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22728719 506977086346902 8678595742840003976 N (1)After Listening to the Sermon Below !!! , Send me a Prayer Request.

The key is to forgive quickly.

Let go of things you don’t understand right away.


It takes time to get over hurts, get over loss.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but when the questions come up, “Why did this happen to me? It’s not fair.”

When you feel the bitterness trying to take root, right then say, “God, I’m turning this over to You.

I know You’re my vindicator.

I know You’ll make my wrongs right.

You said You would give me beauty for these ashes.

You said You would pay me back double for what was unfair.”

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  1. Dear sir on 31st october 2019 i am going to face a written interview for a job that is DISTRICT PROJECT COORDINATOR in OLM Job.need your prayer.
    Thank you

  2. My Father, Pray for my Financial Breakthrough, For my Healing, Let what ever i do be to my advantage, Let there be Joy and Happiness in my place and at my work place. Amen

  3. Amen Pastor my prayer request is about Me to claim healing of all my joints pain in Jesus name thank you pastor Alph lukau blessing always to u an the A.M.I team

  4. Man of God pray for my family today and always let the Lord protect them and guide them pray for me for spiritual healing pray for my breakthrough in every aspect of my life for a God fearing man who love me and my kids and be my friend and everything i wish in a man…I Pray..Amen

  5. Papa i need your pray so so much becos i need financial breakthrough, healing in my eyes due to retina detachment,and the power of God in my life for ministries the anoiting of God that break the power of satan Daddy plz i love the alter in AMI under the supream anoiting of my Papa

  6. Pray for me papa to pass my interview today for cleaners in our Government,im unemployment papa ,pray for me to win this job


  8. Pray for me papa to pass my interview papa because we are 3450 peoples but they only hire 10 peoples,pray for me to be in a hire lists

  9. To God be thy glory, I greet you my spiritual father, me and family our prayer requests: total deliverance, breakthough, financial breakthough to build our houses, total healing, divine marriage, international travel from country to country on business, promotion in my place of work, favour, wisdom for my children, grace, anointing and all the good things our good Lord has for me and family shall manifest in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AmenAmenooooooooooooooo

  10. Hi pastor Alph can you please pray for me I’m very depressed.Everything seems to be going wrong in my life.I just want to be happy.😭

  11. DADDY ALPH LUKAU I RECEIVE YOUR PROPHETIC WORDS IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS….PLEASE. DADDY pray for me I am working in a company named WAFRA FINANCIAL BROKERAGE COMPANY as a forex broker pleas pray for me to get BUISNESS in this 15 days coz I don’t bring BUISNESS please pray for me to be safe n to be saved in this WAFRA FINANCIAL BROKERAGE COMPANY DADDY NEED YOUR PRAYERS I WILL PROCLAIM UR NAME AND GLORY AMEN 🙏

  12. I receive it in Jesus mighty name. Amen and thank You Lord. Pastor Lukau, please pray for my spouse to get the job that he applied for, he really wants this. Please also pray for my mother’s and brother ‘s health to be restored, they are diabetic. Please pray for God to grant me the desires of my heart in Jesus name. Amen.

    Shalom Man of God. Please pray for me, I am sinking in the river of debt and my health is deteriorating , doctors say I have arthritis and am developing high blood pressure. May these be flushed out of my body in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

    • Pastor please help me pray for my family. My brother is suffering with pains after falling from a scaffle while working. I also need financial victory for my business. pray against the curses too.

  14. Thank you JESUS Thank you PAPA I recieve todays prophecy In JESUS Mighty name ,PAPA here i sent my prayer request please pray for me and for my family for finiancial breakthrough in JESUS Mighty name I request PAPA through your Prayer i will be in victory i wound lost i will conqurer again ,PAPA i place everything what i know and what i do not know PAPA please pray for me in JESUS Name I requst Amen

  15. Papa please pray for all my family, specially for my brothers they are drunker,please delivere in the name of Jesus, and connect me papa

  16. Papa pray for my entire family pray for financial breakthrough and pray for what i have been going through all these years of my marriage i believe there would be a turn around in Jesus Mighty Name Hallelujah!

  17. Please pray for me that God will locate me and deliver me out of all of my problems. Solve my problem from the root. It is not fair that one person should have so many problems. I would like my money to be restored to me. Father hear and answer my prayers.

    • Please Papa I know your God is bigger than my problems, I know with your God all things are possible daddy please!!!! my house is breaking please man of God save my home for me I know with your prayers my home will restore again thank you for your help.

  18. Can you agree with in prayer for victory in this workcompensation and wrongful termination i know the LORD will make the way i believe God for favors in JESUS AMEN.

