Can I Pray For You Today ?? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For You – (Submit Your Prayer Request) – January 26th 2019

Can I Pray For You Today ?? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For You – (Submit Your Prayer Request) – January 26th 2019

When God gives you a promise you will have to wait for His time. (Genesis 21:14-21)

The waiting period sometimes may be taxing but the One who made the promise is not a man
The enemy has shortcuts to shorten your life
If you take the shortcut of the enemy you have shortened your life


There are ministries whose longevity has been shortened
There are marriages that did not last because of shortcuts
There are people that were well employed with a good income but because they wanted life too fast they took a shortcut but all it did was shorten their lives.

God is about to catch a fallen star, I prophesy a COMEBACK in your life in the name of Jesus

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God’s plan for our life is simple. He will take away all our bad choices, mistakes and failures… and He will turn them all into something good and into a great blessings! No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up.

God sees your resolve. He sees your determination. And when you do everything you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do.

Your Prayers Will Be Answered Today – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau


    • God bless you Papa. Pls pray for my family we need a restoration. My husband has been gone for over 25 years and would not even talk to his own children. My children also need their documents to live here safely. Thanks.

      • Daddy pray for my health, finance,spiritual elevation and my promotion,marriage and good health for my son.
        May God bless u and ur family.He bless ur ministry in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • Amen Pastor, I request for healing, deliverance of my family , there is a spirit of limitation, bondage , bad luck , family feuds and setbacks.Please pray for our deliverance Pastor

  1. Please i really need a comeback of my life i have applied for different jobs in different departments and different companies please have mercy for me i want to provide for my family i need a financial breakthrough and healing on me and my mum in Jesus name, please pray for me to get a permanent job

  2. Amen. Turn around of my life. Children to be grateful. May God touches minds healing complete deliverance. May God testifies all that went wrong & put order. From now on, no evil will steal from from me or anything that pertains to me, recovery of all stolen properties. The judgment of God over my enemies
    Speed & acceleration in my life in Jesus name

  3. Please pray for me my name is Judine Kerr ii am under a serious demon attached by witchcraft that send to kill me please pray for that my immigration process complete please pray for my son Ravaire please pray for my finances that it can be restored back I paid off my credit card and who I owed please pray for me please pray for my stomach it makes a lot of noises please pray for me that I finished up my nursing license am desperately in need of prayer.

  4. Please please Lord uproot this evil tree in my life . It’s causing my children to cry every day. If there is a woman to pray then is surely a God to answer if not my prayers then my children’s prayers. Ooh God….

  5. I believe in Jesus name thats why i say yes Jesus comeback into my life and make a different, restoration of healthy life n better living i refuse to be sick in Jesus Name Amen

  6. Yes please daddy father,pray for a turnaround in my serve a God that answers prayers,the God of Miracles and Wonders…I need a good Job and a financial Miracle daddy am tired of being broke…May your God bless me with a miracle with no reference just as I witness him do to most..In Jesus name I receive, Amen. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Am from Kenya and I need a miracle prayer.I believe your God who you serve will help me get out of miselable home, no job.may God upliftme

  8. Praise the Lord Pastor, please pray for my daughter Hannah she has got belly button hernia. Also pray for my healing, im suffering from the disease called LUPUS (SLE).Doctors say that it can’t be cured. All the organs will be affected and be damaged. Im worried if my daughter has been affected with this, cuz i had this disease during pregnancy. Now my daughter is 2 months old. I’ve a hope in our Lord Jesus, i will not die before my time. But im unable to bear this pain. I can’t live in pain. I lost my hair almost. Whenever i see myself in mirror, i loose selfconfidence. Also every time i see my baby sweating, i get worried, that if she’s been affected or not. Please also pray for the financial breakthrough in my life. The expenses are more than our income. Due to my treatment, i couldn’t feed my baby too.Please pray for job change of my husband Jacob with good hike. Also pray for good hike and promotion in my carrier. God should only guide me and give me the wisdom to raise my child. Please Pastor, please pray for me.

