Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau – (September 10th 2018)

 Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau – (September 10th 2018)

You and I have been given gifts. God entrusted us with them. One day, He’s going to come back. We’re going to see Him. He’s going to ask, “What did you do with the talents I gave you?” Whether you have one, two or five, that doesn’t matter.

God has given us all different abilities. We’re not competing with each other. I don’t have to outperform you. You don’t have to keep up with your neighbor.


What matters is what you are doing with what you have. Are you living fear-based: afraid to take a risk, not willing to get out of your comfort zone, not putting the effort to develop your gift? Have you buried it or are you living faith-based: growing, stretching, looking for opportunities, developing what you have, believing you have seeds of greatness? 

There should be something you’re believing for where you are relentless. You aren’t moved by how impossible it looks; you’re not discouraged by how long it’s taking; you don’t give up because people told you no. Your attitude is, “If I have to believe my whole life, I’m going keep believing. I’m not going to take no for an answer. I’m not going to settle for less. I’m going to keep pursuing what God put in my heart.”


  1. Thank you pastor l really want to activate my gifts.My challenges are high and spiritual life is down.pls man of God pray for Prema Chand for my spiritual growth.l really want to do the work of God. I really want a touch from you so that my life will never be the same. Thank you love you

  2. God gave us different abillities,so we shoudnt compete with others.he gave me a talent that is hair dressing bt i didnt go to school.i thank God fr that it grows everyday.

  3. Im believing God for a fresh anointing this week, may his grace and power locate me and plead my case i need him more to reveal himself, in work place, family, aspirations , my heart desire i need to be established in knowing him and i m believing him for material financial and spiritual blessing as well

  4. Pastor pls pray for me. I am a single parent of 4 ND m really struggling. I am working from hand to mouth. I hardly have enough yo get me through the month. I was up for a promotion @ work, but nothing came thru. I receive in Jesus name

  5. Pray for me and my entire family man of God, deliver us from spirit of poverty. Love u pastor, u are indeed sent by God to this world

  6. Yes pastor I’m going to pursuit what God put in my heart pray with me pastor for a speedy recovery to go back to work the devil is a liar Thank you Pastor in JESUS name as i receive it

  7. Pastor i want to be your spiritual daughter and to be under your covering distant is not a barrier.please pastor help me i love u so much and wacthing every day

  8. Man of God please pray for me and my family. We have been told by several prophets that our family is under curse.Its a family of hard working women but we dont get married or succeed. I know and can feel that God have good plans for me and through him my light will turn around.

  9. Ik bid voor radicale bevrijding en genezing in Jezus naam.Ik bid voor groei in de gemeente waar ik bezoek in kwantiteit zowel in kwaliteit.

  10. Amen l receive
    Pastor please pray for me everything is not going well in my life
    Am struggling:
    Love life
    Business not going well
    And am also pregnant
    Please pray for me man of God ,l receive the blessings you have already sent to me

  11. Papa please pray for my sister her name is Phulkumari she is a Nurse in hospital but out of jelousy they transfer her far from her home place.She was so desparate plase papa help her and she was not feeling well she have diebets.

  12. Good Morning man of God I want you to pray for me to get a job I am in Namibia and I Graduated 2013 but i find it difficult to get a job , i have been called for Interviews but no feedback yet. Everything in my life is not moving at all help me out papa in Juses Name Amen

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