My 19th Prophetic Declarations – (September 19th 2018) – “Pastor Alph Lukau”

It’s great when people believe in us, cheer us on and make us feel valuable. But here’s the key: if you rely on people, you’ll be disappointed. People will let you down. Your value, your self-worth doesn’t come from another person, it comes from your Creator.

David said, “God, You have made me in an amazing way. What You have done is wonderful.” It’s going to take boldness to believe that you’re amazing, you’re marvelous, you’re wonderfully made.


If you’re going to become who you were created to be, you’re going to have to get in agreement with God.

You can’t go around intimidated, thinking you’re average, and you don’t have much to offer.

I dare you to start playing the right recording, “I’m amazing. I’m marvelously made. I’m a masterpiece.”

Open your mouth and destroy the works of satan in your life. Destroy every ancestral covenant with the dead made knowingly and unknowingly in your life. Every act of witchcraft, every altar of evil erected with your name on it – today it dies in the name of Jesus!