Prophecy With Alph Lukau – November 5th 2020

Prayers Time A
Prayers Time A

Prophecy With Alph Lukau – November 5th 2020

During a time when a lot of people are sitting back and hiding, God is looking for a few who are ready to step out and boldly possess everything that He’s promised you, regardless of what else is going on.

Prayers Time A
Prayers Time A


Understand that as long as you have a promise from God you then also have authority to everything that He’s promised on Earth, the key is you MUST step forward to access it.

The problem is, there are so many people too afraid to step forward that they forfeit everything that’s awaiting them. Do not allow fear prevent you from missing your moment to possess the things that are promised yours.

Step boldly knowing that if your feet touch it, it’s because God already made it yours. No territory is off limits when God makes a way for those who are bold and obedient. Just walk it out….

Stop living by other people’s standards of love and pursue your own story. God hasn’t forgotten about you. Continue delighting your relationship with Him and watch God give you your heart’s desires. Maximize every moment, that’s what truly matters.


  1. 🏹If u believe GOD or DEVIL u should GENUINELY see who leads u to them spiritualy#If u dont go to CHURCH or shrine then u must hv GODs benefits ie Peace,light&unbelevable power from ur home&if its shrine u can also get benefits what matters is u should make sure to get the benefits via their hallmarks🏹If someone is leading u ur prayer point must be oh GOD arise,reveal to me whoever is leading me to GOD or CHRIST even those u claim to be ur father in the Lord.Pray&tell God let me see who he or she is spiritualy because CHRIST is spirit.How can u claim to know CHRIST&u hv no basic gifts of CHRIST>PEACE,LIGHT &UNBELIEVABLE POWER as he declared in I am prince of Peace,I am light of the world and all power belongs to me?Behold.Its ur right to see spiritually anyone leading you to JESUS CHRIST,with a proof that JESUSCHRIST truly knows him or her Jeremiah 5,21-24. We told you no matter how humans pretends it’s only at Night that we truly know who is who evil or good and it is only with the light that you should achieve it .that same light Jesus Christ declared and said I am the light of the world that’s the one we talk about#Do you have the unbelievable light and power and mantle of Jesus Christ? Ask your self son e basic deep questions and know do the evil people around you fear you and reverence your JesusChrist as the evil spirit did to Paul? Evil spirit said JesusChrist I know Paul I know who are you? It simply means that you must be feared if truly you know JesusChrist… Be wise and learn the things of hidden I reveal things unknown before and after the creation of the whole world ,its authority defined..I live in the light that no human living or dead can confront and conquer and I am able to share the same light to good people of the world because we ancient JesusChrist kingdom has come again to saperate the good from the bad and judge the people of the world unknowingly to those claiming to know JesusChrist ,same as it happened in bible time when he came before and PEOPLE claimed to know God more than Jesus Christ and never followed JESUS CHRIST because truth never gathers crowd and you must be told that those who managed to follow JESUS CHRIST never said master we love the TRUTH you are saying that you are the only son of God that came from HEAVEN never but they only said we have toiled all day so be wise and know that truth is bomb that destroys those who hate it

  2. Man of god I need a play for our house,especially for my husband, hes doing many mistakes pls nan of god change his life to be a good husband pls,he is working but hes not keeping any money,and play for me and my all kids ,devil’s people’s use to attack me and my son during the night pls man of god,

  3. I’m connected to the healing water of God and shower of blessing may this month be my month of divine healing breakthrough and deliverance

  4. Amen, I believe and declare that my mouth should be able to deliver, prophesy and bless me with all my heart is desire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  5. My Lord God please bless and guide me in my trading stocks, I have taken this step to increase my financial status..I make this prayer in the name of Jesus Amen

  6. my name is Jean marie Rwanda-kigali my contact +250 728272179
    pls, I need u prayer for me because I have debt and biggest problem that I have no house of to stay, God bless you again!

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