Submit Your Prayer Request – (SCOAN) Prophet T.B Joshua

 Submit Your Prayer Request – (SCOAN) Prophet T.B Joshua

Declare the unfailing faithfulness of our faithful God as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this short yet powerful time of prayer for healing and deliverance!

“Right now, open your lips and begin to declare God’s faithfulness! He has made a way for your healing and deliverance! No matter what you are going through – declare God’s faithfulness!” – T.B. Joshua



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  1. Hi pastor you have a good family vacation pictures .my name is marie mensahadzi i need ahealing prayer, for my son,husband ,my sisters my brothers and myself .also for my marriage and my job i applyed for promotion.

  2. Hello Pastor God Bless you my name is Hamilton Desarmes I have a lot of Problem one day I will come to South Africa I pray God for that .I want you to pray for my Son Hardamston A. Desarmes , my friend Ivon Louis Antoine hi’s At the Hospital Brand damage ,my brother Georgy and Bodelaire both alcoholic , Please Pray for me for my Protection I have a lot of enemy in my Family Thank you I received.

  3. Greetings pastor,i need ahealing prayer, for my son who is epileptic,my husband who is not working for over 2 years now ,my sister who is sick my younger child S’celo and myself. And also for my marriage which is suffering a lot and I am also applied for a job at municipality.

  4. Greeting in the name of Jesus.
    My name is sharlotte Madikoto I humbly request man of god to pray for my daughter rebotile Madikoto and deliver her from the oppressions of the evil spirits as I’m texting now she is no longer going to school because this spirits attack her even at school. Secondly I would like him to pray for me and my husband Vincent sebopela, thirdly I would like him to pray for my brother mpho Madikoto who left home on 2015 and has never returned and we don’t know his whereabouts and please pray for my intire family named, Samuel, Daniel, thabang, grace, rose, mahlatse and kgopotso things are not going well at all.
    Thank you in advanced and I believe that all this shall come to pass I have a great faith.shalom

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