Submit Your Prayer Request Now – The Gain Of Human Spirituality !!!

I believe that many of you are about to see God step in and override what’s been hindering you. You’ve been doing the right thing, honoring God, being good to people, now God is about to show out. You’re about to see the final say in your health, in your career, in your finances.

That struggle looked permanent, like you would never get ahead, but God is about to override the lack, the limitations, the people that have held you back. He’s about to release you into new levels of increase and abundance. The final word is you will lend and not borrow.


You are above and not beneath. Maybe you were raised in dysfunction, addictions, depression. The final word is coming.

God is about to break those yokes that have pulled you down so you can step up to who you were created to be. The final word is freedom, wholeness, abundance, victory.


Stay in peace, knowing that God wouldn’t have allowed it if He wasn’t going to use it for your good. It may not feel good, but this is where you have to show God what you’re made of. Anyone can be happy when things are going their way. Anyone can thank God when doors are opening, but if you want to pass this test and see God’s favor in new ways, you have to thank Him when it doesn’t work out, you have to have a smile when you could be complaining, be good to others when someone is not being good to you. This is what faith is all about.