Send Your Prayer Requests – Click Here (Pastor Alph Lukau)

Send Your Prayer Request – Click Here (Pastor Alph Lukau)

I Declare that ….

The enemy would not fight you so hard if he did not fear you!


You are a carrier of God’s presence, a terror to the enemy in all respect. Therefore, stop moving around with a defeated mindset. No, with God you are a warrior!Alph Lukau Prayer Request

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Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.

 Prayer Request: Alph Lukau

  • Some of you, despite having an inheritance in Christ, you are still accustomed to pressure, pain and turmoil. But hear the word of the Lord; in this new month, you are being set free and you are being led into your land of promise.
  • If you have been sick before, God is transporting you to your healing. If you have been caged, God is giving you freedom. Those who were crying before shall begin to celebrate. It is a new season for you, cry and fear nomore.
  • Receive it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
  • Send Your Prayer Request Use the Links below and Above or … Comment below

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  1. A Prayer request,Dear Pastor Lukau please man of God pray for me I am having ashma for nearly 30years and I need deliverance and breakthrough from financially difficulty and blessing my marriage .In the name of Jesus Christ I pray ,amen.

    • May you pray for me on money and good job then my wife to come back l love her she went away because am poor and my family to be born again l need also a good house with all things backed laststly to save God in the minstry Amen

    • please pray for my friend in Nigeria, she has stomach ulcers and needs help to get her will inheritance, pray for me I am Canadian, pray for a better future, stronger ministry, and be debt free.

    • Please pray for me and my family. I need financial breakthrough, healing and to be able to provide for my children and pay their fees. To get a car and promotion, get married next year. Start business and to know God more.

    • We have been following you on youtube and we wish you can come to Scotland ,we have hunger for God if He can only remmember this country and bring revival,if only there is a way please remember us in prayers.Pray for my finance ,I need a house ,I need to be a blessing out there to hungry ophans

    • Dear my father I am having legs problem my legs are saw for past 6years now and they started 5years ago are pain fully and my movement is change now I am disable now and I never had any incident in my life plz my father pry for me and my financial problems nothing is getting right in life my relationship everything is bad in my plz my father pry for me to live a better life plz my father I see money but it disappears

  2. I am Rhea Aurelio and I’m a Filipino. I live in Iloilo City, Philippines. Please help me pray for total healing of my APNEA and also financial breakthrough. It’s really my desire to free myself from debt. Pls do pray for me.

    • Man of God I’m Anna from Fiji i need your help ,please pray for me and my family. Can you contact with me or email please man of God.

    • Please man of God pray for my son who had some health issues and he will be travelling to Australia to seek medical help. Pray for God’s total healing

      Pray for my healing too and financial breakthrough so we debt free in 2019.

  3. Pray for me to get job so that I can provide for my kids. I have graduated in 2015 an I am still unemployed. I know that God will peovide


    • I know you are anointed for difficult matters servant of the most high God pastor Alph Lukau.May your God heal of this sickness of moving things in my body for 18 years now and may he also enlighten me spiritual because I am confused spiritualy

  5. I received it victory is mine my indefinitely stay visa is sure the God of moses is taken me me to elevation in Jesus Name Amen hallelujah contuine pray for my indefinitely stay visa and families and my children’s

  6. my son name is Joseph after completion of his college studies he is not interested in his life he sitting in house locking his room playing games in the computer and he also very very obese over weight please pray that i have committed him for the ministry give counsel in this regard.

    • Man of please help and my family I have a baby who’s sick he had heart he went for surgery on 19th of November 2018 he still in the ICU please man of God help me to pray for my son, his 8months

    • Psator thank you for your tv ministry I whatch you on YouTube I will stay connected my true concern is a believer in Jesus who’s going to have a rod put in her back on Dec. 7,18 pray God give her a miracle healing pastor

    • Man of God plz pray for me i’m ask permanent job and marriage.pray for my sisters child who git a hepy lips he started on 2010.i’m worried of him.pray for my boyfriend stop alcohol and pray for trusting me plz man of GOD

  7. Am a Cameroonian resident in UAE.Am currently working with an Egyptian manager and the treatment he gives me is unbearable,he pays u when he likes and how much he so desires.working conditions too are so poor.Iwill be dreadful for your timely intervention.kamal Hussein Abas is his name.

  8. I need prayers as my family is falling apart man of God,, so is my financial break through from today,,, i watch your powerful services everyday on Youtube

  9. I need a financial breakthrough so that I can help my family and myself. I need healing prayers for my whole family. Blessings in my children and grandchildren. My son shawn to behavevhimself and remain faithful so that he can keep his family strong and together

  10. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau I am very much worried because my brother Arsenio and his wife Flora, having 2 children living in Canada and now they are going for a separation which I sincerely wish that this does not take place. His wife is very adamant and is not forgiving him even though he has knelt and asked forgiveness but she is not accepting or forgiving him. Please Man of God pray for them and bless them with love and understanding and save them from this separation and divorce. Thank you.

  11. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau I am very much worried because my brother Arsenio and his wife Flora, having 2 children living in Canada and now they are going for a separation which I sincerely wish that this does not take place. His wife is very adamant and is not forgiving him even though he has knelt and asked forgiveness but she is not accepting or forgiving him. Please Man of God pray for them and bless them with love and understanding and save them from this separation and divorce. Thank you.

  12. Dear man of God, please also include in your prayers, my family members and siblings who are rip apart by the devil, I’m unemployed,, my granddaughter tequane Williams is facing demonic encounter at the age of 8 yrs, hearing voices, suicidal etc, I’m living with my family members and we are not on terms over four years now, I’m a backslider and decided to go back but I need a home that I can pray and worship God in the quietness of. As I declare a miracle in Jesus name, Amen

  13. Please pray for me.about my school I the voice of school.please pray for my husband to change his life style of living. That he can turn to God. for his need and want. God bless you

  14. Dear man of god I have been watching you on YouTube and I praised god thats the right man of god I have been looking for.Man of god I have a prayer request l and my partner haven been trying to conceive but anything is happening. Please pray for me my name is coonstance marange I resides in richards bay south africa

  15. Please man of God, i need prayer for my ministry and my financial life , school fees for my kids; take good care of my wife and family

  16. I father Lord I will win a contract that will shock those who have mocked me.father Lord let you alone be God and man liers.I will WIN this time. Am not a begger.

  17. Father Lord cancel the hand of ordinance written against me and my mother’s children, were a family of six all graduate’s any one of us who has a job losses it.nothing is working for us financial and marriage.please we need prayers

    • Please pray for me. I m doing all my office work wrong… like forgetting… not able to concentrate on work… too much work load… thought I put in my best, I am blamed to a black mark in my office by my officers… I am really very very upset and depressed

  18. Im 28years old nou i have a son my problem a really want to be educated but every time when is caming to books is problem and i always be in relationship for year or two yaers after that person hes gone please man of god pray for me i really don’t know now

  19. Papa please pray that God will open door for me i will be retire from my job on December God will do miracle in my life and my brother and sister.i m sigle i did not get married i love the Lord i need a healthy body spiritand soul.i love wacthing u in utub.

  20. I thank God for my money miracle and for delivering me and my family from poverty, scarcity and lack. Thank you God for my financial freedom….in Jesus name….Amen

  21. Pray for families and favour prosperity my son’s need a job and open door my families having too much delays and failure even me enough is enough Jesus your r the chain breaker,Father God I trust you The prayer from the man of God pastor Alph Luku of AMI break every chain and so shall it be enough is enough healing for myour mother& auntie

  22. Talk to God for me papa i need sometime i feel lonely in my life it seem like no one care for me.i need God grace love power i feel like nobody love.please go deeper in my life

  23. Pastor I really need a home. Please pray with me for God to locate me. Am trusting Him for financial miracle to buy a house where my children can call home.

  24. A very good morning to you Pastor Alph Lukau….I really need prayer for my family and Reconcilliation with my husband…

  25. Please pray for my family needs breakthrough deliverance, healing, financial, relationships set free my daughter and her family from the works of the enemy in Jesus name

  26. Dear Pastor Alpha Lukau I was introduced to you by my son Michael Nel whilst in China in University where the scholl denied to renew his visa coz of arrears in his school fees cause I became very and tested HIV positive April 2018. He then decide to get a consultant who could help h with his papers for visa he was denied entry in Thailand coz he didn’t have$500 with him. He was returned to China and advised to go to Hong Kong to do his visa. He was given a three months permit living in a hostel. Myself not able to help his lodging well wishers began to sponsor him including my sisters who helped to pay for the balance of the document and subtmit yp Chinese embassy in Hong Kong. I decided to use my credit card to come to Alleluia Ministries International on 4 August 2018 and attended one day of the Shift 9 August 2018. As I watched you on YouTube o believed all will be well if I come in person as you say come and tryy God. God of Aloha Lukau. I came back from Mozambique and he sent me a message on Wednesday 15 August to tell me his visa was denied. I said God of Alpha Lukau where are you. I have no money to bring h back to Zimbabwe. And where he was staying his rent finished today 22 August 2018. Here in Mozambique when I came back I had a positive balance iny count when I checked two days later I found a negative balance which never happened in my life. My son is stranded I don’t know what to do. I am not working looking for a job intervies never come back to say anything. Please man if God Pastor Alpha Lukau I don’t want my son to be on the streets in a foreign country. Embassy won’t help. I trust and believe Jesus Christ with all I have
    At the hospital they were hesitant to reteste till now. I was even approached by a spiritualist that he could help me but to sell my soul to the devil I would rather die. Please help me you have my details on the visitors form. My name is pelegia zuze

    • My Apostle will be in AMI tomorrow.I pray that Angeles will locate him where ever he is sitting a divine connection in mighty name of Yeshua.All those who mock him that God will use him in USA but we are base in Dallas Texas

    • Man of God plz pray for me i’m ask permanent job and marriage.pray for my sisters child who git a hepy lips he started on 2010.i’m worried of him.pray for my boyfriend stop alcohol and pray for trusting me plz man of GOD

  27. Good morning Pastor Alph Lukau I was watching everyday on YouTube from 2016 to last Sunday last night I was so blessed every time you said something happen today to your life by faith I put all my family cards out and put it on the coffee table even my purse only $70.00 inside and I said something is going to happen To be honest wen we become unemployed our life is fall apart we don’t know what to do but still believe and trust in God, and I know this month bring happiness in my life today is my sons birthday this Saturday is my husbands birthday sometimes I scared don’t know what to do every time I watch all of your livestream healer deliverance I feel something good is going to happen in my family Our God is God of Yesterday, Today and Forever please past your name is ALPH LUKAU pray for my family even my love ones Please In needed of financial breakthrough also my girls wanted to come and see you in person my finance is very very tight Help is your prairs makes our life turning around We love Jesus and we love you and thanks again you plant something in us to keep looking to the master the one and only master His name is above all names Amen

  28. Pastor Alph please pray for me and my family I want to work with you but I am living in Liberia, I want you to be my Daddy. I love your ministry. AMEN.

