendering,and that God will fill me with his grace.

  25. Man of the living God please pray for me, for God to give strength, i truly need to serve him doubtless and to be able to stand against my flesh temptations and to get school this year.

    Thank you.

  26. Pastor i need you prayers for financial, spiritual breakthrough may God open doors of success and raise me from dust to reaches so that i can serve him financially to propel his word, im also requesting protection and wisdom for my kids in their studies and choices may it be inspired and take them to a higher levels of life

  27. May God answer and grant my desires and petitions since He knows them better,I have faith that this is my year to testify of his goodness and mercy upon my life in Jesus mighty name Amen

  28. Please papa, pray for me and my family..I need a financial break through. And we are hoping God will open a chance for my husband who needs a transfer to kinango.please locate us

  29. Please pastor Alph Lukau pray for me I want my man to marry me plus we are expecting a baby now and pray for my financial breakthrough

  30. Good morning Pappa
    My name is Olivia Shimhanda from Namibia, aged 28.
    I have been searching for jobs and every time I get a job it doesn’t last long something always goes wrong.
    I want Pappa to pray for me for a job please Man of God

  31. Good morning Pastor Alph Lukau I submit my prayer request my health, my family,my finances (breakthrough) I surrender everything unto him total deliverance,restoration for my sister Nelissa that God will change her story back. Pray for my brother,son.nieces and nephew that no weapon formed against them shall prosper in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.

  32. Pastor please pray for my breakthrough in all my lined up projects. As I commit all my business into the Holly Hands of God in Christ Jesus name. Also pray for my children. I also commit Nelita and myself to the Lord and pray that we be sanctified. Finally pray for financial breakthrough in this month of February in Christ Jesus name. Amen. May God bless you immensely Pastor.

  33. please papa pray for me financial breakthrough ,career ,job and i want a man for my own please also pray for my family…

  34. Yes plz Pappa Alpha you can pray for me , for my finances , a home and job , in Jesus name I really need a miracle

  35. Please remember me in prayer so that I can be stronger in faith to serve God,to have a good man to start a family with and money to settle my family and mother as well as to have a better opportunity for my career.

  36. pray for my sister milinga to come back home since she get married in Zambia in 2009 she did not come back home plz help. I want miracle money

  37. Dear Man of God by my devine connection to your Alter, I Submit my finances to God, I submit my health, I submit my family and my career and God will make my paths straight in Jesus NAme Amen. Man of God I am within the 2000 bank alert money miracle by faith Amen

  38. Papa please pray for me financially breakthrough,
    Excellence in my child at school
    For my business work CBN
    Addiction of snuif
    My relationship in relationship that hurts me I can’t can’t conceive it’s been 6yrs now pls man of God help me and I don’t want to share my man I’m sharing Jim with teenager can pls help me to pray for them to separate
    Pray for healing spirit of HIV is finishing my family
    No one in my family is successful no works, marriage,no driving car pray for me that God give me wisdom

  39. Amen, Oh Lord helps us.I continue to ask for the grace on this matter. Lord takes control on these issues as you alone is God to settle all matters.

  40. Man of God please pray for me asking for promotion at work,so that i can take care of my kids do everything the inneed ,financial breakthrough,to stop having this anger to my kids,I am studying Management Diploma please give strength and please to protect my children and grand child to excel at schools in Jesus Name my life partner is drinking everyday please pray for him to responsibility Amen

  41. I pray that you help me with your prayers more especially financially I’m surrounded by debts I can’t even take out tights at church I get my salary today and out of the blue its cone

  42. Am Elizabeth Kalinga from Kenya. My prayer request is that Godbto give me His spiritual gifts and desearnment spirit,to be connected with the Spirit of God. God have mercy on me.

