My 29th Prophetic Declarations – (September 29 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

 My 29th Prophetic Declarations – (September 29 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

The scripture says in Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord.” We’re grateful that God is directing our steps, but the truth is that God is ordering our steps. When your steps are ordered, you don’t have a choice. Yes, we have free will, but God will put us in situations on purpose that we can’t get out of.


You can be sour, fighting, complaining, or you can say, “God, I know You’ve ordered my steps. You have me here for a reason. I may be uncomfortable, it’s not changing as fast as I would like, but God, I don’t just trust You; I trust Your timing. I know that when I’m ready, You’ll bring me into my season of much fruit.”

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. And if you get tired, learn to rest, not quit. The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.

Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.

*** A Note to Self ***

Don’t determine your worth and value by the standards of the world, but by the standards of God. ⚘?