  29. Hello man of God am asking for prayer to heal my asthma and a pain in my hip and Also for a job and prayers for my four children thank you

  30. Please daddy pray for me have 39 years I’m never pregnant i was going to doctors the doctor said I don’t have nothing wrong



  33. Please Pastor pray for financial breakthrough and please remember my Husband soo much because he like drinking beer and also love moving around with other women but I love him soo much.

  34. My wish is for Pastor Alph Lukau to hear my crying voice of Prayer.I am suffering too much because of a demonic alcohol problem in my life.My older son is having wrong friends and is worrying me please I am asking for help.Thanks

  35. I need a financial breakthrough to take out of debts,a God given husband,and early all round settlement for all my children in Jess name

  36. Man of God im requesting your prayers on my behalf my life has a stint of misfortune with money and people i trust into a business deal they all end up cheating me and being dishonest up to know since 2009 i have lost $9000 which i had tried to invest into a business and al varnished, im pleading with you to intercede for me and my family, my wish all the people who stole from me MUST RETURN IT and with the profits as the Lord pleases, the most painful part is these people are very close associates and relatives, may God look into my case and intervene

  37. Thank you very much to have this opportunity my wish Pastor Alph Lukau is to have a home and a loving husband i’ve been watching you Papa on you tube and facebook since lat month i heard about you i am 32 years old i have 1 daughter my parents passed away both of them and the father of my child raped my child when i sent him to jail he hanged himself he is no more now i’m willing to come to church and receive prayer but i beleive that God is a good God i’m HIV positive since 2014 i’ve been living with it Pastor plz pray for me ,there are so many things i did wrong bt i always ask God to forgive me please Pastor pray for me.Thank you

  38. Hello daddy, i watch you live whenever you preaching,, you are a true man of God.. my name is Lynnsha Gesare, i live in Mombasa Kenya,,, daddy i have lived a very difficult life, iam the first born but i have really struggled so much,, have lived a poor life with my mom and siblings.. man of God, i need a breakthrough in my life, favour, i need God to connect me to my destiny.. daddy pray for me.. am 26yrs old but no stable relationship, i start a relationship i end up being dissapointed.. daddy say a word on my behalf and God will hear it.. my brother started symptoms of epilepsy at the age of 23 and now he’s 25 daddy, he was not sick since childhood.. am worried because when we go to the hospital, the results comes out negative… papa say something in our lives, i need your God to change our situation.. we have been a laughing stock.. but papa pray for us.. financial breakthrough daddy
    …i believe it is done in Jesus name Amen..
    Thank you

  39. Dear man of God, please pray to God for financial breakthrough.I am managing a school but always at a loss. I am starting a new one in a new place … Please pray for God’s passion is to teach children. Thank you pastor.

    • Dear man of God please pray for my family and for me to get a financial breakthrough and for my prayer life to improve i really need a word from God

  40. I really need you Pastor Alph Lukau to pray for my family, my husband who has cheated on me with a German girl, my father who is sick, financial breakthrough and my children’s education. I also request a reconcilliation for my marriage.

    • Dear man of God Please help me pray for financial breakthrough i am managing a business but still i am in debt and i want my husband to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior to go with us in church i am from Phillipines i have been watching you in youtube God bless you more

  41. Lord Pls, let me get a new & comfortable apartment to live in & financial increase, & all those owing me to pay me, & all the money am expecting should be given to me This coming week, in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you God Almighty for answering my prayers,

  42. Today I am trusting God for favour,I need an imputation for my spiritual eyes and ears to be openI new my own home,business,and a financial miracle.
    My father needs complete healing from High Blood Pressure, Diabetes,and Heart Disease.My husband need healing also for whatever is bothering him of which the doctors can’t seem to diagnose.My daughter needs healing for healing is your children’s bread. Please pray for my three other children that that they walk the narrow path with Jesus.Amen,thank you Prophet Alpha Lukau for praying for my family and I

  43. Dear man of God please help me pray for financial breakthrough i am having a business but still i am in debt i need restoration of my business ,also my husband to accept Jesus as his lord and savior to go with us in church i am from Phillipines i have been watching your program every night God bless you more thank you.

  44. Hi Pastor Lukau. today im trusting God by the end of the year myself and my ex boyfriend would rekindle our relationshi… for God says the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy. man of God I trust that God will cause us to marry at the end of the year…. man of God please prophecy… this i prayer in Jesus name Amen!!

  45. Man of God I sincerely ask for your prayers to excel in my exam which I have sat severally without success and for a monetary breakthrough. Amen

  46. pray for my financial breakthrough. strength of my own business and no more employment but have my own business. self employed.

  47. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau. My name is Mewaseh Weh-Wesseh. I am from Liberia. I have been washing you on YouTube for the past two weeks now and I believe in the God you serve. I have been trusting God for healing in my life, my daughter’s life and my husband’s life also. I need your prayer in this direction also.

  48. Man of God, I am requesting prayers for my Brother. His Name is Claude Anthony Fraser. Doctors have indicated that he has a liver failure and recommended that he does a liver transplant. It was suggested that it be done in India. However, the cost is between 9 to 14 million Guyana dollars. I believe with God all things are possible. I believe that God can heal him or if He chooses to do it another way by providing the money. Please pray for us.

  49. Pls sir i went you to pray for me and my family and my papers here in Granmmy and my brotherpapers two in U S we need GOD

  50. Praying for fruit of the womb , let the God of Alph Lukau locate me now . I believe in your preaching and teaching, being sharing your video and telling people how God is using You in his kingdom. I am waiting for manifestation because I know it is done !

  51. Dear man of god pls pray for my brother who doesn’t come and send money home since he got married break very chain that tide him not to come home, man of god pray for me let every one who owe me to pay me back this week, let me receive back my life that the wickedness stole from me, restored my life, let any one who doesn’t talk to me to look for me and start talking now, open my sister eyes to see again, heal my mummy from high blood pressure lips to come back to position any attack on the leg to disappear, heal my kid’s let flu and coughing to leave them now, let the father of my kid’s to come see them and to start supporting them, I want financial breakthrough, clear my debts, salary increase, and I wand promotion.. Heal me, let the spiritual husband to leave my body may it die and never come came.. Man of god pls connect me to a true helper who is good in financial and get married in church, I have been crying a lot I believe this is my day to be happy in Jesus name release happiness in my family.. Amen

  52. Man of god I pray for my daughter she always speak in dreams while sleeping and some time she cried,man of God pls restored her life disconnect her from evil power, heal her physical and spiritual bless her and published the devils that wants to destroy her life, change her life and her to become an important person in feature, change her attitudes to be a respectful kid and stay blessed.. I am her biological mother from Namibia his father abandoned her..Amen

  53. Dear pastor my name is Basilio I am from Fiji please pray for me I need your help I believe in what you preach I have so many ups and down in my life, first is I have I girlfriend I just wanted to know if its Gods will for me to marry her I truly love her, and my debts I just don’t know to pay them all, please I believe God works in mysterious ways.

  54. Dear pastor my name is Basilio and I am from Fiji please I need your help I am in this relationship with a girl and I really do love her but if its God will than so be it, I have lots of ups and downs in my life and I am willing to accept Jesus is my saver, I have some debts in some home appliance which are not being paid please pastor I do believe in miracle’s Gods spirit moves in I am ready to accept it in which this will be a turning point in my life.

  55. Amen Papa, Please Pray for my job as our review Department structure was approved and their place me in on acting basis. My Position is Payroll Supervisor and I was employed since 1994.
    Man of GOD please pray for my husband and my theen ages children.I have been watching your program every night God bless you more, my wish is one day I will entering your Ministry AIM.

  56. I am Grace Lusweti from Uganda and i watch Pastor over YouTube and i request Pastor to pray for my Children to excel in exams and pass up to University. His names are Bwayo Allan

  57. Pastor plse pray for my family and marraige to be restored. Court case on monday for divorce. Plse the divorce to be cancelled and my family healed and saved and my husband to his affairs

  58. Dear Pastor Lukau, Can you please pray for Jonathan, Omar and Phillip. Jonathan has been battling with mental illness for the past 9 years. He needs a miracle. Omar needs to stop being so stagnated and phillip needs healing from depression. Can you please pray for complete healing for my 3 sons. Ps can God give a financial breakthrough please. Thank you so much. God bless

  59. Dear Pastor Lukau, I am in need of a miracle from the Lord God Almighty. Please I know when you pray for my 3 sons, that miracle will happen. Jonathan, Omar and Phillip need healing from God. I need a financial breakthrough. Thank you so much pastor and God bless

  60. Dear Pastor Lukau, I am in need of a miracle from the Lord God Almighty. Please I know when you pray for my 3 sons, that miracle will happen. Jonathan, Omar and Phillip need healing from God. I need a financial breakthrough. Thank you so much pastor and God bless. I am in a need of a Mighty blessing from God. God your word said anything we ask in the name of Jesus, It will be done. Please God hear my cry. Thank you

  61. Dear Pastor, you are indeed God’s Prophet,and may you be blessed always. I am in great need of prayers for myself and the children especially the girls; the eldest is in remission from cancer and the youngest who is presently holidaying with me here in Guyana is worried about her position at work on her return to the UK.

  62. Man of God, I am a woman in my menopause and for about 8 months, some liquid dripping from my left breast. All tests and mammograms find no abnormality and I have been advised not to worry, but I don’t like it. Please pray that this flow should cease. Thanks and may God bless you.

  63. Man of God, I am a woman in my menopause and for about 8 months with some liquid dripping from my left breast. All tests and mammograms find no abnormality and I have been advised not to worry, but I don’t like it. Please pray that this flow should cease. Thanks and may God bless you.

