My 20th Prophetic Declarations – (September 20th 2018) – “Pastor Alph Lukau”

 My 20th Prophetic Declarations – (September 20th 2018) – “Pastor Alph Lukau”

The Scripture says, “When you walk with wise people, you’ll be wise.” It’s true in the positive and the negative. Proverbs says, “If you hang around a gossip, you’ll become a gossip.” Think about it this way, for every peace stealer you allow in your life, you are more likely to live upset, to be sour, to have a crisis. Find some happy friends.

The way you see yourself is the way other people are going to see you. If you see yourself as attractive, talented, with it, people are going to see you that way. That’s what you’re going to send out. Quit putting yourself down.


Quit letting those negative thoughts play in your mind. When you criticize yourself, you are criticizing God’s creation. You have enough people and circumstances against you; don’t be against yourself. When the negative comes up, do yourself a favor and delete it.


  1. Thank you so much Man of GOD. Indeed I have struggling with low self esteem lately. But after reading these prophetic advice, I am sure to be a better me by God’s grace. Please continue to pray for my daughter for divine healing. Hod bless you and yours. Amen

  2. In the name of Jesus Christ i delete every negative thoughts about me i know I love God so much and no matter what he will answer my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ i declare Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

    • I receive it, l delete every negatives n see the way God see’s me and move on in Jesus name thank you man God,l declare that am blessed.

  3. Man of God i pray and i pray that God if he can remember one right thing i did in my life and forgive me all the sins i made please please pray for me and my husband as well and my kids Sabelo and Fezeka pray for the close doors to be open for me i need Job pray for my financial breakthrough please Amen Amen Amen Amen

  4. Amen pastor I rebuke an delete every negative thoughts around about me im one of Gods chosen an no he Will answer my prayers as i pray an as u pray also fo me Pastor Alph i declare healing in my right knee for my ligament to be healed in jesus name thank u pastor in JESUS name Amen Amen.

  5. Amen Man of God. May God Almighty be praised always. Please Man of God Pray for me , my husband, my children for breakthrough in all area of our life, destiny restoration, forgiveness of sins, divine spiritual gift restoration and activation, truthfulness, divine favour in all we do, peace, happiness, long life, and good health.Amen and Amen in Jesus mighty Name.

  6. Lord help me to delete every negative thoughts and attitude towards me. I am highly favoured. I will walk with wise people so i can be wise. And have positive thinking

  7. Pastor Alph Thank you so much for those words your prayers and your teachings. I thank the Lord for sending you into my life and the lives of so many others. You inspire us to walk in the Prophetic. You are Spiritual Father to many more than you will ever know or imagine. We love and pray God’s continuing BLESSINGS upon you. Your family and the entire AMI family.

  8. God of pastor Alph Lukau change my life from nobody to somebody.Answer my prayers and bless my children and l am asking to intervene Lord on my son he drinks and smokes a lot ,please help me.l am praying for marriage ,break thru,good health. Jesus l Trust you.

  9. I receive it, l delete every negatives n see the way God see’s me and move on in Jesus name thank you man God,l declare that am blessed.

  10. Amen God of Pastor Alph Lukau change me from negative to positive thinking above myself and other.please pray for me because i hurt easily.God i need your anoiting to set me fee

  11. I disconnect myself from any negative thought and believes …Not even those of other people will have a kold on my life..I am a child the most High God.Therefore,i am bless.anything good thing i speak about myself shall be manifested ..Any thing i touch will turn into good thing..All this i said in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN..

  12. I need healing for pain in my back and pain undermy right breast I need healing for my third and fourth son that God will intervene and work wonders in their life one had a car and he just park it up that cannot be normal please man of God help us he is just smoking but I trust God that he will give you the right word to break Satan plan

  13. Amen Man of God I receive it your prayers on YouTube have real uplifted my soul. I thank God for helping me locate you. Thank you very much may our Lord Jesus be with you always.

  14. Lord delete every negative family hand writing trailing my life and let me begin to live a purposeful and meaningful life in Jesus name. Amen

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