My 24th Prophecy For the Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (September 24 2018) – (Don’t MISS)

 My 24th Prophecy For the Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (September 24 2018) – (Don’t MISS)

You have the most powerful force in the universe on your side. What are you worrying about? What are you losing sleep over? What have you given up on? It’s time to put God back on the throne.

He’s bigger than what you’re facing.


He has ways that you’ve never thought of. You may not know what to do, but when your eyes are upon Him, He’ll make a way where you don’t see a way.

He’ll defeat enemies that are bigger and more powerful.

Note this:

You’ll never feel good about who you are as long as you’re competing with others. Somebody will always be more beautiful, more talented, more successful. That’s a peace stealer. Put up a boundary and say, “I’m not going to live in somebody else’s world, obsessed with what they’re doing, where they’re going, what they’re wearing, what they’re eating. I’m going to run my race.” You can miss your destiny caught up in somebody else’s life. Successful people are too busy running their race to look at what everybody else is doing. Quit comparing. It’s going to pull you out of that place of rest.


  1. Yes I believe that God is bigger than all my troubles. HE ALONE IS GOD.HE will see me through. Pkease man of God pray for my mother, the medical report says she has signs of heart failure but ,I believe in the report of the ALMIGHTY GOD. BY HIS STRIPES we are healed. God bless you.

  2. I enter this week with full assurance of faith that God is who He says He is;that He can do what He says He can do;that I am who He says I am;that I have what He says I have.I am confidently assured that my STRENGTH is not a man that He should lie or repent for that which has gone out of His lips.I am at rest in God’s promises therefore am at rest on my inside.I am blessed. Favour speaks for me.The voice of the Lord silenced that of my enemies.I hear His voice and follow His instructions therefore am successful. Let the LORD be magnified.!!!To Him be glory always.

  3. I believe that God is bigger, he create heaven and earth and he created me for his own reasons i pray that he can remember me and make my dreams come true my promise to him is that i will dwell in his house everyday of my life Amen…. Amen

  4. As creator of the universe, master of all plans, the Almighty God, He has plans for each and everyone so I depend on Him since He is a dependable God. Amen…

    • I receive it in Jesus name, l refuse to live someone else’s life,am unique,more grace Lord!thank you man of God for your encourage encouragement more anointing pastor Alph Lukau.

  5. I believe in Almighty God he is bigger than any other gods. Pastor pls pray for my children wisdom knowledge and understanding in their education. I want them to be intelligent. This is what I want God to do for me. In Jesus name

  6. Man of God please I need your prayers. I am single woman of 37 years, with 2 kids, a boy 8 years & a daughter 6 years. I have no one to call a boyfriend since father of my children left me 5years back. Been facing disappointment all this time and nothing is moving in my life. All stagnant. Sorrow and pain where it’s leading Me to commit suicide.. Please help me.

  7. Amen i believed plz man of God i want to have my own house now we stay in rented house not my own house in me it is impossible to get my own house but i belived through your pray i will get

  8. Please man of God i want to complete my study and obtain my degree and help my mother with financial as she is so poor she cant afford anything to buy but in Lord I trust that by my faith and your prayer will take me towards my graduation to help them all Amen

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