  64. Man of God, I am a woman in my menopause and for about 8 months with some liquid dripping from my left breast. All tests and mammograms find no abnormality and I have been advised not to worry, but I don’t like it. Please pray that this flow should cease. Thanks and may God bless you.

  65. Gud afternoon man of God …plz I need a big intervention in my life and da life of my two sons I’m a single mom and I’m struggling I want to change my life BT I don’t knw how to I feel binded in so many ways cursed in many ways people just walk all over me my son is being bullied every thing is a mess and I don’t knw what to do olz lead me to God I’m tired of living diz way…plz pray for my brother he’s diagnosed wit cancer and soon to be operated on plz help my family we falling apart

  66. May the God of alph lukau locates me today bring back my luck of receiving back my money that people owe me, and restored my life, heal me I have a problem am
    A mother of two I have a problem to my anus I just passers bad air I can’t control my unus so a. Shy to sit close to people pls man of God help me restored my private part to be normal , heal my son may rib’s sickness never return to my son and daughter may god heal them and punish the devil, let my salary been increase and be promoted from a cleaner to a better post , release the Nasf loan money today so that he can pay back my debts, heal my mummy legs and lips, open my sister eyes, open my closed doors, delivered the father of my son from being arrested by policy break that York and punished the devil that coursing it never arrest him again remove him from alcohol and taking debt’s do debts cancellation in his life, let happiness locate me everyday at my working place no mor hate race from my fellow staff.. Restored my life , give me a true husband , cancelled my debts. Let me mess all the devil that’s delaying my future life, change my access code my address must change.. May any one who did wrong things to my life may it go back to sender in Jesus name.. Amen

  67. Man of God pray for me let any one who owe me to pay me back they only promise that they will pay but they can’t pls break the York that Tide me that’s stooping me not to be paid back by my creditors today let them all call me today pay me back today so that I can pay back my debts I have a lot of debts to people that I want to pay back open my new door for a true husband, let my brother to come home, untied him from the chain that stopped him not to come and send money home for so long, restored my life today and punished the devil thats visiting me every note to stop my blessings and cousin sickness to my siblings may that devil scattered in several directions.. Amen

  68. Dear Man of God,
    Will you pray for me, that God give me money to pay my mortgage. And that I have work to get salary. I believe in God that you can pray for me so that God bless me. Thanks.
    Best regards,
    Mr. Coenraad Smith.

  69. Dear Sir,
    Please will you pray for me that God will help me to pay my mortgage and that I become work and financial freedom. Thanks for your pray.
    Best regards.
    Mr. Coenraad Smith.

  70. Dear pastor please pray for my daughter’s healing from illness. It’s on for about three years now. God has promised to heal her so we are waiting for the manifestations of GOD’S healing on her.

  71. Dear Man of God i see you on YouTube can you please PRAY for me to find job and pray for my husband to be registered at his workplace pray for my kids Sabelo and Fezeka pastor we love GOD so much and please pray for my financial breakthrough i have big dreams i want to have a place of my own with my hubby and kids I’m 32yrs old i want to be successful in life I want to have my house my car and i want us to be happy please pastor ask God to remember me I’m his child and i love him a lot more than anything please pray for me pray for me to be remembered Amen Amen Amen

  72. Good day man of God I us to watch u on YouTube pray for me for financial breakthrough ,promotion remove bad luck on my face and open doors for me, any one who stole my destine may God bring back any of my luck that I lost,and punish the devil, god do something new in my life , give me a husband who’s good in financial breakthrough, and take care of two kid their father doesn’t supporting them, heal me let any arrow of my enemy and witches to go back to sender heal my siblings ,heal mamad leg and any arrow in her body open her ear’s, open my sister eyes to see light again its now year see can’t see, heal my family, break the devil chains that ties my brother not to come home or send money to Mama, restored his life open his eyes to see our suffering at home, punish the enemy who made him not to come and send money home, scattered them in several direction let let him be promoted and released happiness for him at his working place with his manager and superviser, let any enemy who’s calling him a witch which is not true I reverse the evil word back to sender now, no one will call a witch from today I said no one.. May they come and have peace with him for their evil word.. Punish them and punished the devil.. May god restored my anus not to pass bad air uncontrolled that demon must dies, delivered me from spiritual husband let and man or women who come during note to use me where ever they are right now may Holly ghost fire consume them be paralyse physical and spiritual in Jesus name, I will mess up that witches targeting my life this year.. In Jesus name I believe my story will change.. Amen

  73. Man of God heal mama’s leg and any arrow of witches in her body let it manifest now and go back to sender, open my sister eyes she can’t see its now 5 years blind open her eyes and punished the devil, restored our life, give me a husband, am a mother of two but still single may god open my doors of blessings this year, heal my siblings ,heal my sister who’s eye’s is etching and swallow she’s a teacher, bring happiness to my sister and mamas at home, provide something for us to eat we are starving, no where to get help , my two sister they are not married and myself may god give us true husband to support us financial, and have something to eat pls pastor help, who ever said my sister and I will not get married they will see us celebrating our wedding day this year in Jesus name, and rename that that of singles back to sender.. God do something new in our life’s.. I believe something new will happened among our life.. Amen

  74. Man of God renew my brothers life the relationship is on and off, give him a true wife from God, who will take care of him us the family, punished all the gals who comes to be with him in relationship just for money and call him a witch after their benefits take them far from him , let him celebrate his marriage this year with a true wife from God, restored his life, let him come home and build a house he doesn’t have a house at home his just like lost.. I believe his story will change this year.. Amen..

  75. Pastor am tanesha i dont know if it generational curse are what happen to me but am not ok think about suicide alot i get crazy dark dream about having sex and even eating in dreams i cant keep no relationship my last relationship was with jamel the best man i could ever find and i come home from Barbados where he live to attend nursing all of a sudden couple months pass and my relationship got broken i have been in and out of relationships and am really tiered of my life i dont know what happen i need help please all i do these days is cry because of my life.

  76. Man of God pls help me the enemy is too close to me , may god punished the father of my son pray for me so that he can return my many , and send ur Angels to arrest him his so wicked he owes me money we ever I asked him to pay back he lies and say many words bad words pastor like what he says today his words Hurt’s .. Am suffering with my kid may god restoredy life bring something new..I say fire to devils , may god open my doors so that I can know how to raised my two abandoned kid.. Amen

  77. Man of God, I happened to be the first son in the family but things have not been easy for me and I believe it is not ordinary. I have been watching you on utube and I believe God will use you to expose whatever and whoever that is responsible for my situation.

  78. Man of God pls help me I am a mother of two pray for my matters once and for all , people doesn’t talk with me for a reason that I don’t know , the father of my son he owes me when ever I asked him for my money , he gets angary ,insults me and call me names may god deal with my matter may he pay back my money because am now afraid to ask him he said I must stop texting him , may God open many doors for me so that I can provide for my two abandoned kid , me and my two sister we are not married may god deal with our matter once and for all ,help us lord.. Give use true husband and let us celebrate our wedding , restored my life , let my Cry’s end once and for all.. I believed that the Lord will help me in spirit.. Healing ,and deliverance to my family in Jesus name Amen..

  79. I greet in Jesus name. Man of God help us me and my boyfriend and family we are going through difficult times. Pray for us my boyfriend lost his job and we have a difficult financial problem that we don’t know how to come out or to repair our debts and to survive with our families. What ever we are trying we are not succeed. Man of God we need your intervention. Day and night we are not sleep pastor. Help us to have breakthrough my boyfriend out of the country to try to get anything to survive but he stuck there his not succeed. Man of God help us,deliver us in Jesus name.

  80. Man of God, I thank God for your life and family. God will continue to overshadow you with His grace.

    Man of God, please prayer for my ministry, for increase, ministry helpers and pillars who will join me to carry the work of God forward.
    Pray for God to settle my home and God to rain down His blessings and favour upon me

  81. Pastor please bless us with growing business and give us a blessing of car and home
    we have no parents no jobs started business but not seem going well. we’re renting sometimes fail to pay rent life is hard please help us

  82. Hello my daddy pastor Alph Lukau my name is Roger I come to Alleluia ministry International Church on the 7/9/2018 on IVIP program but I didn’t get chance to see you one on one please daddy I need your prayers my life it’s so mass I don’t know what to do now I’m the point where I can’t even pay for my rental Daddy I need to be one of your son please daddy.

  83. Man of God please pray for me i have been on the same level for a very long time. Please pray for a turn around in my situation i believe your prayers will change my situation for the better.



  85. Pastor Alpha Lukau, I have been watching you on YouTube for some time now, my prayer point is for my friend, he has a financial attack and stomach pain which the doctors are giving different prescription, I need God’s intervention in his life

  86. Man of God i have faith in your teaching as I am a youtube viewer and am seeking your prayers for a breakthrough presently not working and all the time I go for a job medical test my blood pressure always record high,this is my request I am putting to you to assist me so that this blood pressure does not block my path.Iwish to visit your church assembly please pray for me to be able.

  87. Papa i m from India North East i love wacthing u everyday please papa pray for my brother his name is Gopal stone he was so much involt in politic many time he contest election he lose i feel so much because it so much dirty game here in our place wthout gaving money they will not choose.So we have to spend lots of lots of money.i don’t want him to go for politice please papa help through your pray God will intervine.

    • Man of God I use to watch you on YouTube from Rundu/ Namibia pray for me and my family through breakthrough, and from asprirt of death that hunting us, delivered my family or Lord, restored my life ,who ever is behind my pain let that devils die by fire by force, a mother of two but no marriage plus my two sister one is blind for 5 years now, we don’t know why and what happened, man of God bless our lives, gives marriage, heal my operation, deliver my brother to come home, let any one who owes me to call me and being my money back, pray for our project its falling apart rebuild it ,restored it,may we receive our increase this year, and my promotion,I pray for the dog that use to cum during night to leave stool,/ fesses in our house , may Holly goes fire ,fight on our behalf, bann them and never returned again, send back and bad luck that fired use.. I believe my life will change.. Amen

  88. Good morning Pastor Alpha lukau,i’watch your ministry on YouTube,every night since September I’m so in love with ur’teachings and ur’wonders,i’believe in you Pastor every battles in my life is going to disappear,pray for me pastor Alpha Lukau,I see you are a true man of god a real prophet,I wish i’could see you face to face man of god,I’m in deputy nothing I go through with,I my life my children are alcoholism and drugs ,help me Pastor.from Esther in Cape town

  89. Dear pastor I am so glad to see and listen to you through is a great blessing for me.And I want your special prayer for me and my family was cheated and we lost our land , property and money. My brothers and sisters going astray my mom is going astray. But I believe God will restore of what the devil did. I strongly believe in your prayer. May the bless you more and more.

