Rabboni Centre Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number

Rabboni Centre Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number

Rabboni Centre Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number , South African pastor and the General Overseer of Rabboni Centre Ministries pictured using snake to perform miracleRabboni Centre Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Phone Number

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Address: R566, Plot 17, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 703 9629


Plot 17 Uitvalgrond
R566 (Brits Road)

Tel: +27 (0) 12 703 9629

We have read and heard of miracles, signs and wonders that God reveals when a prophet is born. Similar to Jeremiah, John the Baptist and recently William Brenham and many other great men of God, so was it for the man of God – Lesego Daniel.

The birth of papa Lesego Daniel happened exactly as foretold by the words of prophecy, a sign to the family that God was with them and that He would guide and intervene in Papa Lesego Daniel’s life.

Today, Papa Lesego Daniel is known worldwide after God used him to perform great miracles that have never been recorded or seen before in the body of Christ.


  1. Saint Rita, please intercede to our Heavenly Father on my behalf. Let my spouse do right by me, let him be good to me; I will be good to him. May God remove every chain, mountain and stronghold that are trying to separate us. May Jehovah draw us closer together than we have ever been and closer to him. Despite every opposition at work, may I be granted that promotion in Jesus mighty name. May God heal my family of diabetes in Jesus mighty name. Amen, amen and amen!

  2. Good day family in the Lord, I’m Anathi Sotheni at South Africa Gauteng province, I was once mentally ill, but God help me and delivered me from that, but now I have a problem of loneliness and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve lost self-confidence, I love to stay alone and see myself as if I’m so useless, I’ve also developed some suicidal thoughts, for I’m not working I just earn small temporary disability money from government, which can end anytime because I know longer take thier medication for I believe much in Christ who saves not drug medicals, I was working before I get affected by this, able to support my family and myself, but after I lost my work I was so stressed, due to the fact that nobody will take care of my needs, and this thing of loving to stay alone has caused me to be affected by the addiction of porn and masturbation, though I know it is wrong, yes I hate it but I kept on doing it, I’m in a serious pit family for I even lost self love, I bath sometimes, and will make people to think I’m still mentally sick. Please pray for me family so that God may help me out of this pit, I know the is nothing impossible to Him, through your prayers I believe if Jesus will also attend my case and set me free. May God help me in all the areas of my life, even what I haven’t mention here. Thanks

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