“SATURDAY PRAYER” By Pastor Alph Lukau (July 27th 2019)

 “SATURDAY PRAYER” By Pastor Alph Lukau (July 27th 2019)

Let us Pray;


Heavenly Father we come before you again this Saturday Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. We want to thank You Jehovah Jireh for being with us throughout the night.

Thank You Lord for making it possible to see this wonderful Saturday for it is not by power or mighty by Your grace Jehovah God that we are still breathing today when many of our brothers and sisters have died during the week.

 Father, we come before your throne today and praise your Holy Name! We give you all glory, all honor, all respect, and all our love today. Help us Father to be the people you have called us to be. Open our eyes so that we may see you and our hearts so that we may feel you. Penetrate deep into our souls, find those sins and points of contention in us and purge them from our hearts. Sanctify us, purify us, mold us, and use us Merciful Father.

 Today we lift up those who are struggling spiritually. We know that their soul is in a constant state of unrest and they can find no peace in themselves. Father, our prayer is that you be revealed to them in a mighty way today. Use us Father to be the source of that revelation.

 Give us wisdom and discernment as we approach our loved ones. Help us to speak and act as Jesus would, with love and care for them. Guide us today Father and help us to show the hope that is found in Jesus to all around us.

 We dedicate this entire day in Your Holy Hands, guide and protect us Loving Father.
In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ We Pray……………