  90. Papa help me I need a deliverance please help man of God.i am watching you everyday on you tube and I have faith in your teaching help me.i m from Namibia.

  91. Dear Pastor Lukau,

    Man of God I’m in distress, my life is a total mess. I live in Canada , Toronto.

    I’m in school and my husband doesn’t work. Our lives are financially a disaster.

    I tried a lot of ways to make money, but nothing seems to work. Tried business, nothing works. Right now I’m in school and have to write an exam tomorrow. Healthwise I am challenged. Please pray for me to pass my Payroll exam tomorrow.

    The school is plotting to expel me due to various reasons that was caused by them.

    Please pray for me and my family, Man of God.

  92. Man of God, I thank God for being our Moses in these trying times of our human existence. I have been watching you from the USA. I have three prayer topics I have even fasted 40 days on and more of the fasting but still remain:
    1) House has been on the market for about 3 years empty while we are paying thousands of dollars on mortgage; that is the devil stealing money that can be used to expand the Kingdom’s work.
    2) My grown-up kids need breakthroughs so that they work in the fields they went to College for.
    3) Restoration of my mother’s eyesight which happened suddenly about four years ago.

    Thank you and God continue blessing you the MOSES OF OUR TIME, Pastor Alph !!!!!!!!

  93. Pastor pray for my son who have been sick since 22nd September 2018 from pancreatitis and lung infection to date in icu pretoria to heal

  94. Man of God i watch you on youtube an i have told orther in Barbados to watch an follow you im inspirit of iti like it originial im from Suriname please can you pray for my paperto stay Barbados im 15 year living here an my children oversee myn health an Busniss in Barbados thank you very much God bles

  95. Hello man of god pray for my family we are attacked by an unknown illness please help us my mother is getting worse.we always feel living things in our stomach.

  96. Man of God pray for me and my family from a sprit of death of grandmother he’s appearing in everyone dream ,delivered my family pls bring something new in our lives, gives marriages, promotion at work ,happiness from people, provide job ,and babies to my two barrens sisters, heal us, may my brother come and send money home, open our closed door , punish every evil behind our pain and Cry’s, help us lord , let the people who owe me to look for me and pay me back.. Amen

  97. Good day pastor,please pray for me,my children and my brothers and sisters especially my brother Emeka whom the enemy has rendered useless,seeing all that is happening in your ministry I believe God will use you to liberate us,thank you man of God.

  98. Man of God I need your prayers my name is John Agabi Ogande, Iam from Nigeria I started working in state house April 3rd 1989 29years ago but there is nothing to show for me and my family. My children could not finish school, I can’t build my house and Nothing is going on well with me and family.

  99. I’m asking paster Alph Lukau to pray for me im on dialysis asking the Lord to restore life into my kidney and i need a financial breakthrough i watch him on YouTube also prayer for my son who have autism n speech delay thank u in jesus name im in the us.

  100. Dear Man of God,
    Please pray for me and my family. We are not doing well and everything turn upside down for us. I was the only one doing well in the family but then the enemy has pluck my eyes and made me blind by killing my husband. The insurance also refused to release my husband life insurance to me saying he died within the contestable year. My prayer always is God can do the unimaginable and may He restore me and cause that which was stolen return. Amen

  101. God bless u papa…my name is Judith Godwin from Nigeria…I nid your prayers in my life,family,and my fiancee he has been praying for a miracle job since he graduated we still have hopes in God we nid ur prayers papa…..And my health I nid God’s touch in my life to settle me with divine health in Jesus name.


  103. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, am in real trouble failure to progress, diseases and weak body and problems in all my life situations. Prayers and fasting by myself and other pastors have not helped much. I stumbled on your name merely doing a FB search for prayers. I enjoy your sermons and prophesies as well. I humbly ask you to pray for my deliverance and a change in my life. I also pray for infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  104. Good afternoon PROPHET LUKAU
    Congratulations for the work you are doing and may the LORD bless you more .
    I’m sending you this message just to ask you to pray for me for the high blood pressure which is tormenting me and for my own restaurant I’m planning to open with my wife .
    Thank you for your love .

  105. Man of God, My Wife and I are trusting God to bless us with children I would gladly welcome twins. though we know You are not limited. We have been married now for a year and four months (I am 30 and my wife is 28). Please remove our reproach Lord in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  106. Man of the most high God pray for me and my family to be delivered from adject poverty and for material settlement. Am also 8months pregnant but no money. Pray for God upliftment in all areas

  107. i, martin antony, an indian now living in oman, i need your special prayers for a financial breakthrough , i lost so much money in my bussiness. i have been a failure always in bussiness for the last 30 years
    need prayers

  108. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau ,please pray for me and my family.I have a nephew Michael Kipsang Tonje he went mad for years now .he is in and out of the psychiatric hospital.My two brothers need a stable life .I am married for the past seven years i have no child i have received insults and disrespect from my family and friends as well.My husband and I went for the artificial implantation this september but during the therapy one of the medicines burnt my lower back .i couldn´t walk upstraight i am now doing therapy to walk upstraight and firm.Man off God please bless us with Children it has been our hope and desire to have a family.Man of God please Bless us.Give me strength to live.please Man of God help us.
    Thankyou very much man of God May The Good Lord continue to Bless You .

  109. Pastor,Alph Lukau.My only child is in badly need of your intervention.In his job he needsto bring in 5 million rupee target Buddhike has not come even close to it. Your prayers are the only hope for Buddhike . He lives in SriLanka I the mother lives in Toronto.He is with God.I think he has some demonic obstacle in his way.He needs a great break through.I am confident if you interced for Buddhike he will have his way cleared.Please Please pastor within this 5 days do a miracle through Jesus for my son.

  110. Good morning,Pastor Alph Lukau,I am watching you on you tube not so long ago,and now I even watch you live,and I admire your minister.I have to tell you that I am a christian and I know the word of God,I am just being skeptic sometimes about your anointing .I am still praying for God to reveal me the truth about your ministry.In the mean time remain blessed ,may God bless you and AMI.

  111. I am sorry ,I forgot to wish you happy-born day…I watched live.This was wonderful.May God bless the people of your church.Your princess stunned in her speech.Fabulous….

  112. Good morning man of God, I need a prayer for me and my family. I’m the bread winner for my family, I just lost my home that I have lived in for 18 years to a bank who said I owe them money. I have two young children and their father who look up to me financially, and for everything. Their father just got a job a few days a go, but he also look up to me for shelter and finances. My enemies have been fighting me since I was a little girl, but my God has also been their for me and see me through, I give him praise and glory for all what he has done for me. But I do need a prayer from you man of God, for God to locate me and my family financially so that we can get a place we can call our home, and for me to pass my exam which I have took three times but could not pass, to become a Register Nurse. Man of God I know God will tell you all what I have been going through in my life, and he knows my request for financial stability, wisdom and understanding, and spiritual blessing. I have been asking him to make me a 4, or 40, or 400 million dollar lotto so that I can help my family, brother and sisters, aunt and other people who need held. The enemies have done it so bad for me that I help others but never get help back when I need it, but I will still continue to be helpful to others when I have the opportunity in Jesus mighty name. Thank you pastor, may God continue to bless you in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  113. Please man of GOD keep my family in prayers. We need to the Holy Ghost fire to cover us
    Jean Michel

  114. Please pray that the Spirit of the LORD take over me in my life. I want everything I do, say listen to speak of and move be of him. I am asking for a double portion of favor in discernment, humbleness, patience and everything else I am not aware I need so that I can live a GODLY LIFE and TELL PEOPLE ABOUT HIM TO BRING THEM TO HIM. Also to get out of this not good friendship I am in at this time with a man.

  115. Hi good day prophet Alph Lukau.I love u so much.I watch you on youtube and I love ❤ u so much .prophet I need a prayer of you please.I am 52 years old and I have a big problem.Ceased menstruation for years,evil spirits,chronic high blood pressure,poverty,barrenness.After my only son I can’t get pregnant again.I try but no way.The menstruation is only a drop once in 5 months.I get every month the period pains but no menstruation.I am now old to get a baby girl in my arms.Maybe my time is over to get one.but with your help God can give me one in Jesus Christ name Amen.My son is finished school but no job.he is struggle for job but no answer.he had driven licence and he applying but nothing.he needs a prayer my prophet.I think enemy is busy with him.Way is things so difficult with him.he gave his CV in at companies and do interviews but nothing.please prophet help my son with a prayer.Please break the enemy.his name is TSHEPO FREDERICK.My husband have a small business but its not doing well.Everyone is owned him money and they never paid it.we suffer because of that.he must pay the bill and its difficult for us.he suffer from asthma attack and body pains.he is 54 years old.his name is Johannes Frederick.thankyou prophet.Amen and Amen.

  116. Please pastor Alph pray for me have been sick for 10 months I want god to perfect my healing , and also for financial breakthrough.

  117. pray for for my health and job
    kakaire charles in uganda
    my late fathers land was stolen
    my late brother left 5 children they need care

  118. Man of God My name is Nicola from Jamaica i have been watching your services i and ive seen the miracles you have performed im asking you to please pray for me and my family i know you can see what is not told to you, i need a financial break through among other things please im asking in faith as i pray with you to pray for me.

    • Papa am Bongiwe from Swaziland I wish to come to the church so that you pray for me live but I believe it will happen even if am here please pray for me I want out of debts then find a good job to support my family please man of God I love you will always watch you on you tube

  119. Man of God I know you serve a trurliving God.please pray for me my life is stagnant relationship never work for me no good job pray for my my breakthrough and pray for my life partner please be blessed

  120. I am Joyce please pray for my daughter been having strange dreams about her running away from me, pray for her safety and that she comes back to me

  121. Pray with me for things to turn around in my life for the better, change in finances, family restoration, divine helper to locate me, empowerment to prosper, granting of my visa to come to visit your ministry in S.A.