  9. Pastor keep on praying for us people are dying outside because of the devil steal in our life ooooh my God we carry sicknesses n diseases in our body living with painkillers n other drugs tablets that is killing in our bodies that is not God will im beggin you Pastor thats my prayer request pray pray pray for us man of God. Amen

  10. Yes Sir u can for me, i want God yo settle me financially and maritally. Am tried of loneness at 40 no man of my own and no money to eat, pls sir pray for me

  11. Today n tommorrow is the registration for voters please please please Pastor pray for our country sothat everything will go under God control. Thanks amen

  12. Amen Man of G pray for me for everylasting blessing in my life…I need wisdom,power and the holy ghost spirit on me in Jesus migthy name✌🙏🙏🙏🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷

  13. Jesus i open my heart for you i invite you in my heart God ….bless my family ,protect them .bless my family’s health ,finance .Lord we need u everyday in our life

  14. I’m praying for a miracle over my results. I know it’s done in Jesus name through the anointing of my spiritual father Alph lukao, I shall testify on Tuesday, I shall pass all my courses with distinsctions and I shall not fail nor repeat any course. Thank you Jesus

  15. Papa pls pray for my financial breakthrough pls I’m a mother of two currently involved in 3 business but nothing is coming up I can’t even put my son to school no of them is trucking business as a broker I have contracts for big money but they materialize pls pray for me man of God there is always a story..I believe that buy submitting this pray something good will happen in Jesus Christ name

  16. When read this message l am in tears.l just don’t know how many people prayed for my husband and me.My husband Surend Chand has demantia lack of eyesight daibetes and bended knees,memory loss. Totally bedridden.
    Papa l have verucose veins and venous ulcer, cataract in both eyes, my feet swell,knee problems, dvt and lack of INR in my blood.Surend is 66and l am 62yrs . Papa l have these for 8 long yrs and l have to take care for my husband .The veins are so painful when l don’t get rest.Pls papa l know as you will pray l receive it by faith. Papa also pray ldont feel to read bible and pray. Pray in this area papa.l always read yr sermons on email. Thank you papa.

  17. Papa,please pray for my relatiinahip restoration, let my boyfriend love and turns to m again and and marry me in jesus name. Pray for my mom she is bellting cancer and my nephew he has scoliosis heal them papa.

  18. Pastor pray for me that iget UN-WFP finance assistant job in moroto and that God may materialise my relationship with Ben Otto and pray for abundance in wealth, health, prosperity in our family especially to my brother, olupot,Aigi,Odongo, Cynthia my daughter protection from her step mother above all favour to all of us in family.

  19. My Lord I am in heavy debts Loans to people, i cant enjoy my salaries, cannot pay my rents or do my living please save me my Lord from the hands of enemies please make me completely free I pray this In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Amen Amen Amen.
    God Bless Pastor Alph Lukau Abundantly i pray in the Mighty name of jesus..Amen

  20. My Lord Please Bless with financial breakthrough open your doors of heaven bless me with one hundreds of blessings I make this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen..
    God bless the man of God Alph Lukau Amen

  21. My prayer request, are as follows
    Financial break through to finance my study and publish my book
    Permanent job (lecture IUM ongwediva cumpus)
    Devin blessings.

  22. Man of God please pray for me to get the job I appeared last year and pray for my ex girlfriend Imlinenla comes back again and loves me again
    .. pray for my mum to heal her deafness.

    • Pastor pray for financial breakthrough. And I can’t past urine well of God pray for me.I need miracle money in my bank

  23. Pray for my marriage l want to stay with my husband and l also need financial breakthrough lam owning someone she is on my neck

  24. Amen and of God pray for me and my family. We need financial breakthrough, peace and unity,good health. My mother has high blood pressure and diabetes,my dad has asthma, my young brother has a kidney problem. This aren’t moving well in my family, whatever we try to do does not work elder brother Kelvin did electrical engineering but can’t find a job,am looking for a job I can’t find one,my elder sister Mutinta has a saloon pray for the success of her business,my young brother has a lot of credit for people that my parents have resorted to selling the only thing they have (house)to pay off everyone. I believe God can make another way for us to settle the debt rather than selling the house. My young sister school has opened but shez unable to go back to school bcoz of financial problems. We need financial breakthrough in our family. I believe God through Jesus Christ will do all these things for us.Hamwiinde’s family.

  25. Papa please pray for my son Joseph to be forever healed of cancer. And, please pray for me to be married to a handsome, wealthy, satisfying, loving, giving, man of God husband and for my to have fabulous health and great financial prosperity. Thank you Papa and in Jesus name I receive it and Amen

  26. Good morning pastor Alph lukau
    Please pray for Patricia Bugler and his husband Anthony Bugler. I am working with them. They both are sick. The wife cannot help her self. You are the who pray for me to get this job. After five years not working. I was so sick with my two knee and you pray help me.

  27. Please pray for my spiritual growth and for my husband to come to salvation as he is non christian. Please pray for financial break through in my family also pray for my career to get a good job with good pay,pray for my health too and pray fory daughter (Nathania) she is 11 yrs since my husband is non christian she is not so spiritual and very playful.

