September 2022 – Check New Month Sermon and Motivational Words

September 2022 – Check New Month Sermon and Motivational Words

Just know that every unspoken prayer on your heart God has already recorded and will bring them to past at the appropriate time. Don’t even think that your desires aren’t on His radar. In fact, the more you delight in God, He will give you the desires of your heart. It’s all about relationship. That’s the only way He can answer those prayers as well as heal those tears that nobody hears. This is a season when God will begin to show you words of knowledge that will prove He’s heard your cry as well as begin to create your “yes” with such specificity that will blow your mind. It all begins with a simple YES.


There’s no better time than today to let go of every ash and allow God to make something beautiful out of your brokenness. The best upgrade you can ever experience is letting God remix your ruins into a reclamation story like no other.

Stop wasting time holding on to ashes because they hold zero value in the places God wants to take you. Realize your blemishes already burned away and the ashes are evidence that you don’t belong there anymore. Shake your hands and knock the dust off because the beauty you’re about to receive will have you shine in a whole new light. Your days of mourning and feeling down can’t compare to the crown God is constructing for you.

The coronation begins the moment you determine what’s burned away is behind you and you are ready to move on. Let it go TODAY.