Register & Login : Pastor Alph Lukau :- “International Visitors Program”

Register & Login : Pastor Alph Lukau :- "International Visitors Program"

 Register & Login : Pastor Alph Lukau :- “International Visitors Program” , 2018 – 2019 – SEPTEMBER

God has spoken to me LIKE NEVER BEFORE. The upcoming IVP (GTG) will signal a TRANSITION in the body of Christ. I want you to be a part of it as your personal make or break. You will MEET God. You will have an encounter with God.

  • If you need healing come and take it, if you want to be a channel for healing you will receive it, if you want to prophesy come and take it, if you want your financial breakthrough come and receive it. There will be NO limit.

  • My God will meet you at the point of your needs. Register & Login : Pastor Alph Lukau :- "International Visitors Program"


 Reviews : Register & Login : Pastor Alph Lukau :- “International Visitors Program”

You shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you, and that you may prolong yourdays in the land which you shall possess. (Deuteronomy 5:33)

In your brokenness, God’s love will strengthen you. The world has contaminated faith, by influencing people to cope with pain by drinking, smoking, partying and so many other ways, instead of seeking the Word and healing from pain. I mean don’t get me wrong, God will still come through with an overflow of love and bring healing and love.

Just don’t choose to cope with pain, when you can actually break off all the pain from you heart. God’s love for you brings healing, not a diversion. God’s love for you brings freedom,not fear.

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    • I need a breakthrough with my relationships which always start so well and end in disappointments, rejection, pain, tears and hurt.

    • I will like to attend ivp next year, please intimate me of the next program and how to go about it. Pastor Charles Benjamin from Nigeria.

      • Iwant to come for a Visitors weekend other 22 february i would want to know about accomodation and transport from the airport pliz help my mobile number is 04474010148948 or you can respond on my email adress pliz help

  1. I am from Togo (Ouest Africa), I want to attend IVP program in 2018-2019. Can I have details concerning different accommodation package.

    Je suis du Togolaise et désire venir pour la première fois à AMI. J’ai besoin des informations concernant les programmes à venir en 2019 et le prix de vos différents paquets (d’hébergement/transport/nourriture).

  2. I wish to take advantage of the IVP. I need to see,touch and stay under the sound of his voice to receive my delayed gift from God. this will be my first time.
    Please may you let me know if you pickup from the airport. which air port should that be. Kindly inform me about accommodation/transport to and from airport.
    Please kindly reply to me as soon as you have the time.
    Thank you you God for the blessing you have given the world.

  3. I want to bring my four years old baby boy who doesn’t sit, talk, or walk kindly assist me with full information concerning accommodation, food n transport from the bus stop,thank u

  4. Iwant to know about the next ivp visit in 2019 and the cost pls help. My second request is pleas phrophet Lukau pray for me my merriage is on the verge of collspsing and my health is in total tear off. My husband has got a side chick who has given me triubles

  5. i want be at the IVP this year December, i from Ghana please i want know when the program will start. also to know about accommodation, transport.

  6. j’habite en France mais je suis camerounaise je voudrais assister au prochain programme IVP avec mon fils et ma sœur. pouvez vous me donner tous les renseignements possible: visa; transport hébergement.
    Je comprend un peu l’engrais mais je ne parle pas couramment donc je préfère vous rédiger en français d’abord.

    I want to come to AMI for your IVP program. can you give me please all information to be with you. i meam: letter of invitation to obtain a visa because i’m from Cameroun but i live in Fance, accommodation.
    tank you to anwser me. God bless!

  7. My prayer is that God should give me one more reason to believe that he is able. just one more reason and I shall forever worship him. otherwise life is useless

    • I would like to get information on the VIP. I live in New York USA. I have been following this ministry on youtube and I amb lessed each time I make the connection with the man of God.

  8. I am coming to receive my anointing and healing as well as Breakthrough from Pastor Alph Lukau in sandton Johannesbourg South Africa. Cost of accommodation transport from the airport to the site should all be included to enable me prepare it. Have difficulty in walking so I come someone to assist me in my journey. Thanks rose

  9. Touch my clan ,my family and my health I will be travelling from Zambia to South Africa, on 28th so that I can attend the cross over their

  10. As a matter of urgency I am coming to receive my breakthrough and restoration under the divine annio ting of pastor Alph Lukau. I want to come on the next international visitors programme

  11. Dear Sisters And Brothers In – Christ, thank you for the opportunity to share God’s Love with the whole world. “I Receive it”. I have been having the problem of your Ministry not being able to answer the Telephone. I called so many times without success. Especially, to Register as an IVP member from Michigan, USA. Could you please Register me.

    Your Sister In Crist, Clementine Nnolim.

  12. I will like to be in the next IVP 2019, visiting by May, how do I go about this please? Already booked a ticket to come to down to South Africa. I live in the UK.

  13. I have been trying to connect with someone to get information on the July IVP no one responder to me. I will appreciate if someone will respond via the intertnet address given. Thank you and God bless you all

  14. je veux faire partie des visiteurs internationaux de 2019. Comment s’inscrit-ton? Quelles sont les conditions pour y aller en toute sécurité? Dieu vous bénisse.

    • Could someone please contact me in regards to the July 2019 IVP?
      would like to attend but need more information
      Thank you

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