  122. Hi pastor I need your prayer urgently please.Please help me with that.I have a problem of ceased menstruation for 20 years now.Evil spirits and spiritual husband is tormented me every night.poverty,bad dreams,barrenness,eating in dreams,chronic high blood pressure for years,bad luck,I’m suffering for years now.Bring my life back please my father.Please pray for my only son for job.he had finished his school and go to the college for further education but because of money he didn’t right his exam.He can get bursary and its difficult for us to help him.Now he is looking for job to help him self to learn further.please he needs a prayer.His name is Tshepo Frederick.My husband have ASTHMA and he suffer from this.He had a small business but its not doing well.He needs your help also.In the past he had a accident and because of this he is paralyse permanent in his left side.and now he is relying on state pension.That is only a drop in the basket.we have bills to pay and its difficult for us.I believe God will bless us through your prayer in Jesus Christ name Amen.and I love ❤ your teaching and breakthrough and deliverance in your youtube videos.God bless u more years to come.AMEN.

  123. Man of god ( Pastor Alph Lukau) please help us. My family was Sink in the curse of an evil man who use evil angels against us. My Father died in 2011 and my mother was mental ill since 2009.Now my elder brother is also mentally ill and our entire family members are now worried that we all will follow the same path. please man of god help us from this evil sickness. we Live in Solomon Islands, a small island country in the pacific ocean with no enough money to come over to south Africa to AMI, hence we just want to share our situation through this media hoping that you will know our situation and rescue us please. Please man of God help us.

  124. man of God I need your prayers my name is John Agabi Ogande from Doma Local Governmenl area Nasarawa state of Nigeria Iwant God to give me and family financial blessing to improve my life and family in The name of Jesus Christ Amen

  125. Man of God I know you are anointed for difficult matters pray for me to get promotion, a good husband, good life, financial breakthrough, and debts deliverance ,god have Mercy on me the enemy it too close to me at my working place transfer all the people who a responsible for my matters, punished the developed restored my life, remove me from fake friends, fake, relationship, fake like,and fake husband .. Give me someone who will love me and respect me.. I am from Namibia deliver my family too.. Heal the sick, provide job , bring happiness in the family.. Amen

  126. My Father Pastor Alph Lukau, pray for me for the direction of God to be clear concerning the ministry He has given me. I need a portion of your anointing in my ministry Dad.
    As God is leading me to start a new ministry and bring forth what is in me, pray for me that the Lord open my ears to hear and eyes to see clearly as He instructs me as I become sharp in prophecy and Divine anointing,wisdom, understanding and excellency to be with me. Amen

  127. Please pray for me so that God will pour out his spirit upon me and use me for his glory and help me to operate in the calling that he has called me for. Please also pray fo my family

  128. PASTOR ALPH LUKAU, man of God please pray for my Family. You see my Family was affected by the evil pattern that follow through our generation. My mother was affected since 2008 and now my elder brother is suspect to follow the same illness as well. Please man of God help us.

    Man of God you see all evil things that affected family, please help us.

  129. Prophet of God, Am Emile Laban please pray for my family, my health, my Job and my Ministry in Vanuatu. my pray that God will empower me with his supernatural power in the Ministry of Healing, Youths and in the Church. May God bless you ministry and my Pray that more open doors will be open for your ministry. Thank you Man of God. Emile Laban

  130. goodmorning man of god i can see your prayers, miractles each and everyday i open my computer before work and watch your vidio pray with yoy.please pray for my doughter she in baragwanath right now to give bith twins.thank you pastor MRS TENZA 0786119804

  131. Hello man of God prophet Alph Lukau. I’m come from Burundi. I love you so much. I watch you on youtube and I love ❤ you so much. So, prophet I need a prayer of you please!Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, am in real trouble failure to progress, diseases since my birth and weak body and problems in all my life situations. Prayers and fasting by myself and other pastors have not helped much. So that i need your help.


    • My prayer request is to ask for help ,my mother inlaw and my sister’s in-law hate me and I hate them as well but I don’t like it because my children are growing without their Granny and aunt but they worship there at allelua ministries and I always ask myself that y is it that children of a powerfull father like pastor Alph Lukau could do something like that .I have been following Papa on you tube and I c e wonders he does for miserable pple but plz help my husband’s family to love each other ,I would also appreciate a prayer to take away all the hate I have for them ,plz plz help

  133. My prayer request is to be gainfully employed and to be vindicated from the lies/slanders spoken against me by a former friend of more than fifteen years. We were both unemployed in 2017, and my former boss asked me to return to work after being home for eighteen months, due to a company laid off. My ex-friend begged me to help her get a position within the company because she was going to lose her house if she didn’t find work. I spoke to the boss and he hired her and her daughter almost right away because of my recommendation.
    Brenda, the former friend and I went to lunch almost every day, and then we were on the phone at home after working hours. It wasn’t until an employee pulled me aside and informed me that she and her daughter were spreading rumors about me. I was very shocked and hurt because a lot of it had no truth to what was said; she created chaos in the office and started to curse and threatened to fight employees. I was humiliated and have never experienced anything like this before in my life. After a number of rude outbursts in the office, she was fired. She started to call managers and employees who worked with me, at home to bad mouth me further, meanwhile her daughter did the same on the field to my field workers.
    After a few months of her dismissal, I was fired without much explanation of why, other than things were slow, yet new employees were hired shortly after my dismissal. She had her friends call me in the middle of the night on my home phone and she was also warned by the police. It has been almost eighteen months of being unemployed again, and I have run out of money, still, after a year later, I am still being slandered by her and daughter, I would like for the hate and anger to end.
    My prayer request is to have a well paying stable job, regain the respect and love that was stolen from me because I thought I was helping a friend. Thank you, Pastor Lukau.

  134. Dear Man of God, my name is Annette Satchell and I am in the USA, and I am asking for prayer of healing for my husband who suffer from stroke last August and My four daughters and grandchildren that they would come together with more love and forgiving in their hearts and for me to be healed for diabetes. I’ve been watching you on you tube since October of this year{2018} and I received every word that you was saying, I do believe. And prayer for debt deliverance for my family, in Jesus name.

  135. Man Of God Please I Need A Prayer I Need A Job Please Bless Me With A Job I Wanna Fix My Home And Build The Round for My Mother. I Need Strength Please Pray For Me To Receive A Job. Thank You

  136. Please for my aunt Petronella who is addicted to alcohol.she is a bad shappe and he does not want to go to church. I beliave God of Alph Lukau ca do miracleinn her life. And I also believe that maybe by calling her she will get deliverance through the phone since the distance is no a barrier . her cell no is +264818186205

  137. Man of God please pray for me and my husband to get a fruit of the womb,please pray for me to get financial breakthrough and get a permanent job,God bless you in the name of Jesus.

  138. Man of God have been watching you in YouTube I need argent brother got an accident2015 November and both of his legs were broken and one harm,one leg is healed and the arm but the right leg has never healed he is still laying down to date.we have been struggling with finance and schooling life is very unfair to us please man of God we are in agony pray for me and my siblings

  139. Man of God please pray for me to have settlement in my life, my children need to go to university , deliverance from the spirit of setbacks, limitations, stagnation and so much more. My prayer is that God locates me and give me rest from pain I have suffered enough

  140. Man of God pray me on financial breakthrough,miracles,favor,overflow,prosperity,protection,and move me from lower level to a here lever from nothing to something in jesus name

  141. Man of God pray for me and my family people have been calling us that we are all Withe’s in our family kids and school they are crying for awiches name that they are been calling us, pray for us cancelled that name in our family and to the school kids , let that people who is behind our cries and tea’s to give peace to her today ,and punish them for our cries, locate her with ur deliverance and happiness now, may that gal and boy who involved her in their story to call her a witch may difficult matters locate them now, delivered my family restored our life’s.. Let at witches behind us in the family who wis responsible for all our pain and cries may he die and cofence before this year ends .. May Holly host fire judge him to death.. Angle bring peace and happiness in my family.. God bless my family the enemy is to close eliminate their life.. May Angeles and god fight the battle on our behalf I declare and I declare we will win this year live Free.. Amen

  142. Man of God, I really admire and love you so much the way God is using you to deliver people, may God bless you and your generation more grace and anointing in Jesus Name, my and family problem is that, my elder brother is blind, I am not yet marriage at the age of 46 this past September, and my younger sister has not yet give birth, things are not too good in my family. But I know and have the faith that through your connection my family is deliver today in Jesus Name, I am a Sierra Leonean, living in Freetown, I hope and pray that you will visit Sierra Leone one day in Jesus Name

  143. Man of God, I really admire and love you so much the way God is using you to deliver people, may God bless you and your generation more grace and anointing in Jesus Name, my and family problem is that, my elder brother is blind, I am not yet marriage at the age of 46 this past September, and my younger sister has not yet give birth, things are not too good in my family. But I know and have the faith that through your connection my family is deliver today in Jesus Name, I am a Sierra Leonean, living in Freetown, I hope and pray that you will visit Sierra Leone one day in Jesus Name. I have gone for interview for visa to travel to USA they also denial me Visa, and in my place of work, I am the most competent person and hard working in my office, since I have started working in 2009 I have not yet got promotion I have much to say, Man of God I beg you please pray for me and family things are not going the way they so purpose to be, I thank you very much

  144. Praise God pastor,am a servant of God from Kenya,called into ministry but for years I’ve struggled to make ends meet with not success, am over 30 yrs but not married, no stable job,no finances,no destiny helped,for now I’ve been from from one church to the other just in case the pastor could assist me but they end up trampling on me,I believe if you inquire God concerning my life there will be a magnificent turnaround in Jesus name,i need an urgent miracle in Jesus name,,thank you.

  145. Man of God a have a word. In 2003 God spoke to me personally and asked me to become his International Prophecy. He told me to look for a Pastor who can bless me to start working for God. I went to my local village to ask my Pastor to do it for me but he did not do it. I stayed until 2017 when we received One Accord from Nigeria. I was the Chief Protocol for that event. When I was serving this Congregation The President told me to stop.
    He told me God spoke to him about what I am explaining here and he should do it for me. He blessed me the way he was guarded to do it. From there on I don’t know what else I should do to fulfill what God wants me to do.
    Dear Man of God; Can you be one of my Samaritan Pastor to tell me what is the way forward now? I am anxiously waiting to hear from you the way God is going to lead you to my success. Be blessed Man of God.

  146. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau/ Mama Celeste
    I need your urgent help to please restore my marriage of 22 years with my husband Oscar who has walked out of our marriage with a widow
    Me and my son in the UK praying and fasting since 9 months now that we are separated. Please bring my husband back as we love him very much.