  28. Please man of God, pray for me for financial break through, healing, miracle money to buy a house and a car, promotion at work and deliverance from the devil. Having been giving this prayer request for more than a year,i believe you will facilitate a miracle in my life.

  29. Amen yes am ready man of God pray for me. please pray for me God to establish me in is purpose and walk in is leave a holy life, breakthrough in financials 200m Kenya money.God to have mercy on me, God to establish me marriage with the right partner

  30. Pls i like u my father let ure unnoiting change my life my father i trust u more my father pls hear my prayers alpha lukau from natanel mingelius

  31. pray for me pastor ALPH prayer for healing deliverance and financial breakthrough i am in a very difficult situation right now

  32. Father give me the spirit to make the right choices in my life. Patience to wait for the right time when what you promised me will materialize. Strengthen my faith in you lord. You are a living and truthful God.

  33. Prayer for my marriage. I want my husband, to work and help me too. I have been patient for too long. Lord help me out. Cast out the spell of joblessness made on him.

  34. My sister Christy with dementia pastor alph lukau pray for her. Her family depends on her. Pray for me to forgive all what she did bad to me.

  35. Pray for me and my family we never happy since we were born,no parents,im first born of 7 many bad things happening each and evey time ,our marriages so difficult poor ness ,want my farm to come back ,financial breakthrough ,please man of God

  36. Prayer for gratitude to my lord for keeping to his Promise of granting my requests. Waiting is the key 🗝 factor. Lord give me the spirit to Wait for the right time to get my blessings.

  37. Please man of god pray for me I have been suffering from kidney problems and I don’t think I can visit any hotel any more.

  38. I need you man of god to pray for my family my husband is in Syria my grandchildren need to return home my daughter is pregnant with twin lord jest I need prayers for my family please man of god please pray for me and my family in Jesus name

  39. please pray for me i want my boyfriend tocome back to me nd love me nd respect me. May he be committed to us. Also need financial break through am in deep debts. Pray for job in a government

  40. Please Pray For Me That Am Healed Frm Gential Warts.I Have Had Gential Warts Since 2014 And So Far I Have Tried 3 Types Of Treatment Thats,burning & Cutting But All Medincies Have Failed And I Still Have The Warts And Am Told If They Dnt Gone Completely I Wont Be Able To Have Kids This Scares Me As Am Getting Marrid In Dec This Year.. And Pray For Me And My Fiance’ To Get Good Jobs Before Nxt Month Fed Ends,also For Finiacial Breakthroug So That My Fiance’ and I Can Plan And Prepare For Our Wedding This Year,destiny Helpers To Locate My Fiance’ & Me And For Open International Doors Then For My Aunt To Release My Late Father’s House To Me So That I Cn Take Full Responsiblity Of All The House And The Rental Acc.

  41. Thank you pastor for always praying for us . I always feel inner touch when i see you praying online.

    Please pray for my
    . Family
    . Financial breakthrough
    . My career path

    May the almighty father hear your voice to conect me to his favor in Jesus name Amen

  42. Man of God please pray for to get a better job and also to get married before the end of this year.
    Please pray for my family for God’s protection and favour

  43. Dear pastor, thank God for your presence in our generation. Started watching you less than a month and I know God will use you to deliver me and my family. My son Kenneth is addicted to drugs and refused to go to school. He’s attaining 30years this year.I Divorced 10yrs ago and trusting God for a husband. My life is sorrounded with shame, disgrace,pain,disappointment and hurts.Every woman in my family experienced divorce along way their marriages.I’m employed,but every progress at work is taken from me. Trusting God for employment with the else where. Pastor, please deliver me, speak to my life, deliver my son and make him whole. I believe in you and I know you’ll locate me. I also want my prophecy to be published to encourage people as others encouraged me to look for you. The Lord increase you.

  44. Please pray for marriage breakthrough. I am forty-three years without a life partner. Please I need your support in prayers. Amen

  45. Goodday Pastor.
    Yes please pray for financial problems i want my own house and my husband for a job who pays hom well.

  46. Prophet of Gog Please pray for me and my family, for a financial breakthrough.
    for God’s direction breakthrough my life
    i need to hear the voice of God vividly and be humbly at his feet

  47. Man of God please pray for me on the following pionts
    1.I want to serve God by power of holy sprit
    2.About marrege and belessed family
    3. Finacial breakthrough
    4.Chance of education or Scholarship
    5.New JOb

  48. My prayer for today to Pastor Alph Lukau is complete breakthrough from 12 months unemployment. Letter of offer from recent interviews

  49. Men of God pray for life to succeed this year 2019 want breakthrough in my life and my family please prophet change my life into a better life want the struggle in in my family to end in Jesus name… I believe the Lord will open the miracle door for me and my family I want limit of struggle in my life and my family.