  19. Greeting in the mighty name of Jesus
    Man of God please pray for my daughter
    Daisy doctor says she has fibroid my prayer is
    That heal in Jesus Name by faith in God. By His stripes we r heal. Thanks Pastor Alph.

  20. Man of God please pray for me my name is Tassana mullings Ross please pray for uscis department approve my 10 yrs green card and send it to my lawyer the petition is at 75 lower Weldon street saint albans vt 05479 USA please I need your miracle right now.

  21. Pastor pls. Pray for the fast release of our mobilization from P& m group of companies for our construction of school building that whatever it takes to long for the supporting papers it will be fast track Pastor i really need the money in order to pay my debt i had so many debt some is in the fiscal already so pls. I know that God will turn my situation pls. Pray for my deliverance of debt and breakthrough. In Jesus mingthy name amen.

  22. Glory be to God! Pastor Alph Greetings
    In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Pastor I lease for me n my children they will surrender the heart to God. Pray for my daughter her name is Daisy she have fibroid am believing God to burn it out with fire of Holy Ghost.

  23. Oh Lord make me a black Smith and bless the man of God prophet Alph Lukau. This blacksmith message has turned my life around.

  24. Daddy please pray for financial breakthrough I really need it so many expenditures i need to clear.please pray and locate me.

  25. Yes, P. Alph Lukau, pray with me for receiving my US Visa to be granted speedily. Also my family unity, especially fellowship, effective communication with my children and between themselves as well in Jesus name. Bless Ami continuously.

  26. To God be thy glroy, I greet you my spiritual father, these are my prayer requests: divine marriage in my life, total healing in my family, deliverance for my children wisdom for my children, protection, financial blessing for me and family to build my houses and all the good things our good God has for me and family well manifest in Jesus Name AMen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooo

  27. Hello Man of God!! I am requesting prayer for my health. Also to over come the spirit of fear. I am having many difficulties with my health and I am tired. I am reading your book “The Rise of the Prophetic Voice” and I am praying that God would bless me with the Prophetic in my life. May our God continually bless for what you are doing for His peoples.

  28. Pastor Alph I am asking for prayer for my healing, and God’s purpose for my life. May God continually use you for His glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!!!

  29. Pastor pls my family is planning to look for witch doctor over my mum’s situation. ..I really need God to intervene because I don’t believe in all. …can I get pastor’s number for prayers pls?

  30. I bless God for AMI, Pastor Alph and Bishop Celeste Lukau. I send greetings from United States of America, right now I’m speechless, because of the magnitude of the Power of God that is on your life. My prayer request is that I my life be pleasing unto God. My desire is to help others come to Jesus. I need pray for deliverance in every area of my life. I praise my Father now for total healing.

  31. God bless papa. Please pray that I will test negative for all diseases. A clean bill of health. Prayer for my relationship with R.Brewington, that it’ll lead to marriage and a wonderful healthy and joyous life together. And that God restore my beauty 100x more in Jesus name Amen… It is done… Thank you Jesus…🙏✌🙌💞

  32. I’ve watched your services and feats on YouTube and never in my life have I seen such things. I feel that God is showing us a glimpse of the power of the men in the Bible, men such as Moses,Elijah, Elisha and many others, revealed in you. Therefore as they did in those days I request prayer for healing in my body and a deliverance from the spirit of fear. I pray for the power of God to manifest in my life. And that God keep you protected, healthy, and prosperous for the world need men like you. My God bless you!

    mes as Elijah, Elisha, Moses and the other powerful men of our God.

  33. Good day man of God pray for me : I am currently going through financial difficulties, pray for me to get a financial miracles
    For financial break through, for a permanent lecturering/teaching job, pray for me to drive my dream car this year, pray for me to pass my dissertation and graduate with cumulaude. Pray to restore our relationship with Gemma, help us to love each other like we use to be. Destroy all the evil spirit that doesn’t want us to be together.

    • Hello Man Of God, I’ve watched your services and feats on YouTube and never in my life have I seen such things. I feel that God is showing us a glimpse of the power of the men in the Bible, men such as Moses,Elijah, Elisha and many others, revealed in you. Therefore as they did in those days I request prayer for healing in my body and a deliverance from the spirit of fear. I pray for the power of God to manifest in my life. And that God keep you protected, healthy, and prosperous for the world need men like you. My God bless you!

  34. Papa please pray for me I need wisdom/ knowledge in my work place as the work is very technical and tough.I also need God’s anointing when I preach the word of God.So many people in my church they need deliverance I really want God to use me for his glory alone when I pray for the sick they will be recovered and heal completely. If you pray for me I know and believed from my heart God will hear and show you about me and He will give you a word for me. May God use you not only for the people in your place but for those who thirst to see God’s miracle.

  35. Am angella Davis from Jamaica am seeking prayer for me and my children and for financial break through in Jesus name amen

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