    We watch you on you tube at Sunday live service and feel you are the master and savior of God to help us. You say several times come and try my God.
    I also want my mother Joaquina Fernandes to be healed from Alzhmiers (memory loss) I believe God can heal. She needs support for 24 hrs please help man of God though distance is not a barrier I need you to pray for us & deliver us. Looking for a well paid job too.
    I want release on my house papers too which are with my husband as I am left with nothing for my son.
    Please man of God pray for us to enable us to give our testimony I pray.
    God Bless in Jesus Christ

  147. Man of God I asked u in the name of Jesus pray for my son Lucas muteto from a monitoring spirit from his father side and to our side who want to destroy His life I command the evils plans they have to go back into their body may they die one by one may Holly goes fire destroyed their plans and gathering now and forever ,may the thunder and fire of God cosum and destroyed their life may my son be heal may he works may he live life longer.. Heal my daughters too I cover them with the blood of Jesus,

  148. Man of God pray for the restoration of my marriage its now three years since my husband divorced me but he is not married up to this time.

  149. Pastor Alph please pray for me because the enemy is trying. am praying that all negativity will leave my life years of sickness that no doctor can tell, blockage,poverty,crazy headaches, sound in my head and fever please pray for me that they will leave my life and that i will find life again in jesus name, amen
    Keep up the good work of god.

  150. I pray for deliverance, and i pray for repentance, and i pray for freedom from the life has always been difficult man of God No matter how hard i try to push and work hard i still go back to my starting point.. I ask that i may be delivered from the evil spirit that is upon my life..i speak deliverance i speak repentance i speak financial break through i speak business break through i speak blessings upon my life. I speak love, peace, joy, kindness, respect, and honouring the word of God. Pray for me pastor lukau…i believe you are a facilitator…this month wont end i will recieve my portion. In Jesu’s name amen.

  151. Man of God pray for my son his under the attack of witches they put something in his bod to make him weak and become mad demon’s from the father side and mother cancelled it remove them out in his bof ,give him power and strength to crowd and work bless him now and forever may he understand blessing oneday when he become old , punish the devils behind his life now and forever ,may the earth open and swallow them I want them to confessed before dying .. Amen

  152. Man of god restored my son life ,bless him heal and cover him with the blood of Jesus and fire , paralyse wizards and witches power in his body give him power to crowd añd work his 9 month now but he can’t crowd let your miracle work in him now, bless my daughters as well may normally finished her schools and become someone important in features and life, punish the devils behind their life I want them dead and confessed.. Bless my family spirit with new life and open our doors ..Amen

  153. Papa pray for our battles in spirit give us strength and power to be wrong in midnight prayers, to defeat the devils, open our eyes to see and hear in sprit and have more understanding , bless us, give me a true husband who can help me financial to raise my two kid break evils connection or power in the body of my son’s father heal him open his eyes to see his kids punish devil who’s behind his life causing man trouble in his life break it today restored his life , may he start taking care of his son.. Bless me with more miracles and blessing to come in my live.. Put fire in the body of every witches and wizards behind our cries and pain day and night until they will die.. Consumer their life, destroy their netting never meet and attack my son ,daughter ,the father’s of my two kids my family.. Never meet again in Jesus name..Amen

  154. Good pastor, pastor please pray for me i will be applying for USA VISA on December they have denied me USA VISA for 5 times and i always use to have an attack with snake in my dreams. It always occur any time good thing wants to come

  155. Dear man of God I need prayers.
    I need you to pitishion for my family. I have 3 boys and 1 daughter. But the boys I can’t talk to they are very disrespectful. I need a financial and a spiritual break threw. I am out of a job since August of this year. My bill are piling up and soon I will be out of a home without food to eat. I really need the Lord to come to my rescue.

  156. Please man of God pray for me my finances we are in debt, my marriage with inhouse fighting, spirit of limitation please we need deliverance whatever is holding our progress God should make a way out for me and my family…

  157. Good day papa pray for the deliverance of my son and daughter restored their life bless them punish the devils behind their sickness and attack, may they become important people in their live break the connected to them from their father side and mother side.. Bless them and myself with new lifes and new hope.. Kill the demons never enter into their body again..Amen

  158. Dear Pastor. 41 years ive been. Strugling. To concieve. For. 17years.on my husband’s. Side its low sperm also. Addicted to smoking. I need. Man of God. To agree with. Me. In. Prayer. For breakthrough blessings in my marriage. And salvation. For. Family members. In Jesus Christ’s name.i believe. Distance is not a barrier in Jesus Name. Amen. God bless. Maria from. South Africa Western Cape.

  159. Dear Man of God, I am Aloyo Grace Mercy from the Northern part of Uganda. i have been watching your videos and i feel touched to communicate to you my Prayer Request. A woman has snatched my husband away from me I know that I also wronged him but I asked for forgiveness from him but he refused to grant me and come back to me. This woman is now pregnant of him and also he has been cheating on me with this woman but I also forgave him long time. I have with him a baby boy and I love him so much. man of God through your anointing you can speak to any mountain and it moves, I really need him back to me if possible before the end of this year. My heart cries for him daily I really really love him. I pray also God to open up doors of financial progress to him. man of God am not settled, if the lord God answers me I will serve him more.
    Speak my prophesy today am waiting patiently upon the lord I know he loves me not that woman. Pray for me Prophetic prayer by faith for it to happen I beg
    Be blest

  160. I need prayer to deliver me from a tax case levied against me . I am a victim of false allegations by few individuals who have tried to damage my life. The case is on going in USA and I need special prayer for peaceful resolution.

  161. I greet you man of God in the Name of our Lord, pl man of God pray for me and my family my elder brother is blind and things is not too good for us in the family, I am not yet marriage I am now 46yrs my younger sister has not yet give birth, things in my family is upside down, pl my spiritual father I beg you pray me and family I believe and trust God that when you pray for me and family thing will good for us, God bless you, more grace and anointing in Jesus Name. your daughter Fatmata Morray from Sierra Leone

  162. Greeting to you dear Papa Alph lukau. My name is KALU Emmanuel Okoro, from Nigeria. I do follow your program through YouTube. I Believed you are real man of God, because the spiriture said no one can do this type of thing if God is not with him. My prayer is to be like you sir, because our generation need men who can manifest the Glory of the Almighty God on Earth, those who are really to stand up for God and kick out the Devil. Papa since I started following you through YouTube me life has not remain the same. Right now I am in fasting and prayer for 40 days. I’m praying for the Glory of God to shine on me, my prayer is that the Almighty God, the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ to give me spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of He(God) because I want to know He really and in truth. I’m testy after your God Papa. in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  163. Man of God Pls pray for me, am in Nigeria,i love AMi. I hv been following you on u tube live every Sunday. Pray for my son to get a job, noting is moving in my family, am a child of God. We don’t have money, no house Pls pray for me

  164. dear pastor alph lakua my name is charlene harris married to ronaldo may my life and my families life is in total spin i dont know whats happening my brother lionel with hes financial problems,my husband aswell,my children chandrey in hospital with trauma to her head,shanique with asthma,my mom brenda with her health,my incle pastor peter phillips thats about to loose everything me and my work related issues dont know if i’ll still have my current job please i need you to pray for me and my family


  166. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau,
    Please pray for my younger son, Grant Noronha and his wife Pooja who are married for the last 9 years, have not conceived a child yet.
    For My elder son, Gaston Noronha to be healed from psoriasis. He is suffering for the last 11 years.
    For my grandson Judah to stop getting beating with the drum stick by his mother.
    All of this I pray I ask in the name of Jesus Christ.
    God bless your ministry,
    Bernadette Noronha.

  167. I greet you man of God in the Name of our Lord, please man of God pray for me for gods special anointing and grace on my life and untold blessing, provision, long life and prosperity.

  168. Good morning man of God.I want God to set me free from any form of captivity, and set free my all the members of my family. My father, my mother and my Juniors one are linked to a kingdom in our village. There’s nothing good happening in my family even in my own life, things are though in our lifes. God has been showing me how I and my family are in captivity, in waters, in forest. We have spiritual husband and spiritual babies. Please I need total deliverance from. I’m the only believer in my family. I really need help.

  169. I’m Fonang Meli Elodie. Pastor I want God to breaks all chains of captivity upon my life and upon all the members of my family. I want to prosper in all domain of my life. That’s my sincere cry to the Lord.

  170. Dear Pastor
    Requesting you to Kindly Pray over Mr. Tony Lopes and his family, from Goa. There is so much of misunderstanding and hatred between the family, Tony a good person by heart has been indulging in bad habits which is almost impossible for him to leave, he starts his day drinking and smoking, there seems to be no peace and it’s kind of he has given up and is drinking to die. The whole family cannot see his state and are willing to help in anyway. Dear Pastor please keep him into your prayers coz he’s just not ready to listen to anyone.

  171. Dear Pastor, may i ask if you could pray for me, i have been barren for some 8 to 9 years now. My name is Diana Farapo and am from Papua New Guinea. I have seen great things you have done in Jesus miraculous name.

  172. My husband has been fighting for his worker’s compensation case to be settlement for four to five years. He had a sever back surgery and they want him to settle for a small amount of money. it not fair and it’s been to long. pls help me Send the fire of God to they Courts that are lingering these cases. We want to sow, plant, and give a an offering to this ministry and others I have prayed about and expect a harvest.

  173. Man of GOD – Pastor Alph Lukau,

    Please pray for me and my 4 children to change our story especially in terms of financial aspect. Declare in our lives that we receive financial breakthrough, so we can have our own house and lot and capital to invest business/es. I am 40years old and still we have no house and lot of our own. We live in a house owned by relatives who belittle us. Help us Man of GOD..

  174. My prophet pray for the careee l chose to follow as a Christian and protection from my father’s side and financial breakthroughs

  175. My name is Monique Dehaney and I am asking God to bless me with my American greencard immediately and a good pay job and also an apartment in a good neighborhood for me and my kids my two

  176. Dear Man of God, Please pray for me for a gift of a child, healing from allergies like foof, chemicals, dust etc suffering for many years, injustice at workspot to end, delays in promotion, working more and paid less throughtout my career of 24 years, no success in career, unjust managers suppressing etc, possession of my flat is being delayed by 5 to 6 yeas now, healing fro my brother suffering from heart attacks, and my parents health to improve, husbands salary being low and no increment for many years, deliverance and heaking for all of us

  177. Man of God I’m in USA I watch you on TV and its Bless me so much, because I touch agree with someone who have faith. I want you to pray for my Grandson Martez who is 22 year of age I been interceding for him, because I know God going to use him for his glory. Please pray for him and may God bless you and your family.

