PROPHECY FOR 3000 Persons With Pastor Alph Lukau – I Will Prophesy To First 3000 People That Will Join Me Now !!!

PROPHECY FOR 3000 Persons With Pastor Alph Lukau – I Will Prophesy To First 3000 People That Will Join Me Now !!!

When I was praying, God told me to give this prophecy to the world. Take it if you are online. Before this month ends your star will shine. I saw it very clear. Your star will shine.

I Prophesy to you and your family today Fresh glory shall be your portion, accelerated Favour shall locate you, irreversible success shall be your cloth, tears of sorrow shall never drop from your eyes. God will grant you the grace to be sensitive of who really are your enemies & be able to overcome them, in Jesus name.


Rejoice, for it shall be a week of great restoration and all-around victory, in Jesus name.

You are a victor in Jesus Name
I’m my father’s son


I decree and I declare;
You will not fall in 2019. you will not fail in 2019
Your back will not hit the ground
Where others have failed, you will succeed


“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who ARE in the house.
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works AND glorify your Father in heaven.


  1. I decree upon my life that I am amongst the 3000 prophesied about, to benefit from super natural blessings this week. In Jesus name amen.

  2. Amen papa i received it right now what you said plz papa i know it verywell soi need you pray eventhough i m single i will serve him and i need the power of God and the blesding in my family


  4. Thank you Jesus, I greet my able spiritual father, I decree that me and my family will be among the 3000 prophesied and we will experience supernatural breakthrough this year in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooooo

  5. I received it in the Name of Jesus. I decree and I declare that I am the one of 3000 people will receive the miracles from our Almighty Father in heaven. Financial breakthrough is coming my way and I declare that I will receive it before this month end in Jesus’ Name Amen.

  6. AMEN..Please pray for me Man of sick I have pain on my shoulders and its affecting all my joints such that I cannot hold something with my hand for too long and I am having bad dreams

  7. Thank you JESUS. glory to GOD. I have a testimony. My son has received a job offer He has also been given a great educational opportunity. Prayer works . I am also awaiting news about a better job offer for my first son and work for myself. Bless you Pastor and thank you for your prayers.I claim this prophecy on our behalf also on those who connect with Pastor .May we serve God.Amen.

  8. I recieve it in the name of Jesus and I claim this prophecy in the name of Jesus. I receive my permanent job and my husband in Jesus name

  9. Gm to you paster this winnifred my are reguest..1 me i would like you to pray for me to get abrakethough in my life i woek so hard and i see nothing coming out of my hard work please tel why and how cleanes my and let e befild with grace and many blessings open eyes pastor i need to see ..2 see if you can help me with my 2 sons breakthough for my family fight them so bad ..1 in immigration now on file to come here pray for him pastor so he can come here to me they are all in jamaica give us all the breakthough we are looking we work so hard ..God Bless you and i watch you every day i wish i could come to see you in persons

  10. Amen pastor alph lukau l pray that I and my family are among 3000 who are in your prophecy. May you intercede for us. Rose Besem Egbe, Hytham tag Hadeel Tagelsir Hiyam Tagelsir georgette Tanyi Egbe, Victor ashukem , tag Saleh Idris enow ashukem, Etang ashukem Esther Rose ashukem .

  11. Bonjour papa , je crois en ton Dieu le Dieu de miracle le Dieu de l abondance le Dieu d’Alph Lukau qu il pourra faire ce miracle dans ma vie en me donnant 4 000 000 millions de dollars et je donnerai 1000 000 millions de dollars à AMI pour ses œuvres sur terre
    Je dois m acheter une très belle maison, en acheter une pour chacun de mes 6 enfants acheter un building commercial pour mettre en location et chaque mois je donnerai 10 % de revenu locatif comme dîme à AMI pendant une année renouvelable
    Je reçois ce miracle au nom de Jesus
    Mes numéros de chance sont : 05, 12, 18, 31,34,41
    Et 01, 03,05,44,45,47 et 23,24, 36,40,43,45
    Merci de faire ce miracle dans ma vie papa car je suis veuve depuis octobre 2005 avec 6 enfants, je joins difficilement les fins de mois je suis repartie aux études je viens de terminer mon programme tout ça dans l objectif de trouver un bon emploi après l abolition de mon poste de directrice de comptes aux entreprises, il me faut faire le stage que vous m avez donné pour obtenir ma maîtrise
    C est difficile papa avec moi je veux le poste de gestionnaire de risque au bureau du surintendant des institutions financière le salaire commence à 101000 $ c est un poste bilingue alors que je ne suis pas parfaitement bilingue , papa prie pour que je puisse obtenir le poste car ce n est facile pour une africaine d avoir ce genre de poste surtout ssi je ne suis pas bilingue
    Aussi j ai postuler pour un poste de nouveau diplômé titre aspirant cadre
    Si j ai le poste je donne à AMI le premier mois de salaire et je donnerai chaque mois 10 % de mon salaire
    Que le Seigneur continue à déverser sur toi papa son onction et sa puissance pour que tu puisse nous aider
    Le monde entier a besoin d un homme de Dieu comme toi papa et j arrive le 22 février pour recevoir en personne mon miracle
    Merci sois bénis papa