  50. Please pastor pray for me I need restoration,my own house, upgrading my qualifications at least I will find a better job,from security to something

  51. Father pray for me tonight for my money from RAF to be released its a 21st year now so that I can be a faithful giver in the house of the Lord, I also pray for a stable job daddy lastly pray for me to get his wisdom first then everything shall follow

  52. My lord please release me from most dangerous financial debts loans problems do not know how to face the people please save me pour the blessings of financial breakthrough i pray in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.
    Goa Bless Man of God Alph lukau Amen

  53. I bless The LORD so much Pastor for your mentorship,i believe that this another level LORD GOD is taking me more so as i continued to partaker HIS living word….

  54. Please pray for me and my family. I need special prayer in my life so that doors will be open that no man can shut. I need a new job and for palaces that I’ve applied to many years ago will call me and give me the job, praying for knowledge wisdom and understanding in everything I do,pray for a discerning spirit, I want to excel and break every curse that anyone has wished on me or my family or anyone who tries to hold me down. I pray for my visas to release when I go and apply for them in Jesus name.

  55. My Prayer Requests: Business Breakthrough, Financial Breakthrough, Promotion at Work, Marriage Breakthrough, Gift of Prophecy, Spiritual upliftment.Protection of my entire fimaly, Distroying/casting out spirit of Poverty in my my Fimaly.

  56. Pastor as I watched your service last week you make the declaration that the Lord told you to tell someone watching that they will get their document on 22 Feb. 2019. When went in faith to apply for my document and was told to collect it on 22 Feb 2019. But before I can get it I will need to produce a letter confirming my mothers birth. I know it’s not recorded so I may not get the document. I am asking you to pray with me so that I can get the passport without this document. My son also needs his passport and he won’t be able to get it without me getting this document. I watch your service every day after work. I know that I have more faith than Job but the devil is trying to see just how much. Man of God please help me to get my document without this letter. I thank you and bless you in Jesus name.

  57. Pastor,pls plspray for me my exwiife make me a slave or ten years,she took all my salary,i devorce her,and she want again my old age pension,ibeen there i johanaseburg oct.4 2018 just to ask your help.pls pray for me,i almust to end my life.when iwas on the ship there is a man enter in he house at nigth,i velive distance is not a barrier,and im under your voice.i have your plug with me.i want tk shout fire fire for this woman fire fire.

  58. Man of God pls pray also my cousine alven,30 years in diabetes,and kedney problen,pls help hem,enough is enough for 30 jesus name amen and amen

  59. Amen i trust God for big miracles for big financial breakthrouhg and many more that God has instore for me i pray for favour blessings grace mercy more power more holyghost touch for God to move mightily in my life that everything i will touch every where i will walk it shall be a blessing to others in Jesus name

  60. Pray for my daughter
    My relationship
    My marriage with baby daddy
    My employment
    My family to unite
    My finances
    My health
    My house
    My car
    In jesus name amen

  61. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,I receive what my Prophet prophecies, Man of God please please pray for me and for my family for financial break through in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen

  62. God bless you papa my umblicalcord is linked to yours may you pray for me to have a finacial break through and so i can build a home for my family also pray for my mums health and my family at large, to God i give all the glory amen

  63. Papa plz i need so much your pray so much i have retire frm my Goverment job so i want God to bless me above wht i expect.i love wacthing you and i cme on December ivp.event though we are above 13hr from my home place India North East Meghalaya State Shillong papa.

  64. I been having this instant pressure in the back of my neck. I know its not a physical disease and this is more of witchcraft or evil spirit that someone has paid to affect my body .. I need instant prayer for this and I know for sure the way things are going now is because of this yoke on my neck and tingling in my body .

  65. Man of God stand with me as I believe God for financial breakthrough I am stuck as my family depends on my business for daily essentials but things are quiet tough presently. I have gone into huge debts that is threatening my whole business.

  66. I need your prayers for a break through financially and healthy wise for the whole of my family.And the understanding of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

  67. Please pray for me and my children. I would like to be part of AM I and Pastor I would like to be relocated to Johannesburg. I need visas and a jobs. I’m standing in prayer please Pastor my children are bond they all going through problems as well as me my financial my breakthrough my money is all held please pray for us thank you. I’m fasting with you for the 40 days.

