IF You Have Faith and Believe That Jesus Can Do Miracles For You …. CLICK HERE And Submit a Prayer Request To Pastor Alph Lukau – JUNE 22nd 2020

Prayer For Mercy
Prayer For Mercy

IF You Have Faith and Believe That Jesus Can Do Miracles For You …. CLICK HERE And Submit a Prayer Request To Pastor Alph Lukau – JUNE 22nd 2020

I decree and I declare; 7 days of Unusual Miracles.
Some of you willl get triple promotions
Those of you crying for school fees, the Lord will settle your bill
If you are going for an interview, expect to get the job
If you are trusting God for contracts, His favour is upon you
If you need healing, Jehovah Rapha will touch you
Expect a TURNAROUND miracle in your finances
What your eyes did not see you will begin to see. So shall it be

Prayer For Mercy
Prayer For Mercy



Sometimes we make mistakes and bring trouble on ourselves. We get off course, do things we know we shouldn’t.

The beauty of our God is He not only designed your plan knowing what your enemies would do, but He designed it knowing the mistakes you would make.

He’s already taken into account the times we would fail, the times we would compromise and give into temptation. He’s so merciful that He’s already planned how to restore us and get us back on course.


  1. Lord I thank you for another filled with your mercy and grace. Thanks for ALL the blessings you bestowed on me and my family. I pray that my son will get the position he interviewed for last week. And I pray for healing for my niece Denise Christie in your name father. Amen

  2. Amen. P.A. L. Please pray for me on : my son living with me challenging me, I just remember how he was a sweet young boy, now at the moment it is challenging, he is finding all excuses to do toward me the way he is expecting to talk & act toward me, May your God I believe in also intervenes, it is exhausted, please Lord helps me, also restoration in all aspects of my household in or outside.

  3. pastor Alph Lukau I need your prayers for my financial improvement and I know God will hear your prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  4. God morning dad alph lukau please iam requesting a prayer I know you can’t pray for us one by one but still I need a prayer from dad.miracle, breakthrough, healing for my mother, break altar, my identity, my destiny, protection thank you papa

  5. Amen Man of God i need your prayer minor delay of my progress i wanted to buy a residential plot but payment is being delayed i feel uneasy thank you Lord im peggy

  6. my prayer request is 1.i need financial breakthough in my life 2.i need Gods protection and Gods healing in my family 3.i need miracle money and God forgiveness of my sins.

  7. Dear Lord have mercy on us and protect us for the soo many enemies fighting me,and my family, i pray in Jesus name, Amen

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