Submit Your Prayer Request – (SCOAN) Prophet T.B Joshua

 Submit Your Prayer Request – (SCOAN) Prophet T.B Joshua

Declare the unfailing faithfulness of our faithful God as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this short yet powerful time of prayer for healing and deliverance!


“Right now, open your lips and begin to declare God’s faithfulness! He has made a way for your healing and deliverance! No matter what you are going through – declare God’s faithfulness!” – T.B. Joshua


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  1. Thank you Papa for praying for me. I thank God, that he touch your heart to pray for us. Sometime you feel like you have no strength to pray, but I know we still have El Shaddai the God almighty who rule and reign on out behalf forever. Amen

  2. I went for in planet family planning which was for 5years, i finished and its about 2-3 years now i want conceive and i cannot , yet i have been taking drugs and visiting the doctors all the time no result.
    The second thing is am working and my husband dose not work, am the one who takes care of the all house, and life is hard with the little money i get to care for my family and my own family too, please man of god i real need prayers mar

  3. Dear Man of God,
    Glory to God, love you Jesus, bless you Holy Spirit,
    Please pray to heavenly Father in Jesus grace to forgive repent surrender sin weakness bad attitude character, fear of using mixer and all fear, poverty Shame, confusion loneliness and Michael fear of losing Job and all his fear.
    Please pray to heavenly Father in Jesus name all evil spirits of witchcraft demons and Satan attach that steal Kill and destroy me my family and siblings and family and our finance health and physic in Jesus name.
    Please pray to heavenly father in Jesus name love interest and creative way to study understand remember pray God to reveal his will and plan for Shawn and Ryan Ryan to write nicely neatly, correctly, fast and complete in Jesus name.
    Please pray Jesus to give the finance he promised in 2017 through brother Jose and I saw in vision in 2019 when the Man of God praying from the maseeela pharmaceutical company Heavenly father wants to give but Agnes and Rosy are doing witchcraft to please give in Jesus name to break the evil and bind all evil in Jesus name
    Thank you for your prayers God bless you family and church of SCOAN abundance financial Spiritual physicals IN Jesus name.
    Glory to God praise you Jesus Love you Holy Spirit
    Sister in Jesus Christ,

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