25th Prophetic Declarations By Pastor Alph Lukau (Don’t IGNORE) – September 25th 2018

 25th Prophetic Declarations By Pastor Alph Lukau (Don’t IGNORE) – September 25th 2018

Do not be a “sin detective” in church. Do not look for people’s weaknesses and gossip about them. Stop judging them for God is working on them. Do not chase them away, it is God who will renew their minds. Your job is to love them. Are you hearing me?

We all face situations that we don’t see how they’re going to work out. If we’re not careful, we’ll let that problem consume us. But, the whole time, God is in control. He sees what’s happening. He already has the solution. The mistake we make too often is we take God off the throne, and we put our problem on the throne.


God is faithful – He has not forgotten you. God’s love is unfailing. There is nothing that can separate you from His love or remove you from the palm of His hand. In a world filled with uncertainty, betrayal, & disappointment, we can know that God will never leave us. His love will never end. In difficult seasons, remind yourself that God is still on the throne. Just because the grass looks dead, doesn’t mean it will never be green again.

** A Note to Self **

The point of walking with God is keep on going. So when things go wrong and time is tough, Just look up to the sky and say ” God, I know You are testing me, I will wait for the day You reward me for being strong.” Give God all your moments, and He will take care of your days and your years.. ⚘⚘⚘


  1. Amen. I trust God in all situations. I also know that God is testing my faith in HIM. I surrender all to HIM WHO ALONE IS GOD. I love YOU JESUS. may YOUR WILL be done in my life. Amen

  2. The Lord is my light and my Salvation of whom shall I fear. God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him. ( Psalm 67 : 7)

  3. Please pastor i need your pray that i will be whole spirit, soul and body.i love wacthing u day and night i was so bless.i always joint wth u while u pray i want to God anoiting power and whelth

  4. Good day Prophet Alph. I want a healing prayer man of God. I want God to bless my husband and bring him close to him. I want a big miracle that can mmove my husband, because his soo ignorance when it comes to God things.please taught his heart mighty Lord . Amen

  5. Amen Amen pastor Alpha lukau o no God is testing me but I’m not giving I’m holding on I going forward cause in the end I no am gonna be stronger in JESUS name Thank You

  6. Please,prophet, may the good Lord continue to bless and use you as an instrument to bless his children. May you prophet, remember me in prayers concerning my academics. Amen

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