(JOIN NOW) International Visitor’s Program (IVP) – July 6th – 8th :- Pastor Alph Lukau

Join Live : Prayer and Fast - JULY 7TH 2018 (Pastor Alph Lukau)

 (JOIN NOW) International Visitor’s Program (IVP) – July 6th – 8th :- Pastor Alph Lukau

Hope you will like to Join us , read the updates below and make a PRAYER REQUEST

God has spoken to me LIKE NEVER BEFORE. The upcoming IVP will signal a TRANSITION in the body of Christ. I want you to be a part of it as our personal make or break. You will MEET God. You will have an encounter with God.(JOIN NOW) International Visitor's Program (IVP) - July 6th - 8th :- Pastor Alph Lukau

 Reviews : (JOIN NOW) International Visitor’s Program (IVP) – July 6th – 8th :- Pastor Alph Lukau

Allow me to invite you to be more vigilant and to open yourself to what God is doing.
The Lord told me that what is in me He will multiply it in you.

2 things are to be expected;
– men and women will be DIRECT beneficiaries of the gift of God. If you are sick, you will be healed and become a channel of healing.
– the gift of God from me will go to YOU. (Romans 1:11) Gifts of the Holy Ghost can be transferred. Once its transferred you begin to operate in the gift.

After the coming IVP (GTG) the world will not know what will hit it; men and women will go in the streets of their communities and prophesy with accuracy, they will cast out devils, heal the sick, miracles, signs and wonders will begin to manifest in our lives. Are you hearing me?

Here are the IVP numbers –
0027 74 583 2431
0027 60 393 7450


  1. Hi, I am really inspire by the prophet and his work,awesome man of God. I hope for him to speak into my life soon

  2. Glad to be part of this Ministry. Papa press on with the word of God to save life’s. Papa bless you. You are highly favoired

  3. I watched your program every day and iam blessed to be a part I hope to visit one day for pastor AlphLukau to speak in my life God bless you

  4. Handsome sons, beautiful wife, indeed, you are BLESSED. May God continue to anoint you Pastor. Please pray for me Prophet. I need the anointing. I live in Palm Bay, Florida. Please locate me in the realm of the spirit, and do for me, what you do for those that are able to visit you🙏🙏

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