JOIN US !!! Sunday Live Service (July 22nd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

JOIN US !!! Sunday Live Service (July 22nd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

– There is time to cry, there is also time to rejoice. YOU HAVE CRIED ENOUGH, your time to rejoice is here! GET INTO IT.

    1. God’s full destiny for our life can only be released in those who receive strength (v.16) to sustain their voluntarily choices to obey God in follow through. This prepares us to experience more of Jesus’ presence in our hearts because we are rooted and grounded in confidence in God’s love.


  1. Experiencing God’s fullness requires a radical pursuit of God
  2. The paradox in the Church is that many talk about the love of God while being content to not press into it to actually experience its power. In a spiritual culture of compromise, some are falsely comforted by references to God’s love without understanding the glorious reality of it.

Angels are blowing trumpets 🎺 of victory for you. Your coming success is about to embarrass your enemies and turn your mockers to your admirers


  1. Good morning man of God. I want to thank you for the prayers forwarded to me today this morning. I am blessed and feel very much encouraged. God bless you Papa.

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