  178. we ran some kind of small business and things went well then suddently things turn really bad people has been telling us of some kind of witchcraft so things are so difficult financially now. So much debts to pay. Please pray for a break through for us. We are struggling but we know God is a Merciful and Powerful God. Please help us.

  179. Seasons greeting my spiritual father, how is the family doing, thank you very much, may you live long to deliver more soul, more grace, Anointing and favour in Jesus Mighty Name. Is ur daughter Fatmata Morray from Sierra Leone, Daddy pl, has I said before, I have lost my mensuration for over seven months, my age is 46 this past September, my elder brother is blind, I am not yet marriage, my younger sister has not yet give birth, my family is upside down, man will purpose to me it will not even take six months the relationship will come to and end, as if I have done bad thing to the man, white man has purpose to me twice, what really made me to cry bitterly, is when we have fix a date of the wedding last year November, the white man in Germany just call off the wedding, but I trust in you and the God of my spiritual father which is you that it is well with me and family, I am working as if I am not working, my finance is not stable, I am hard working but things is upside down with me and family pl my spiritual father pray for me and family. I know if you pray for us things will change in my family, thank you very much, your daughter loves you.

  180. Paster i wash u on youtube. paster i want you to please pray for my family we are goig through must hard time. i am Emmed Toby, from Monrovia Liberia.

  181. Pastor please pray me. I need release or deliverance on case I am faced with. I am very innocent of the alleged allegations.

  182. Shalom,
    I need to come to IVP’s 30-12/2018-02/01/2019 and I am trusting God for funds.Pray with me,please.
    Alice Esther

  183. Dear man of God i ask u to pray for my life my life is not going things are going bad i pray that i find a husband that will love me nd respect me i pray to have kids one day i pray for a better job so that i can be financial stable in jesus name i pray Amen….ANELISA FROM PORT ELIZABETH IN SOUTH AFRICA

  184. Man of God I know u have anointed for difficult matters heal my niece knees she can’t work proper and the pain it just come and go heal her permanently remove and evils things the witches put in her knees and punish the strong man who’s behind her pain to confessed surrender and die, cover my son ,daughter and family with the blood of Jesus and fire, let the work of the enemy never works in our life’s punish all witches and wizard whose behind our cries and tea’s , change their Case’s into blessing, I want them all to surrender this year confessed and died, fight them oh god let their attacks, traps and arrows never prosper in our body’s and life.. May god watch and steep they are going and send guardian angles to destroy it step by step .. Restored our life’s do something new in our lives, bring love, hope, peace and happiness .. Amen

  185. Man of God pray for my family restoration, healings and deliverance , punish this witches who’s trying ur powers to fight us, punish them and let them now that ur power God is more stronger than their witchcraft power, Barn them with Holly fire day and night destroyed all their weapons we the use to see all my family and control our life’s break them all ,that crown house bee broken now ,u mirrors we they use to see us every day Angeles break it to never work again now and ever, scattered them into several directions, pull their power down and weakness god , its our time also to be happy to enjoy life ,to get married, to get heald , to receive our sight back, for the barrens to conceive, bless my family Ohoo God now and forever Amen

  186. Man of God pray for me.I have witnessed your God is very powerful.pray for:
    1.Financial breakthrough
    4.success in my career
    5.All witchcraft spirits to die in my life and fa

  187. Dear Man of God, I have watched you from youtube. God is using you mighty and powerfully,you are tru Man of God.Man of God, please help me to pray. I have a problem, I am a starterer- could not talk properly, this started when I was a baby, now am 32 yrs please Man of God help me. It has been my greatest desire to share the word of God with my family, workmates and friends but this thing is giving me problem,pastor please I want to talk properly and share the word of God, please help me. I want to talk properly like others,please help me.
    This same proplem happend to my first born daughter Filia and last born brother Kumkum. Please help us.

    Papua New Guinean

  188. Amen man of god please pray for me my boifrend to live that life he live .he abuse me emotional .he have a new gailfrend he say he want 2 wife .and it hate me pls papa pray man of go .I want him to love alone live the ather gal becouce it hate me .ihave 3chidren of him we have 12years dating nothing hapen his not lobola me that we get married pls papa iwant married to him .and me alone .and iv safaring fanacial m not working .and he dont give me money .ihav nothing all people loufy at me and say what aim staying in this relationship but i love hime pls pastor im in durban i warch u everday even now m warching u give a lady her husband.pls papa ineed miricle money god pls hear me .iv love to com in joburc in church but ihave nothing .amen

  189. Man of God I am Sylvester from Malawi, i have a sick mom who is struggling. She was first told she had Sugar but after sometime the sugar was gone and later came a report that she has TB and she started her 6 months treatment but nothing changed. Later we went for CT Chest Scan where we were told its lung cancer and she started cancer treatment and stopped taking the TB treatment.

    Man of God please help my mom receive her healing.

    At the same time i am looking for a new better job please help me find one which will help me further my education, look well after my mom and my family

  190. Man of God,
    With your prayers,
    We watch things calm down and take a turn such as we have never experienced before. Trust is coming back and more and more, we pray together as a family.
    Pray for us to keep watching Jesus and not hearing the voice of the devil, the tempter and the killer.
    We want to live a life of prayer, abundance and prosperity in all aspects of our lives. Experiencing good health and being cured of all kinds of diseases from the top of the head to the soles of the feet.
    Glory to God, you are an example to follow and we follow you.

  191. Hello Man of God, I have been watching you on youtube and you are my dad in christ. Am in Ireland alone without my husband and my two children, please pray for me pastor i need my family. I have tried for several times by is not working and the money is just going, now we dont have money again, please man of God help us.

  192. Morning man of God can u pls pray for my son & daughter bless them to became the important people I feature restored our life’s protect us ,heal us and delivered us bless my family, bring my brother home who doesn’t come its now 5 year’s, restored his life, heal mama ear’s and lips, bring back sight of my sister, me and my two sister we are both single bless us with good man who will raise us and our mum, we want god interfering peoples, may we celebrates our weeding by next year do something new I our life’s .. Punish the devils who’s behind our cries and tea’s and let them confessed.. Amen and Amen

  193. Heal my niece knees who ever behind it I want that witches to confessed and die restored her life bless her study , may she become a important person in feature.. Bless her mum and his brother also to pass grd 10 his rewriting …amen

  194. My husband is in bad company and does wrong things when he is with these people. He is a heavy drinker and fights he gets violent as well.
    Please pray for my husband to change

  195. Papa I am Karina from Namibia prày for my leg’s its under the attack of witches and wizards heal my leg now i believe the pain will disappear now and never come back again , I want the witches who’s behind my pain to die themselves punish them to become mad.. May god stop any plan they have on to never prosper.. I want them to die and comfes .. Cover my body with the blood of Jesus and fire, cover my son and daughter too..restored my life bring something new in my life.. Break the power of the strong man in my family kill him spiritual and physical.. Amen

  196. hello man of God I’ve been watching you through internet and always believe that what God has done for others, He can do the same for me and my family. please Man of God pray for healing and prosperity for my family.

  197. Good morning man of God… my name is lahja from Namibia… papa pray for me and my family against the sprit of darkness…. pray for me to get permanent good salary job inorder to help my family n my self aswel as to get married by the guy im dating currently… Amen

  198. Good morning Prophet LUKAU
    My name is MESMIN SOSSAMINOU . I’m 56 years old and I’m suffering from serious HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Please, I need your prayer and your advice.

  199. Pastor Alph Lukau i need your prayer for a breakthrough in my life, am drowning in poverty with my family. now i have a new born son and i don know how to raise him cause i have no job no financial or any kind of support at all. Please pray for me!

  200. My name is sein wolo live Pennsylvania,MOG please pray for me for marriage, children jobs,Educations finance and so on… let 2019 be my yrs of Devine blessings .. God please give me the fruits of the womb..

  201. Good evening man of God. Please breakthrough the obstacles and deliver me and my three sisters from what we’re going through in our family. There is something wrong in our family that our parents are aware of, either spiritual wife or husband that curses us and nothing good that comes our way even when we try to work hard. Please man of God, do your best.

  202. Good morning Man of God i believe you can help as you did before, Can you pray with me i ave problem of many debt that are more than even in my salary and now i’m so tired of the life i’m living i need happy life i’m living and please Man of God i have many that i love but he doesn’t have a good job he is not registered to that job could you please help him to get a job where he will be registered and today i was suppose to go to the interview but i didn’t go because i wasn’t having money and i have think about what happened last month, but if is these my job please prayer with i want them to call me and tell me the date that i must come and start. Please Man of God help me i’m suffering with many things, i even trying to leave a good life i can’t. Please pray for and my Mom is sick could you please deliver her and also my brother Sipho doesn’t have the work because of what he done and i wish to pray for him to be deliverance and these silly things he is doing. Please many of God just facilitate in my life and on February i play a us lottery and they said i won but since today i dint receive my money cause everything was writing and said i won but since today i dint receive anything could please intervene on that because as i believe i will change many life with that money, Just pray for me and i like to be pray for my little sister to be not confused by boys i wish God to protect her.

  203. Good morning Prophet Lukau.

    My name is Oabona Masoba.I am a young woman of 26 years i’ve got 3 kids and another one one the way,man of God i need your deliverance for me and my family as well as for the father of my kids.My boyfriend isnt working and i have a part time job were i receive seven hundred pula per month which is not anywhere enough for me,the kids and him.Prophet please pray for our deliverance so that we can provide for our kids and as well as for ourselves we are struggling man of God help us.

