HOW To Start Receiving MIRACLE MONEY by Pastor Alph Lukau – Click HERE to Join Others (September 21 2021)

Friday Prayer Match
Friday Prayer Match

MIRACLE MONEY is a Divine Gift From God , and not everybody is entitled to have it , But with Prayers and PRAYER REQUEST , we can be part of this great miracle … Say This Prayer with me and SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST Today.



Father, I’m here before You today because I want You to perform a miracle in my life.

Friday Prayer Match
Friday Prayer Match

At this point, I cannot do it alone and even if I could, it cannot be compared to Your deeds.

I walk in Your sight and I can personally testify to the other miracles in my life.

God, I pray for financial release in the form of employment/my business.

I pray that You lift my head so that I may stand proud as one of Your children.

I want You to make me a living testimony and shame the enemies who doubted Your great works in my life.

I thank You Oh God My Father, and In Jesus Name, Amen.


If God showed you what He has in store, where He’s taking you, it would not only excite you, you would not only be amazed, but when you saw what it’s going to take to get you there—the giants you’re going to have to face, the lonely nights, the betrayals, the closed doors, the Pharaohs you’re going to stand before—you would think, “No thanks, God. I’ll just stay where I am.”

One reason God doesn’t show us is He knows we would talk ourselves out of it.


  1. I am a 50 year old black South African who is struggling financially…I hope Pastor Lukau can perform money into my account miracle through The power or God..Amen

  2. Please pray for me that I will receive an cash loan offer fir my daughter and my family… In Jesus name,may my desire with ur prayer be heared…Amen.

  3. Pastor, Alph Lukau, Please pray for my Divine miracle money, am desperately in need of money, l need divine financial breakthrough in Jesus name.
    Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen.

  4. Pastor Alph Lukau and AMI,

    Please continue to pray for my brothers to have new jobs. Please pray also for them to quit drinking for good.And aldo for my husband and i for GOD to bless our financial/projects we planned to do as this will help us help the church and the needy ones as well.

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