Send Your Prayer Requests – Click Here (Pastor Alph Lukau)

Send Your Prayer Request – Click Here (Pastor Alph Lukau)

I Declare that ….


The enemy would not fight you so hard if he did not fear you!

You are a carrier of God’s presence, a terror to the enemy in all respect. Therefore, stop moving around with a defeated mindset. No, with God you are a warrior!Alph Lukau Prayer Request

  Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.

 Prayer Request: Alph Lukau

  • Some of you, despite having an inheritance in Christ, you are still accustomed to pressure, pain and turmoil. But hear the word of the Lord; in this new month, you are being set free and you are being led into your land of promise.
  • If you have been sick before, God is transporting you to your healing. If you have been caged, God is giving you freedom. Those who were crying before shall begin to celebrate. It is a new season for you, cry and fear nomore.
  • Receive it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
  • Send Your Prayer Request Use the Links below and Above or … Comment below

 How To Send Prayer Request To Pastor Alph Lukau

Prayer Request To Alleluia Ministries International is Quite a Great way to stay connected to God , start to day and Pastor Alph Lukau with stand as a point of connection between you and the most high God.

After sending Prayer Request to this Great Ministry note that Alleluia Ministries International might Not reply you , But be assured that the General Overseer with Be the one to intercede on your behalf

Physical addressTelephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
8 Charles Crescent
Kramerville SandtonSouth Africa
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line:   (+27) 76 318 4777
IVPTelephone: 074 583 2431 / 060 393 7450

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  1. Please pray for me and my family for urgent Financial breakthrough and job restorations AND my children education. PLEASE Pastor pray for me my personal relationships with God I want to pray in the spirit and speak in tongues

    • Greeting in the Name of Jesus! Man of God please pray for me n my family I need a financially breakthrough am not working for a long time now. I need miracle money. I received it by faith in Jesus Name.

    • Prophet of the most high god.
      Pray for me.
      I want god to settle my case,
      I need total restoration,
      I need god protection against
      Evil attack,
      I need my promotion,my money,
      my transfer to be release to me.
      I want god to protect me against every evil accusation of my enemies against my promotion,my money in my job,
      I need god to set me free from
      Evil attack,
      God protect me from accident,
      Untamilly death is not my portion.
      Pls man of god help me .
      May god be with you.
      Pray for my health,

    • Glory be to the Almighty God. Thanks for the great work. I have watched you on YouTube. I have challenges in life i.e. marital, financial, denial of promotion at work,slow progress in my PhD studies etc. I know and believe my restoration will come through you ministries. I therefore request that you stand with me in prayers.

      Am presenting my proposal before the doctorial committee on Tuesday 17th march, 2020, please stand with me. Above all l need to be uplifted spiritually so that l can pray oftenly and fight the obstacles in my life.

      My God Bless you abundantly

      • Praise God to celebrate my birthday today. After being il all year and surgery. Once again, I ask for your continuous prayers and support to provide financially. Amen.

        • I am from Jamaica, and i need prayers for my ministry, and also my family, we are not the perfect family, but we are going through a spiritul fight, even me, when evertime i read the Bible, i just cannot retain or remember what i have read, please pray for me,and also my business, is like nothing happening, i have been paying my workers everyweek, and the business not makeing no money to pay them, please man of God, i need your prayers in Jesus name.

  2. from belgium i need your prayers papa.Separated with my babe almost ayear and not able to take care of us, i pray for favour.also ask prayers for mum

    • Greetings pastor alph lukau in the name of jesus, pray for me and my family for protection and favor in jesus name. I recieve all the blessings, and financial breakthrough by faith in lord jesus name..Amen

  3. Hello Pastor Alph Lukau, man of God and a Powerful man in Africa, I am admiring your powerful Ministries

    Thank you

  4. Pastor, I bless this day for your prayer and we really need it. Pray for our health and the total healing of our being, mind, soul and body; and so that I can help my family the house of God and of course my biological family: my wife and my children while I am still alive.

