HOW To Start Receiving MIRACLE MONEY by Pastor Alph Lukau – Click HERE to Join Others (September 4th 2020)

Friday Prayer Match
Friday Prayer Match

MIRACLE MONEY is a Divine Gift From God , and not everybody is entitled to have it , But with Prayers and PRAYER REQUEST , we can be part of this great miracle … Say This Prayer with me and SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST Today.



Father, I’m here before You today because I want You to perform a miracle in my life.

Friday Prayer Match
Friday Prayer Match

At this point, I cannot do it alone and even if I could, it cannot be compared to Your deeds.

I walk in Your sight and I can personally testify to the other miracles in my life.

God, I pray for financial release in the form of employment/my business.

I pray that You lift my head so that I may stand proud as one of Your children.

I want You to make me a living testimony and shame the enemies who doubted Your great works in my life.

I thank You Oh God My Father, and In Jesus Name, Amen.


If God showed you what He has in store, where He’s taking you, it would not only excite you, you would not only be amazed, but when you saw what it’s going to take to get you there—the giants you’re going to have to face, the lonely nights, the betrayals, the closed doors, the Pharaohs you’re going to stand before—you would think, “No thanks, God. I’ll just stay where I am.”

One reason God doesn’t show us is He knows we would talk ourselves out of it.


  1. Papa i need so much from January i did not get yet my pay.plz Daddy if you are really papa Alph Lukau i need so much your pray for me my healing for my eyes too papa

  2. Man of God I heard you. Please pray with me my all blessings must be released, may God perfects all that concerns me & my household $ May what I need locates me in Jesus name.

    • God I pray for you lift my head so that I can stand n make u proud,Lord I need you all the time where ever I am I Know you with me ,man of God please pray with me so that all my blessings will come true n I need to be open minded child in Jesus name amen

  3. Please pray with me so that I can recover all the money I lost and everyone owing me and our company to pay.l pray for more wisdom and understanding of foreign trading so that I can make big profits.

  4. Thank you Jesus Thank you Papa Alph ,I recieve todays Miracle prophecy is for me oh Lord ,Papa what ever you prophecy will surely come to pass in my life ,I believe I recieve i put my cinfidence in you ALONE oh Lord ,Yes oh Heavenly Mighty Loving FATHER,I am a sinner forgive my sin by the blood of Jesus ,Father i am here before you today because i want you to perform Miracle in my life oh Lord i request please to open the close doors of finiancial blessing upon my bussiness of Lord i cannot to nothing without you oh Lord,Oh Lord help me to too your will ,I put all my hope and trust in you oh Lord guide me and protect my way ,In Jesus name i pray Glory to GOD Halleluia Amen

  5. Thank u papa i recieve todaes prophesy its mine.Daddy plss i was duped of 9000 plss papa let de person brinq back my moni.I need divine breakthrough in my life nd academics

  6. Thank you Jesus because I’m alive today thank you for forgiveness thank you Jesus for your love your grace and mercy please Lord I need my destiny husband please father I received my breakthrough financial breakthrough married breakthrough business breakthrough Lord Jesus send me my destiny helpers father my father deliver me from the hand of the enemies daddy please pray for me so that I can save God better God I put my trust in you please father don’t let me be ashamed Papa I know your name your name is Alph Lukau you can do all things through your father Jesus please Papa proof your self to me in miracles way I believe you thank you thank you thank so much for answering my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen

  7. I pray that i receive a financial break through in the form of promotion, i pray that miracles will be my daily dream amen

  8. Daddy Pastor Alph Lukau I need a miracle Money to pay my Debts please pray that God will remember me.I believed if you really pray God will not pass me by.Amen man of God

  9. Amen, i receive it in Jesus name.
    Father baptized me with your gifts
    I need financial, marital breakthrough
    Father show up in my life let my enemies know l m serving you.
    Thank you Daddy.

  10. I pray that i recieve financial break through in the form of a very good job or my own business in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen

  11. To God be thy glory, I greet you my spiritual, me and family connect and we receive our miracle money in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen, Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMenoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Lord I need help with my son’s boarding for school and money to pay my mortgage while meeting my other responsibilities. Father, I know how my circumstances look in the natural but I also know that I serve a supernatural God. Do it for me Lord in Jesus mighty name. Thank You and amen. God bless you Pastor Lukau. I receive my miracle now in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  13. Lord, you are unchangeable God :so whatever you did yesterday you can do it today and still doing it tomorrow and forevermore.
    If the wall of Jericho has fallen down before the Israelite then separate the red sea and dry out the jordan river then gave a victory to David on Goliath and give the double portion of Elijah s anointing to Elisha then give wealth with wisdom to King Solomon; you can do it for me .
    I believe and i receive it all in Jesus mighty name AMEN


  15. Amen pastor I’m so excited to no an receive what God have in store for me as I pray for my request if my citizenship an my police report for my accident in Jesus I claim an I no He will grant me in due time I no he come through for me many many time an am so thankful ever day of my life for His grace an never ending mercies thank u Pastor for the Sermon an Prayers in Jesus name blessing always.

  16. Heavenly Father release me from my financial,and bless me my womb to be fruitful and to receive a baby boy from our Father,and heal me from all type of disease from me,and bless upon all my family to deliverance, and I will testify oh Lord

  17. AMEN I receive in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Reign down your Blessings and favor upon me Father God. I love and trust you LORD.

  18. Father Lord king of all glory have mercy on me and my household.Father release unto us financial stability throught our job,carreer,business,employement,gifts and talents.Lord i pray for miracle and sufficience money with abundance.In me and my household.Amen.

  19. Thank you Jesus, thank you man of God Alpha Lukau. Please let me receive the miracle money and the blessings in JESUS NAME, amen.

  20. I give God the glory because if it wasn’t for God where would I be??? Also thank you man of God for the good words! May God bless you always Amen! God I need you now more than ever! Man of God please pray for me that the Lord Jesus Christ covers me under the blood and thank you!

  21. Lord Jesus Christ I cry out loud unto You Jesus :perform a miracle into my life right now.As I connect TO THE ALTAR OF AMI AND CONNECT INTO THE ANOINTING OF PASTOR ALPH LUKAU under his voice; I DECLARE AND DECREES that I WILL RECEIVE ALL THE spoken word of prophecy come out from him I KNOW MY JESUS are able to do beyond my expectations ,becoz nothing impossible to you.
    Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering mY PRAYER in Jesus Christ mighty and powerful name I PRAY AMEN AMEN AMEN

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