Start A New Week – With Pastor Alph Lukau (Divine Restoration) – JULY 16TH

 Start A New Week – With Pastor Alph Lukau (Divine Restoration) – JULY 16TH

May God PUNISH the devil! The devil is wicked, the devil is bad. This young man called out to Pastor Alph Lukau and pleaded that he save him from the men who want to kill him.


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He is a member of a satanic cult and was initiated to carry out wicked acts like killing men and women in the name of their masters. His masters have requested that he sacrifice and kill his own son in order to gain greater power. He testified that they were also on a mandate to attack churches and bring them down but the devil is a liar.

TODAY the fire of God fell and God delivered him from this wicked cult. TODAY the church of God set fire on the entire satanic cult! The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of God. We led this young man to give his life to Jesus Christ and he became a born again child of God. I want you to know that it is never too late to give your life to Jesus Christ.

Whoever is behind your pain, whoever is behind your misery, I give them seven days. I call on the FIRE of God on every act of wickedness that has tormented your life. Every unrepentant witch must die! Somebody shout FIRE!!!!