  43. Daddy can you please pray for me spirit of almost there eish…I need to be freed from this spirit papa pls I’m begging pray for me when about to benefit things just go sour pls pls I’m a single mom trying so hard to raise my children and to give them the best of life I have been praying but now I think I need u my Moses kick that devil for me man of God

  44. Please pray for my son’s and my home for a peaceful life,for happiness for a partnerthe spirit of depression
    Thank u paster

  45. Papa I’m having hard times with my gambling problem trying to better my financial status.My husband is sick suffering from backache and piles which makes it difficult for him to work because he can stand for a Kong time.I need God to open doors of finance,promotion and happy family.

  46. Papa I’m having hard times with my gambling problem trying to better my financial status.My husband is sick suffering from backache and piles which makes it difficult for him to work because he can’t stand for a long time.I need God to open doors of finance,promotion and happy family.

  47. Amen. Pray for me for my marriage with Atim Stella and launching our project of community social humanitarian project Uganda chapter.

  48. Man of God can you pls for me for my working visa,health of my son and daugther and my grandson,pray also my son for the work he applied from korea training center and pls pray also for me my health and hope to find a good man can takecare and help me together my kids.

  49. Man of God, please I pray the almighty grant me and my family Good health and long life. The almighty should strengthen my faith in him and I also need financial breakthrough. God should help me locate my destiny helpers.

  50. Papa plz plz come to India we need you here.prophet Charles Ibrahim your son i saw in you tube he always comebut i never know becos even we are in India we are from North east is far.we need you very much.plz pray i need God anoiting.You know Dad i bought the anoited oid from therethe time i came to attent ivp,so wth that oil i apply to my people when i pray they get anoited when i say i connect wth the anoitingof papa Alph Lukau your prophet Lord.So i need your pray papa so muchi have joit AlPartner and i will pay every month till 6month.Love so much to connect wthyou apa and AMi

  51. I do thank you papa for your hard work my god bless this congregation with it’s people, we sure that through your prayer we have to win ,for new job married, financial etc. Thank you

  52. Papa pray for me, I want God to open my eyes and my ears of spirit, I want see in the spirit

    Also papa pray for my country’s leadearship and economic stability.

  53. Wow Pastor thanks for your prophesy always you prophesy good things n are happening i thank God that he always walk with me n he always holding my hand where ever i go keep on praying for us me n my kids. Amen

  54. I want to travel this year So I need God to favour me win the DV I play last year 2018 that is the reason I’m asking pastor Alph lukau to pray for me

  55. Pl pray that the lord blesses me with a good husband who will support me and love me. I want to serve the Lord fulltime and establish a church. Also for favor at my workplace and increase in my salary

  56. dad please pray for me I want to complete my school level with shining stars 2020 also I need healing over my body,I want to drive my own car before this year ends last dad I’m struggle I have nothing is moving in my life I need money too much such that nothing to eat to wear my life is full of drama so please dad deliver me

  57. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, please daddy pray for me and family for total deliverance, restoration in my family, healing for me and my elder brother, and entire family promotion in my place of work, financial blessing, protection for my children and family and all the good things God has for my family, I thank you man of God I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  58. My prayer request is this Pastor

    Pray for me so that i have permanent job where im working right now.And i believe God of pastor Alph Lukau can do it…Amen

  59. Please pray for me and my family for good health and financials breakthrough,I really need some money right now Jesus Amen

  60. Please pray for me for a promotion at my job my son is in school thank you god my boyfriend is in jail I need freedom and my son girlfriend is in school please pray for us in the name of Jesus thank you.

  61. Please pray for me for a closer walk with God and a financial breakthrough to finish a project and for visas for overseas traveling to visit love ones

  62. Thank God for prophet Lukau’s life. Can you please pray for me. The people who dig holes under me, they should fall in right now in Jesus name.

  63. Please pray for me and my family that 2019 will be successful for us and that my son will heal as soon as possible and get well and out of the hospital in Jesus mighty name Amen please work a miracle through my son oh God.Amen

  64. Please pray for me every thing in my life is just a mess. I’ve been trying to apply for employment but nothing works out for me. Like I don’t know thing looks promising but then all of the sudden fails. Need your prayers.

