My 26th Prophetic Declarations – (Pastor Alph Lukau) – September 26th 2018

 My 26th Prophetic Declarations – (Pastor Alph Lukau) – September 26th 2018

Do you believe that God can heal you from ANY sickness and any incurable condition? Do you believe that God can turn a generational curse into a generational blessing? Poverty to Wealth? Pain to joy? He Alone Is God is your week of MIRACLES. Am I speaking to a believer?

There are certain things that have to die before you see the Lord (Isaiah 6:1).


Until you allow those things to die you will not see the Lord.

Certain things have to die because they stand between you and your miracle, they are planted by the devil.

That spirit standing against your progress must die.

Lift the sword of the Lord against every devil standing between you and your miracle.

Whatever is standing on your way, blocking you from getting your miracle, declare 3 times, die! die! die!

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  1. Please pray for me that I can successful in my im gratification interview please pray for me that I have burning on my skin my body heat and fire please pray my family God bless you in Jesus name

  2. Pastor, please pray for me for my breakthrough, I m stuck whatever I plan to do cannot go through pray for me prophet in Jesus name

  3. Good morning man of God. Please pray for me. I want to write an important exam in November,I want an excellent result.
    Also pray for my mum and my daughter for divine healing.Thank you pastor for standing in the gap for my family. God be with you. Amen

  4. God Morning My Father,
    thank you very much for the inspiration words we love so much , may the Lord provide you more and empower you more and more
    great day Daddy
    thank you

  5. I believe that God can change my life can change the pain to Joy believe that God is always there for me the tiers that i cry everyday will change to a tiers of Joy and 1day he will remember me in Jesus name Amen

  6. Pastor Alph Lukau, please pray for me to get URGENT FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH, GOOD HEALTH, PROTECTION FROM GOD and WISDOM from the Almighty God.

  7. Daddy I am your daughter I have been in AMI for more than 3 times. I am from Durban, Daddy I am struggling financial and my life is blocked in one place. I need your touch and I believe in you Man of God. Please pray for me I need to have a house of my own.

  8. Pastor please pray for a mecy of God upon me may he remembers me i pray alot but it’s seems like my prayers are not going anywhere but i declee in the name of Jesus Christ for you to pray for me i am a child of God may his face shine apon me may he pull his hand over me my he remembers me my husband and my kids Sabelo and Fezeka in the name of Jesus Christ Amen… Amen

  9. my father i strongly believe that only through you me and my family will receive our healing please help us we are in a very bad situation right now please pastor we want to visit but we don’t have the money for now thanks and may God continue to bless you AMEN

  10. I lift up the sword of the Lord and I declare that every stronghold, principalities and powers from anywhere that is fighting my destiny or stands between me and my miracle must die by fire and by fiat In Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen and Amen.

  11. Pastor pray for me so that I must be able to make my way to AMI in december. From the 29 to the 31 2018.
    I trusting God for financial breakthrough Help Man of God.

  12. Please man of god pray for me spirit of poverty .l need my green card in my hands end of this month give me wisdom heal me every sickness l comand by jesus name

  13. I receive this word today thank you pastor Alph for your spiritual commitment to always Serve an honor the Father yes I am in need of prayer and healing and God miracle working power for my church family and my natural family love and thank God for you in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽

  14. I request for financial breakthrough and good health for me and my family. I request God meet my children at the point of their need. I want God to disgrace enemies of progress

  15. Man of God please pray with me, for sound health, blessing of God so I can fulfill my destiny. I need helper, I’m advanced in age am over 60yrs. 2, my senior daughter for fruit of the womb and breakthrough. My second daughter for visa to come to USA she has been to embassy 6tms but she was refuse now she is not doing anything anything, she is going through depression. The last one God to bless her with power to complete, and my 2 g/daughters.

  16. We are connecting with you in Prayers Spirit and the Blood of Jesus our Moses, please dont forget us in your prayers. My family and our ministry. Our Full restoration of everything, healing financial freedom .everything

  17. I am a chief in the city of Tema in Ghana at solace called Otagbanor (Ota-gba-nor), my enemies has risen against me and fighting with me over the land n stool. I want your help man of God to deal with all of them including members of my own family.

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