  5. Man of God I need God’s favor, grace and wisdom on each and every Area of my life,I’ve been living on poverty for long,I’ve fasted, praying, church leading,praising God, but I’m still the same no improvement, so I need God’s Mercy ,so I can be favored, helpers can locate me, everything has been taken away from me, by my family, friends, I use to help them, when I was working overseas as a cabaret singer, but now non of them is able to ask if I have bread, what do I need, me and my Husband Jerry Maseti , I’m Benedictor Sululu Maseti from Duncan Village, now I’m based here in JHB Kenilworth, we were robbed by a fraudster, introduced by a friend of mine,so I thought,now we are staying in a small room from a house we bought from a fraudster, and its my fault cause I trusted my so called friend, Rachel Gobingca, and the fraudsters name is Khali Phokane, I’m a Cabaret Singer ,now I wanna record Gospel, they prophesied on me that ,I will be the Queen of Gospel and God wanna use me mightily, I have a singing ministry, So Man of God can I be revived so I can be what God wants me to be,I want God to open my spiritual eyes and give me power to pray and Glorify Him everyday, I won’t give up, till I’m blessed, Help me Man of God Amen.

    • Have Faith and believe you will receive whatever you have requested as a prayer from Man of God i am a living testimony i have forgotten about what transpired in my life year 2016 i lost everything cars and my house 2019 up again bought a plot bought 2 cars

  6. Please Pray For My Finiancel Breakthrough.. And Please Pray For My Family..
    Please Pray For My Wife Hannah’s Health.
    Thank You Pastor..

  7. Good morning Pastor. I’m asking you to pray that I be healed from diabetes,high blood pressure. Kidneys, liver and finances. Thank you!

    • Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus! To God be the glory! Man of God please pray for me that God will use me mightily to win souls ,pray for the sick n they receive healing n bless me financially n to break financial lack. God bless u.
      My name is Veronica Buckle. Thank u.

      • Please pray for devine favor in every aspect of my life and also that I will be no more intimidated by anyone or anything that is standing in my way from doing what God has called me to do in Jesus name



  10. Thank you Papa for the powerful / encouraging message. Let the obstacle / Hindrance that stop my financial breakthrough, marriage and health be broken in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    Papa please convince Peter Kennedy to reimburse SBD120,000 owed since 2014.

  11. Good Morning Papa And Mama, asking you all to pray for my daughter, Sausha, her babies Kadaynce and kameron and she is expecting her 3rd child in September. She is not married and is trying so hard, but she has strayed away from the Lord and church; please pray for her to seek God and that God will send a God-fearing man into her life….God bless you both Prophetess Pat Murray

  12. Good afternoon my spiritual Father please pray for me Father I’m struggling financially. I took money from a loan shark and I’ve been struggling to pay them back,they have been following me I can’t even stay at home because of them please Papa pray for me in the name of Jesus Amen!!

  13. I pray for my daughters to be healed and I also pray for a financial breakthrough I pray for peace for my family in the name of Jesus,

  14. I ask for prayers, for my children and I also ask for prayer for a financial breakthrough I ask for prayer to keep peace in my home

  15. Please pray for me for work Papa I didn complete my school, I drop out from half GrGr 9 but I’m good in English, I need Government cleaning or pre primary teacher job , I love working with kids , or even to help old people to take care of them please PAPA

  16. Daddy my pastor Alph Lukau please pray for my son to be serious with school as education is the key to the future, and please please mostly I want my son to acknowledge God and to be a child of God so he must do what God want him too

    • Please Man of God pray for husband and son, they have been sick for long time now and I really need you to deliver them from their sickness… please locate them as we’re from Kiribati.

      • Good afternoon Sir, kindly pray for me and my family in these areas of our lives ; stagnation, limitations, delays, healing and deliverance, witchcraft and curses, financial stability, restoration, promotion and salary increase, obedience. God bless you.

  17. Man of God my prayer request I need a speedy recovery I’m diagnosed by sugar diabetic now i feel pains all over my body especial my feet n now i can’t see properly in my eyes please pray for me to have a healing m crying day n night because of pain even the medication does not help please Pastor. Thank you

  18. Man of God pray for my brother I’m not claim the spirit of diabetic the doctors gave a report of kidney felling and stomach cancer. Believe with me that God who is Jehovah Rafael who heal from sickness and cause fire and healing to his body in Jesus name. I decree and declare me and my family body soul and spirit is heal in Jesus name. We will not die before our time. We cannot praise God in the grave. Thank you for praying for me and my family in Jesus.

  19. Pastor Lukau and AMI, I am asking for your audience to continue to pray for me. I am suffering from stomach pain, high blood pressure and back problems. Also, having eye problem. I need financial miracle to meet monthly requirements.

  20. Pastor Alph please pray for me I’m diabetic, jobless, pray for my family and my siblings. Financial breakthrough and my marriage.

