MIRACLE MONEY FOR FIRST 500 PERSONS – Pastor Alph Lukau Is Live Now (October 25 2021)


MIRACLE MONEY FOR FIRST 500 PERSONS – Pastor Alph Lukau Is Live Now (October 25 2021)

God saw Aaron and Miriam when He chose Moses as the ordained prophet to lead the children of Israel from their land of bondage to the promise land.


God is not a man that He should make mistakes or errors.

If He could create the universe in such a perfect shape that the bodies in the galaxy don’t wrestle against another, what else He can’t do?

He has ordained this vessel, Pastor Alph Lukau as a prophet to the nations of which evidences are seen everywhere.

Don’t fight a man who God has anointed.


(It’s written, who can’t fight against the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless? Paraphrased.)

If you desire what a prophet carries, be humble to admit it and key in immediately.

The greatest fool on earth is the person in need yet so full of himself because of pride, envy and bitterness.

Don’t be angry it’s not their fault to be used by God but God saw in such people virtues you don’t have.

Papa always says, “virtue flows where value is found. ”

I celebrate God on the behalf of God’s servant, my spiritual father, a man of passion for souls, a man of uncompromising spirit, a man of spiritual ruggedness, a man of worship, a man of prayer and a of word ; Pastor Alph Lukau, the senior pastor of AMI.

Watch out for His few details about how he gets to where he is today as I will unfold it soonest.
God be praised. ?


All circumstances can lead us to You, Lord. Your children need Your healing hand – heal them, in the name of Jesus. Never a sickness You cannot heal. Never an affliction You cannot deliver. Never a problem You cannot solve. Heal them, in the name of Jesus! The right hand of God is power. Restore them, in the name of Jesus!

Let us ask Jesus to reveal any weakness in us and break the spirit behind it. The spirit of this, the spirit of that – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Whatever bondage you are in – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ!