October 21st 2018 Join Sunday Live Service (AMI) Pastor Alph Lukau

October 21st 2018 Join Sunday Live Service (AMI) Pastor Alph Lukau

We are getting ready to PRAY at midnight. I am especially praying for everyone who is CONNECTED with us online from around the world. Everyone who is praying with us, and for everyone who has traveled great distances and nearby destinations to attend He Alone Is God Conference this week (22-28 Oct 2018).


I want you to know that the Lord has heard your cries. You will reap a divine reward. Whatever you are trusting God for I AGREE WITH YOU IN PRAYER. SO SHALL IT BE!

On the road to your destiny, halfway through, every person feels like giving up. Some people give in, turn around, and go back. The other people stay committed and keep moving forward. What’s interesting is that each person ends up traveling the same distance.

One went halfway back to where they started; the other went halfway ahead and reached their goal. Committed people outlast the difficulty.


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