  21. Please pray for me and my family. I am under attack in my place of work….. Demonic attack…. against promotion. Also a spirit of death killing relatives of students, teachers and other members of the support staff.

  22. Please pray for me that I have pain in upper left side of abdomen and pain in my anus. Had operation twice for breast in fibroid. Dr told for scanning. Papsmear test and mammogram and going for it in next week. Also complicated nodule in my thyroid. Please pray for me. I am scared to go for scanning itself
    My husband also have gastric problems and never go for checkup because of fear
    Please prY for us. I believe miracle

  23. Good Morning my spiritual is indeed a blessed I have never seen before and will never see again. I am requesting prayer for financial increases, for my health and for my daughter and grand-children..My grand-daughter loves watching you on TV and she mimicks you in all you do..she makes all aware that she is ALPH LUKAU’S grand-daughter..she is indeed a special child…she praises God in dance and preaches to her cousin and little brother..she is a seer at 5 y/o and she talks about her conversations with Christ all the time..Please PaPa and Mother Celeste pray for the Murray family, our children, grand-children, our business..and it isso!! AMEN….

  24. Dear Daddy, I never miss your message, I am from India, please remember me in your prayer, I my husband joseph Manjunath ( to do business well, My son Rohan ( not at all in the Lord, full worldly, enemy is controlling him, not able to finish his studies, My little one Ezekiel, who has been prophesied to be prophet when I was carrying, pray and seal him by the blood of Jesus, God use these two mightily, and my relationship with friends and relatives are not good I don’t know, these two months going through lot of problems, no mind peace, please pray for me daddy, constructing house also.. for everything daddy. God bless You. people wide speak against you daddy but we bless you. Let God use you more years to come. God Bless you. your daughter Pushpa

  25. God I need miracle money to clear my huge debts, pay for rent and start my business.. I also want to get married to my destiny husband, God should hasten him to me.

  26. Good afternoon Prophet, kindly pray for my wife who is sick, poverty in our family, witchcraft, curses, financial stability, promotion and salary increase, people looking down at us, at work I am not happy someone is manipulating me, addiction and healing as well as restoration, direction to business, jealousy and witchcraft.
    God bless you.

  27. please pray for me. there s a spirt of destructions, spirit of denial and delay surround me. want to be free from these sprit in Jesus’Name , Amen

  28. Sir more grace in Jesus name amen I come and across you on line sir what I just need now is miracle alert my land Lord give me one week to pack out of the house because of house rent

  29. Pastor Alph Lukau my baby girl need Pray,her body like a soul pray for Jesus with heal
    her body, pray for the children they is gone wild they need Jesus pray for my family i believes Jesus Will do what he say,I trusting you to stand with me PAPA In Pray,

  30. Please my Papa pray for me to heal from osteoarthritis and financial breakthrough I send this with faith in the healing name of Jesus Amen

    • Papa when I watch your video on YouTube how much am enjoy an wanna to join AMI church service but what to do am poor,,, Anyway please heal my diseases and do please pray for me to receive a baby boy through from our Father. Thank you

  31. Amen👏
    Thank you so much for the prayer topic Altar. Papa l was was very shocked of the reaction I received from my family members after posting the message to the family platform. I couldn’t believe the amount of crictics I received from my own family members.
    Papa !! This people are just vultures in human clothes , witches & wizards and Occult’s. I just don’t know who to trust , it’s like am on my own, even the King Samuel Agudey my best favourite friend uncle also just went cold on me. People die in my family mysteriously and very unfortunately my father Duordoe is related to my mother Esther Agudey an arrange marriage
    I begin to believe that my family were the cause of my unsuccessful marriage. Oh Lord Jesus this family of mine are just disgrace, if l can choose I will never be part of them anymore
    Please help me Man of God. Please pray for me and my daughter please pray more and more than ever . Thank you and may God continue to bless you. I am having my own Altar and in due time, l will bring it to AMI.

    • Greetings daddy in the name of Jesus Christ, I receive that prayer 🙏 am also asking for prayer for my family my children in getting jobs in this new season glory to God Amen

  32. Hi pastor I am truly thankful to God for a man like you whom he allowed to set the captives free by his power keep the good work and the commitment to the most high
    I am asking you to pray for me and my entire family as I have attacked by demons years ago and got sick to which no doctor could tell what I have but by the grace of God i am still alive but still being plagued by demons as I dreamt of having sex in and eating food.
    I lost my pregnancy of two months .Please pray for me thank you

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