  12. Amen thank you Jesus.. really trying hard to make it this year failed is not my portion not having u man of God in my life…o thank God for u… even when the devil takes chances but he knows I have a father his name is Alph Lukau hooooooo love uy papa

  13. I RECEIVE the PROPHETIC word from you Great man of God. Pastor Alph Lakua. May I right now in the name of Jesus RECIEVE the Bless week that is ALREADY mine HALLELUJAH by FAITH. May All my enemies be put to shame today by FIRE in the name of Jesus. Every Doir open by God right now. A POWERFUL ANOINTING resting on me right now, on every Gift, talent, ministries that God has ordained for me to be amen. Favor has track me down now by faith. To I decree and declare VICTORY. I Am the head and not the tail. May Gods ANOINTING of fire rest heavy on me as I commune with him. May praise today DESTROY ALL OF SATAN ARMY RIGHT NOW. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  14. Amen…..I believe and receive it by faith in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ…..Please pray for the Restoration of my marriage and my children’s education…..Also, we need divine healing upon our lives.

  15. Praise God.i recieve it in jesus mighty name.please pray for restoration of my life and also my family. Also theres a ring place around me that i cannot elevate in life. I am asking you to pray that the lord will break those chain in my life and release me and enlarge my territory. I pray fir divne healing and divine favor in jesus name..may God bless you alph lukau and keep and gide you.i love in jesus.Amen.

  16. I received in Jesus Name
    Financial and marriage Restoration in my life and my children live in Jesus Name
    My lost job be restored in Jesus Name

  17. Pastor thank you for the word, I receive in Jesus name with faith and pure heart…Yes I believe I will be one of the 3000…Father Please we have family plans for this year, make all paper works should be easier for us to get through the results and answers for ourselves. I have a sister who is really struggle at the moment, she made mistake she is not allowed to continue her school so she is staying home BUT I am seeking a way to get her back to continue her education, please Pastor pray for her as I also did I am seeking our Lord through my fasting and praying to help my sister to be succeed and not give up..Please pray for my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, my dearly husband and my three sons. We all want to give our lives to serve our God with all our hearts.

  18. Thank you Jesus, I receive the prophecy from Pastor Alpha Lukau in Jesus name. Please papa let me among the 3000 receive the blessing. AMEN

  19. Thank you Pastor, God bless you and your family
    I received all the blessings you pronounce over me and my family life.
    I receive it

  20. Thank you Lord for giving the on-line viewer this special privaledge. I am asking God to please do something he can do. Please Lord I pray for my sons and myself passports in Jesus. man of a God I ask God’s blessing on you and your family. Thank you for caring for the on- line viewers

  21. Thank you for praying for me n my family. Please pray that God will not limit on me. More of his glory because he has more. Please pray for my daughters voice to be miracles voices for God’s kingdom, especially Marie. All praises be to the Lord

  22. Very Great Papa, Thank you for praying for me in Jesus Name, May you be the great great Man in 2019 and on wards. I receive the glory of God in my life. Amen

  23. Lord I ask you to connect me and my kids- Bring them back to you Lord so we can have a relationship. Bring me and my husband together so I can do ministry with him. Increase finances and set my gift in place so I can use them for the Kingdom. Heal my body and mind in Jesus Name. I receive this prophecy in Jesus Name I thank you Lord for the opportunity

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