  68. will you pray for my healt and financial breaktrough for the repentence for my sons and grandsons,I was in Johannesburg and brought you as an point of contact Tulups bulbs and wooden shoes I pray that you got it,greetings Pastor Alf Lukau from a sister from Holland I pray that I can be their when you are in Europe.Love you Pastor.

  69. Papa, please pray for,I want to know more of God,seek his face, knowledge and his grace in every area in my life.My son is 19years is gay,I want him to be delivered and have salvation.Thankman of God.

  70. Papa Alph Lukau, Serviteur beni puissament de Dieu, priez pour mon fils Dorien pris dans l’engrenage de la drogue et de l’alcool. Prier pour mes finances papa svp, je suis la seule qui soutient toute ma famille ( je ne m’en plainds pas). Assainissement à ma vie de couple.
    Soyez encore beni en centuple.

  71. Papa Alph Lukau stand with me in pray for a financial break throug as I have lots of debts to repay and and school fees for my children to pay this year 2019. My salary cannot cater for my childrens school fees.
    Thank you.

    • Pastor Alf Lukau wilt u voor mij en gezin bidden mijn zoon moet een zware operatie ondergaan,ook voor mijn klein kinderen en voor financiele doorbraak,ik was in uw dienst van AFGELOPEN 13 tot en met 20 Januari aan wezig, zou zo graag weer in de dienst aan wezig willen zijn wilt u voor de financien bidden zodat in te midden van de dienst mijn getuinis mag uitspreken in Jezus naam,ik heb een punt van kontact achtergelaten in de form van groei,Tulpen bollen en houten klompen van uit NEDERLAND,groeten van Carla with Love.

  72. Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for my salary increase & also pray for my husband to get a job….i am the only one working & my salary is not enough to cater for my family.

    thank you

  73. Pastor please pray for my promotion , I hold a Master Degree in Business Administration, please pray for my financial breakthrough am deep in debt I cant even settle the outstanding balance form the university to get my certificate, please pray for growth of my business, in Jesus name,Amen.

  74. Thank You Lord you are so good, I greet you my able spiritual father, Papa prayer for me and family for total deliverance, healing, Marriage, promotion and finance breakthrough, I connect my faith with you faith on behalf for my family, thank you daddy I love you

  75. Dear Pastor, please pray for success in my Garment/shoe shop business,good health of my family and that my son learns the scriptures of the Holy Bible.

  76. I need power and holy spirit to do mighty in His name spiritually and physical according to the book of Psalms 105 vs 3.

  77. Pastor please pray for me , I am suffering from arthritis , bondage and limitation in all aspects of my life. Eating in dreams, seeing snakes in dreams

  78. Oh man of God am asking you kindly to pray a special prayer for my daughter and I my daughter jamelia grant is doing her cc exams in may to June she is doing 8 subjects chemistry, physics, Biology, Spanish, English, literature, history and mathematics am you to pray a special prayer for her that she will pass all 8 with ones all straight A profile she is working very hard but sometimes she don’t make the grade her ambition is to become a doctor please intervene man of God help her I can’t afford to send her to all the extra classes can you pray for a financial break through for me also thanks in jesus name amen….

  79. Pastor,
    I Blessed God for you and your family and the opportunity to submit my prayer request.
    Please pray for me to be join with my husband,there has been lots of Mysterious things happening since he file for US ( my Son and I) please Representative of God to MANKIND.
    My Name’s are Alice Mae Wellington Kwapo and son’s is Aloysius B Nyanti Jr, we are from LIBERIA West Africa.
    Please Papa Address my case.
    Thanks may God continue to Increase you more and more.

  80. Father in the name of Jesus Christ – God of Pastor Alph Lukau; take away all my bad choices, mistakes and failures. Father, turn them all into something good and into a great blessings! I have been knocked down, but I still keep getting back up. Yes Lord, YOU ARE the ONLY ONE who can see my resolve & determination. I have done everything I can do. Please Father step in and handle the rest for me in Jesus Name I pray!!! I thank you Pastor Alph Lukau for praying for me! I receive every Word of this prayer TODAY!! I KNOW God is turning my story around

  81. I am a Christian and am in praise and worship team at my church. My prayer request is pray for me God to take away the fear in me. I can’t lead any song but am good in backing up. I need that good voice to lead worship and praises. I need to be spirit filled too. God in heaven hear my humble cry. Can’t wait to testify.

  82. amen to God of Pastor Alph…..yes pray for me i need a break through in every area of my life…my family spiritual life need God to guide me

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