  204. Man of God pray for me and my family restored our life’s, uncovered us from witchcraft power and dark spirit, let the light of God cover our house ,body and souls, papa exposed the works of the enemy behind our cries and tea’s, let their evil power consumed by fire, destroyed the Yorke of the enemy.. Cancelled the spirit of death in my family no one will die we will live and declared the words of God.. Keep our faith strong in prayers to defeats the enemy, lord bless me with a god interfering husband ,bless the whole family with weddings with good husband, bless my son & daughter heal them physical and spiritual restored their life’s give them new life with more blessing ,bring peace, Joy,love ,happiness among my sisters, mom, niece,brother and my kids , bless my two sister to get married..amen

  205. Amen Man Of God , I believe that distance is not a barrier and the Lord , God that you praise won’t disappoint me this day the hardship is over me , the poverty, financial problems, the ashamed from my family, evil spirits from my house my family, uncured deceases are over me in the name of Jesus, my child Nkosintle will be receiving a pass report from school by faith by force in the Name of Jesus, my son whose diagnosed last Friday with this incurable decease after looking after himself for long time I say in the Name of Jesus He is healed the virus is out of his blood , I believe to you Man of God you will pass my prayer and bless Amen

  206. Please Man of God pray for my family we have been trying for them to come here in Ireland, am alone without my husband and my two children and I have tried but it is not working, now it’s 4 times. Please My noses help us in Jesus name

  207. Man of God help me. im a 28 year man in Botswana. i need a prayer of deliverance and breakthrough. i suffer spiritual wife attacks and eating in the dream. i go for job interviews but noe of them bear fruits. i also struggle with lust. please pray for me. i want to marry as well. please help me. Speak a word unto my situation. Amen

  208. Pastor Alph Laka & Prayer ministry team
    Could you and your ministry pray for my vision to move gospel in Papua New Guinea and health of my family.
    – Wife & I travel 7 – 8 Kilometers and we need a TOYOTA TEN SITTER CRUIZER
    – Pray for real estate rental house business to fund gospel the country Papua New Guinea and abroad.
    – thanks Ps Daniel SEIWENI
    – Ps Bex SEIWENI(wife)

  209. good afternoon pastor and its my hubble to request on this moment to pray for me on different request . a prayer for money,prayer to be out of troubles I have when ever I use to watch you giving some delivanrances my heart us be feeled with joy and want to be prayed for. pastor I believe and receive and in God the creator.

  210. Greetings man of God, my name is Lazarus kayamba from Zambia town solwezi, please man of God pray for me for miracle money, financial break through, healing, debts cancellation,promotion at work and Gods favour, restoration and I want to be rich, have been wallowing in poverty since childhood, enough is enough, facilitate my miracle papa in the name of Jesus Christ

  211. Man of God Pastor Alph Lukau sometimes I see vision in dreams but some of them I didn’t understand hard to interpret, what I’m going to do.

  212. Bonjour Pasteur. Pouvez vous Prier pour mon fils unique qui est sous l’emprise de la drogue et de l’alcool papa. Le Dieu en qui je crois est aussi celui que vous servez papa est capable d’apporter la guérison sur mes problèmes de dos, priez pour mon couple aussi papa. Que le Seigneur vous inonde de ses bénédictions encore et encore papa. Je reçois ma délivrance et mes bénédictions au nom de Jésus

  213. Homme de Dieu, je suis très ravie de faire vos connaissances, je suis éprise de vous par vos enseignements, vos prophéties, la manière dont Dieu se sert de vous pour délivrer des gens sous l’emprise du diable.
    je suis originaire du Congo Brazzaville, c’est en étant en France que je vous ai découvert puisque le WIFI est gratuit, que je viens de faire votre connaissance sur les vidéos postées sur CASARHEMA.
    Je me sens emportée rien qu’en suivant ces vidéos c’est comme si je me trouvais déjà dans votre église. L’esprit de dieu est sur vous.
    En effet, Je viens à vous parce que mon âme n’est pas en paix, rien il ne marche autour de moi, tout ce que je fais ne me réussit pas, cela à entraîner un blocage financier. Je vis de dette en dette, et pourtant j’ai un activité commerciale qui m’ englouti encore dans des dettes, homme de dieu je n’en peux plus, comme cela ne suffit, j’ai mon fils qui est en prison ici en France pour avoir conduit une voiture volée en Allemagne et vendue en France. Cette voiture appartient à son ami, l’ami comme il a des déboires avec la justice, n’a pas voulu se présenter et se retrouve actuellement à Dubaï. C’est mon fils qui empathie et il risque de perdre son travail à la Banque.
    Depuis mon arrivée cela fait plus d’un mois, personne n’a eu le droit de le visiter.
    Homme de dieu, j’ai suivi comment cous avez délivré le garçon qui a fait 6 mois de prison pour n’avoir rien, n’est-il pas possible mon père de prier aussi mon fils, avec ma foi, j’ai prié avec vous lorsque vous étiez entrain délivré ce garçon, je me suis vue que vous priez pour mon fils, que dieu soit loué

  214. Please my Father pray for me to have a financial breakthrough before the end of this year.I need to start the new year with clean slate I need to devote my life to Jesus, I need to have more faith than before .I need to stop what I’m doing at work which is not right,I feel ashamed when I’m thinking about it, I’m doing this because I’m a bread winner at home. Please help me man of God I’m tied of this life.

  215. Good Morning. Servant of the Most High, i need a prayer for breakthrough and deliverance. i have nothing to write home about. my career is dead, my finances are zero. i wish to settle down as a man but i have nothing. May your God intervene in all the areas of my life. i need your help Man of God. Help me im suffering.

  216. God bless you Pastor Alph Lukau ,God bless you and your Family

    I have brothers that i want you to pray for ,They need deliverance ,They need God ,I need strength to help them as we are suffering they do not see.Pastor please pray for my family there is jealousy ,envy and hate between my family .Please papa,Pray for us

  217. Man of God pray for me connect me to kapla physical let him look for me let ur Angeles bring him. Release or rings physical ,enged us in Church and to magistrate .. Restored our life’s bless our relationship give us Joy ,peace, and happiness, he all my family.. Kill the witches who are frighting us every day let him die before this year ends.. Open my sister eyes ,give them marriage also no marriage for them.. Healing to my nieces, day, son and the whole family, released my promotion physical before the year ends, I want peace, Joy and happiness at my working place.. Bless me with a promotion.. Amen

  218. Heal my daughter, son and the whole family released our rings physical let him look for me let ur miracle happened before the year ends, bless me, may the angles of God bring him physical to me in Jesus name, god of miracles connect us together.. Now and forever.set my weeding day

  219. homme de Dieu je te suis chaque jour sur youtube, chaque jour je vois des prophéties, si réelement vous êtez homme de Dieu, parle de ma situation

  220. i am believing God for Deliverance in my family. a lot of things are not panning out as expected. My siblings are having marital problems and personally i am facing a lot of challenges in terms of finances. I have been planning to visit AMI south Africa but due to finances it has been impossible. Man of God Please stand with me as i seek Victories in these areas.
    – Healing of my Son Ethane who is being troubled by what is called Neonatal Sepsis and he is unable to develop as expected
    – All marriages of my siblings to be restored
    – My business to boom again
    – Give me a new heart of wanting to serve God
    – Give that love of God which has fainted due to the many challenging situations that i have encountered this year 2018.
    Thank you man of God and i Believe it is done in Jesus’ Name

  221. Pastor Alph Lukau you are anointed by God to handle difficult matters. Pray for my a)health b)marriage c)children d)business. You see and know that my problems are difficult. God bless you.

  222. Solomon nickson is my father ,right now he is on a medical drip at home for a throat pain in Germany , he is all alone at home. Please this prayer is really urgent,family attack asking him to come home..±4915219213364 that is his phone line
    Kennedy (the son )

  223. Man of God pray for me to get a job please and also for my wife her name is Catherine Mukonorwi she has been suffering from headech we have been trying to so many doctors and prophets but all in vain. And people are laughing at her bcz she doesn’t have child we have been trying but she keeps on loosing unborn babies i think now its 5th times she’s doing miscarriage. Help us Pastor Lukau i know you are annointed for difficult matters we are here in Cape Town,We would have come to jhb to see you if we had enough money but things are tight here for us since im not working and she’s the one working right now. Help us papa pray for us.

  224. Good morning man of God ,plaese pray for me i have been struggling with melasma(dark pigmentation) on my face for over 3 years and it has affected me in every aspect of my is hard dealing with melasma everyday.i have tried everything but nothing helped and its getting worse and worse so please remember me in your prayer

  225. My father it is good sometimes all of us under your voice had to ask you that how are you,how are you feeling, because we all got problems ,but something that i have noticed u are the first person who alwas great us first,how are you my father?,daddy im asking for a prayer,and a dirrection in my life, because i still don’t know ho am i,and i don’t know where did that axe head feel,please my father help me in the name of Jesus amen,i hope this massage will find you well,thank you and AMEN.

  226. Man of God, I thank God for you. May the Lord thy God continue to bless and use you as a joyful agent to save his people. I pray for your family. I need your prayer for me and my family and please locate me Man of God and save me from the Oppressors, the enemies and the ones that are too strong for me in the mighty name of jesus. I NEED YOUR HELP NOW. Amen.

  227. The God of pastor Alph lukau is doing wonderful miracles through him !In the heart of the darkness,the lord of lords make him bring out all what is secret for man.God makes him go to the root of issues to solve them.that s unbelievable!
    Through you,prophet, let the spirit of the lord go over my issues, my desires and my dreams!

  228. Papa please pray for me, I’m looking for a job as an aurpair and I need to have a car for the job.I need prayer for financial breakthrough and healing in mighty Jesus name.and my brother who os mentally ill


  229. Dear Pastor please pray for Florence and Esther marriage restoration my husband wants a separation.I also pray for enough money to pay my debts.I am praying without ceasing for Our Marriage but there is no response from his end for the last 12 years.He is not making any efforts to join the marriage.I Esther his wife is in India and Florence my husband is in London I have not had the priviledge to be his wife.Lord turn his heart of stone to a love filled heart towards his wife Esther and his daughter Paige who is 11years old.Thank you its been 12years he is not realising and has stopped sending money from 2015.

  230. Daddy i long to come to meet you.Financially i am down things are bad but i know God will open doors for me i will come,cause i need healing as well and have experienced so many challenges in my family.Pray with me and for me Please.

  231. Please pray for me to be vindicated for a false allegation tax case against me. I am a victim of the conspiracy levied. I wrote you a letter some times ago for relief to set me free on this case. Prophet. I have faith that your special pray will end this case in my favor

  232. please man of God I need your prayers for financial breakthrough, am owning so much debit, am unable to pay my rents and I need contacts job for my husband,please man of God help me out with prayers. thank you sir.

    • For three years without salary increase in our comppany, I cannot survice anymore with a salary of 2015. please Pray for us. In Jesus name Amen

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