Send Me a Prayer Request Today – Let me Pray For You – Pastor Alph Lukau (August 16th 2019)

August Prayer
August Prayer

Send Me a Prayer Request Today – Let me Pray For You – Pastor Alph Lukau (August 16th 2019)

Father, You are the Most High God, the only true and living God.


You are excellent in all of Your ways. You reign in heaven and on earth.

The heavens are Your throne and the earth is Your footstool. There is no searching Your understanding.

Lord, You are good and Your mercy endures forever.

August Prayer
August Prayer

You are the great I Am, the Everlasting Father, a Mighty God, the Prince of Peace and a Wonderful Counselor.

You are our creator, redeemer, savior, and sustainer.

We give thanks to You for You are faithful even when we have been faithless.

We thank You for Your word which gives us light and understanding.

We thank You for giving us all things that pertain to life and godliness and for giving us all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

We exalt You, Lord God, and we bless Your Name.

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  1. i want you to pray for my thanksgiving to God i got my money which i was owed 11yrs tell God im very happy will always obey him though i went through a lot 2016 but he had shown that through my dream and this year again i had a restoration dream same month of June after church at noon like the previous year 2016 when i saw a naked dark in complexion woman falling from heaven followed by an Elephant since that day my life became messy now i am smilling saying Thank you God

  2. Father I thank you for your greatness, father pray for my family members restore whatever we lost. Father I pray in your name to heal my wife’s painess in inside her body. Please father help in my tips so that I can help my family, forgive my sins away and those against us . I pray in Jesus name amen

  3. My Father, Pray for my Financial Miracle to happen today, My healing and faith restoration to take place in my heart in Jesus name

  4. Thank you Jesus ,Thank you papa my spiritiaul Father ,I recieve today prophecy papa here i summit my prayer request please papa pray for me and for my family,right now papa We are living a difficult life ,whatever bussiness of work we to everything blocks our way,Nothing comes positive,I have given lots of money for my bussiness but nothing opens ,I pray i believe that the Almighty Heavenly loving Father will surely bless and open the gates of blessing in my life ,Father hear my humble cry bless me now In Mighty JesusName i pray Amen

  5. Excellent God, faithful God, I reverence your Holy name. May your grace be sufficient for me and my family. I ask for healing in the Life of my niece, Joy shehu. May God heal her.

  6. Father Lord thank you for the gift of life u have given us.lneed you to pray for me get a good job i can take care of my Family and Friends THANK AMEN.

  7. Amen pastor Alph lukau i receive today prophecy an here is my prayer request to claim this piece of land I’m living on I don’t have no money to purchase it but please help me pray to own it in Jesus name I receive in Jesus name an i call it done thank u pastor an blessing always to u an the A M I team.

  8. Amen Pastor Alpha lukau l receive finecial breakthrough in Jesus name all the satanits chain l break them l pray for bussiness as a second hand car dealer which l started last year but its stuck please help l pray for my ld card which l applied last year but they have stories in Jesus Name my new house Amen and l believe Amen

  9. Papa please pray for my promotion, financial breakthrough, settle my debts, pay for my outstanding fees to get my Masters certificate from the university, build my own house, peace and calm in my marriage, my two sisters (Relebohile and Mamankoe) to get permanent jobs, my brother (seloka) to get a permanent job, my sister son Mats’ohlo to get funds and help for his ear operation, healing of my mum in law from mental disturbance and my mom from arthritis and my brother seloka to respect my mother.

  10. Pastor Lukau, please pray for my mother and brother to be healed of diabetes and let their health be restored in Jesus mighty name. Please also pray for my son’s boarding expense for school to be taken care of in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  11. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, total deliverance for me and family, breakthough, Healing, divine blessing, favour, grace, connection anointing, promotion, marriage and all the good things our good Lord has for me and family will surely come to past this year in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooo

  12. Papa thank you for your prayers please pray for me and my children we need Divine intervention and God protection Papa I need financial breakthrough and marriage breakthrough in the name of Jesus Amen

  13. continuely please pray for my life my family my studies and future ministry. Thank you Man of God for Open to share the prayers.

  14. Glory to God! Yes God reign. God is great God is mighty. To Him be all the praise. Please pray for me am not comfortable in my job pray for me God will supply my need I need to leave this job. Thank u God bless u.

  15. Asking for Devine favor over my finances, favor for my son Edwin today to be approved for an apartment in the name of Jesus…favor Lord. Favor…

  16. Please prayer for me and my families my nephew Kareem williams in need of help and my son Kimani Cyrus and racoco Williams and my friend donna don in jail in name of Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you.

  17. Pray for my children papa my son melougean sleep too much in the day time papa in the night he can’t sleep papa I need your help I need prayer to be debts free Amen

    • Amen 🙏 daddy I pray for my sons deliverance from the spirit of anger fights short temperJehovah break every demonic infrastructure every satanic wickedness operating or controlling him-be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

  18. Thanks you Jesus good morning Papa I’m Soo please to write you a boat my problem that I’m facing my daughter has a fibrudo she is not married no kids for me i get married but my husband don’t want to give me my green card I’m asking you to please pray for me and my family pray for me diabetes hight blood pressure in Jesus mighty name amen

  19. Man of God pastor Alph Lukau;
    I need a prayer for financial breakthrough with a miracle money alert in my bank account right now.
    So I connect my faith with yours as you allow me to request a prayer,so I believe that will do the impossible to happen easily through your prayer ;and I join my faith with you that God will realize and answer this prayer as you are the chosen of God for a difficult matter and to set the captive free in any situations they are,
    And whatever you declare it shall be established so I believe that receives already by spirit and I’m ready to receive it physically financial breakthrough that this shall come to pass and cannot be otherwise.
    Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ AMEN
    So shall it be done in Jesus Christ mighty name AMEN

  20. Lord thanks your for your mercies towards to. I thank you for making all my impossible possible because I know without you I am nothing. I thank you for all my hearts desire I.e. My sons school fees and my increase in salary also my husband and sons promotion. Man of God I am asking your prayer for healing to me son D’Andrey’s eyes when he go for his next eye exam. I know you will work it out for me. amen

  21. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name. Father thank you that you are my redeemer.
    Please Daddy pray for me:
    – to brake generation curses
    – family so tie , evil marital bandage and financial problems.
    Thank you Daddy.

  22. I pray Lord that today you may remember me that you can meet me at the point of my need I am praying for my perfect health and also that I may encounter a break through in my finances and my career in the name of our Lord Jesus christ I pray Amen.

  23. Papa i need so much financial breakthrough since January till to day i did not get my pay Daddy.and i need healing in my eyes plz pray for me

  24. My name is Tassana Mullings Ross i want you to please pray for a breakthrough for me with USCIS to approve my petition for my 10 years Green card in the USA,t hank you man of God

  25. Daddy, pls pray for me to have a stable job and to have the right man in my life.lastly, a prayer of breakthrough in my family because there is alot going on with them.

  26. Thank you. Prophet pray for me that I meet a helper to sponsor to help me getting my citizenship, family restoration, financial ideas and actions to follow them for territory enlargement in all aspects of my life & children. Thank you Jesus, thank you Man-of God.

  27. please man of Divined God pray for me i need God to change my life so that I can be a blessings in my family

  28. Please man of God pray for me my family is poor i need to have something so that I can take care of my family, have a child buh have nothing to do i mean work

  29. Thank you our great man of God,our Moses, our Father. We love you with our Mother your Wonderful wife. Cleste Lukau and AMI.
    May Almighty GOD continue his forever Blessing upon you all. <3.

    Thank you for everything much love from me and my small Family.

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