Before You Sleep , Join “Pastor Alph Lukau” In Night Prayers – September 21st 2018

 Before You Sleep , Join “Pastor Alph Lukau” In Night Prayers – September 21st 2018

Your time of celebration has come.. God ask me to tell you to wipe a away your tears, you have been remembered. it is now your time to testify. Something BIG is coming your way 

Let me remind you: “YOUR GOD IS NOT DEAD, HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU”. Do not be afraid – THIS TOO SHALL PASS.


 “Pastor Alph Lukau” In Night Prayers

God, come to my assistance.
Lord make haste to help me.
Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and the Holy Spirit;
as it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be,
world without end.


O my God, I thank you for having preserved me today
and for having given me so many blessings and graces.
I renew my dedication to you and ask your pardon for
all my sins.

Make a short review of the day, briefly recalling with
gratitude the good things that have happened, and
repenting in sincere sorrow the sins you have committed.


  1. Man of God I thank you prayers that you pray for us,you never get tide of us .Man of God need prayer for my family’s, we lost my uncle daughter it’s almost 3yrs now we don’t know what’s happening to her, please help us to find her you are the last hope please. The other thing I want to reunion with my children I want them to come here in England, but I don’t have any money to bring them here. I been struggling here as I don’t work due to not having document to work, is been 11yrs now . God of Alph Lukau you are my Moses . You will make me away were there’s no way .I trust you Oh God . I have a lot to tell you, but you know better than me . Help me please 😢😢😢

  2. Forgive me of my sins cleanse from all unrighteousness wash me as never before father God u are God alone there is none like you I give thank for whatever you done already and what you about to do Amen and amen

  3. Thank you Jehovah jireh for the blessings and Grace, thank you pastor Alph Lukau for allowing God to use you,we love you PAPA and Mama

  4. God forgive me for all my sins and remember me now Lord.enough is enough.l’m tired of this situations.please Jesus have mercy and remember me.

  5. I have been trusting God to help me come AMI and see Pastor Alph Lukau. I have a leading to be under his fatherhood.Amen.

  6. I have been trusting God to help me come AMI and see pastor Alph Lukau, I have a leading to be under his fatherhood Amen. please pray for me always, I need breakthrough financially.

  7. I pray for more obedience for plans are not of mine but of the Lord’s and to prepare my way that is before me in the land of South Africa to experience and restore my faith in humanity in fighting homelessness and hopelessness together in 2018-2019.

  8. Definately something big is coming my way this very week i have cried its enough my God is a promise keeper since last week i received money and it has been difficult to access money doors were closed,God bless my Pastor Alph Lukau will come with my daughter to attend your service soon

  9. A very big good news is coming my way, I am in an expectation. The Lord begins to put order into everything that pertains me & my household. Thank you Lord. Man of God I continue to honor the Christ in you. May the Lord continues to bestow his grace on you in Jesus name. I want to come there, please pray for a visa to be granted to me speedily & miraculously so I can catch up. Amen

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