My 26th Prophetic Declarations – (Pastor Alph Lukau) – September 26th 2018

Do you believe that God can heal you from ANY sickness and any incurable condition? Do you believe that God can turn a generational curse into a generational blessing? Poverty to Wealth? Pain to joy? He Alone Is God is your week of MIRACLES. Am I speaking to a believer?


There are certain things that have to die before you see the Lord (Isaiah 6:1).

Until you allow those things to die you will not see the Lord.

Certain things have to die because they stand between you and your miracle, they are planted by the devil.

That spirit standing against your progress must die.

Lift the sword of the Lord against every devil standing between you and your miracle.

Whatever is standing on your way, blocking you from getting your miracle, declare 3 times, die! die! die!

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