    • Please l need financial breakthrough in my family,lite now am not working and l need good job from God,please pastor play for me

  65. Pray for a breakthrough in my business. I started a small mineral trading business with a friend, but he now hides every information related to the business. He even doesn’t pick my calls. I need your prayer that God intervene papa

    Pray for my PhD scholarship. I have applied to 2 scholarships, and I am writing the third. I am trusting God for a scholarship this year.

  66. I need a job man of God ASAP please pray for me if this is really true. Pray for my healing and financial break through too.thanks

    • Yes you can pray for me , plz pray for my situation to improve and for miracle money , I can’t feed my children with R300-a month , I need a home and transport to , plz I’m begging you

  67. dad please pray for me I want to complete my school level with shining stars 2020 also I need healing over my body,I want to drive my own car before this year ends last dad I’m struggle I have nothing is moving in my life I need money too much such that nothing to eat to wear my life is full of drama so please dad deliver me

  68. Knowledge and understanding, peace and prosperity, love and kindness, patience and wisdom, courage and good health, breakthrough for all my family, overcoming challenges, confidence and leadership. I need all that in Jesus name Amen ❤

  69. I receive in Jesus name.
    Papa please pray for me and my wife so that we can have children. Help my mother and my elder brother from their sickness.

  70. Lord God I pray for healing for me and my family, wisdom, financial breakthrough, restoration of what we have lost , redemption of our sins. Ability to forgive what wrong others have done for us and my family.

  71. Pastor alph lukau I pray for my son to receive his destiny helper to be hired for a job in Saudi Arabia. Only God is his helper. May everything favour him ijmn

  72. Pastor alph lukau prophecy I pray for my son in law to be successful in making passport for my daughter to enable her to come to Sudan. Also financial breakthrough for him. Open opportunities for his firm

  73. Brother Pastor Alph Lukau , please pray for me and my Family . We’ve been attacked by Satan and have suffered loss of our health and material things . My children need to go to school and I need healing in my whole body . May God forgive us for we’ve failed eachother.

  74. Bonjour papa prié pour mes dettes,mes enfants et moi même nous n’arrivons pas à joindre les deux bouts, mon souhait est de venir vous rencontrer en personne, je voudrais servir dieu j’ai besoin d’aide merci.

  75. Please pray for my financial break through and the work place is owed me for more than 10 year and i need to get my raise on my salary need to go back on the road and drive safely and for my diabetes and blood pressure to leave me in Jesus name also for my big daughter she going thorough a break up from her family and was left with two kid please pray for all those that owed my husband to pay him and good health to my family

  76. Sir,the Lord will continue to be with you in this journey.
    I blessed the name of God for keeping me alive,I want financial breakthrough,progress in all facets of life,divine connection to elevate my business,I want God to settle my wedding this year and for His divine grace and protection as I journey through life

  77. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, I’m standing with you just as you are nex to me in the spirit. Thanking God for the strength I have developed diuring these 18 days jointing AMI family in these days of prayer and fasting. I’m pleased to communicates to you thanks to the Lord again I meets you over the internet and stick fervently to your daly services and preaching wich has strengthen my fate an my spirit. God is God, I’m particularly part of those around the glob God is raising up as intersessor to join his spiritual Army. Expecting to reach to the 40 day of fasting from 6:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. I pray God continuously used you for his glory in these days of confusion, From Central America I bless you praying for God protection and shield over your life an precious family, sister an brothers in AMI. Expecting to have in some time and incounter with you in the spirit and in person. Shalom!

  78. Please pray a financial healing, I would like to buy me a home and a pray for a better job to support my family and the new home that the Lord will provide for me.

  79. My Moses may you pray for me to get a permanent job in government hospital.. And pray fr my financial breakthrough.. I put my hope in God… Amen

    • Je l’habitude de suivre AMI TV, et par là je toujours vues la puissance de l’éternel Dieu à travers vous. Je vais recevoir la grâce de l’éternel et que Dieu m’accorder un mariage.

  80. papa this my time,i such grace in yr life as a pastor every gift you have,financial favour,devine protection over my life and family thance God blesd u.

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