(Submit) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer Request – July 2018

(Submit) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer Request - July 2018

 (Submit) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer Request – July 2018

There’s something cooking up in the realm of the spirit for you this month! I see you breaking through every barrier set before you because what you went through didn’t BREAK YOU!(Submit) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer Request - July 2018


The annointing of God is not for everybody. Its for those who wait upon the Lord.

Do you have patience to wait on God?

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God Bless You


  1. I recieve it
    I recieve it
    I recieve it
    In jesus name.
    Every word under my papas voice,every prophesy from papas voice i recieve it and i believe.
    Papa Alph God extend your territories.
    Todays prophesy is my portion in Jesus name .Amen.

  2. Good evening prophet Alph Lukau
    It’s been over a week now since we attended the (IVP) Lord Show me your glory.
    Unfortunately you did not show up and I was so much disappointed ; yet I hold no offence as you just abided to the voice of the of the Holy .Spirit. On the other hand l really felt misled because
    I would have return back home immediately, had it been we had correct information.
    Pastor I paid 17.778.over Rands =£984 pounds sterlings just for three night stay in the hotel room for nothing, it is too expensive. It would have been wealthy with your blessings .
    There was an outer call Saturday and Sunday but I did not dare go forward just to avoid me stepping on some premier premiere’s tail.
    The people behave as if the whole world 🌍 🌎 🗺 owes them. South African people are lack of human rights.
    Man of God with everything happening I suggest you send your children out to Eaton school in the UK out from South Africa. That’s where Prince William and Harry attended and the little Prince George. I know you can afford that.Most British prime ministers attends Eaton. You could prepare A J to Harvard or Sorbonne University as I said but it’s just suggestions.

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