FIRST SUNDAY OF OCTOBER 2021 – Don’t Fail To Join Us Today !!!

Prayer Sunday October
Prayer Sunday October

FIRST SUNDAY OF OCTOBER 2021 – Don’t Fail To Join Us Today !!!

Do you have a personal relationship with God?


When was the last time you read your Bible?

How often do you read your Bible in a day/week/month?

When was the last time you locked yourself to seek the face of God?

Prayer Sunday October
Prayer Sunday October

Have you been praying daily?

Do you still GIVE to God?

Do you understand the importance of you being with God with no one else there?

You can pray with your brother/sister but God wants you to have a 1 on 1 with Him. You NEED to have a PERSONAL

RELATIONSHIP with God. Are you hearing me?

– Alph Lukau

I Prophesy

What the enemy did not see coming the Lord is making manifest in your life
• 2020 is not a failed year
• The Lord your God is about to do something in the eleventh hour that will turn things around
• Your life is about to take a different turn


  1. Lord jesus i am here on my nice calling you to be with me on first Sunday of the month I call you to protect me savi and to deliver me be with in to bless my business and my family and my relationship in Jesus’s name amen

  2. God Bless Papa Alph Lukau and Mama Celeste,thank you for blessing my life with your words of encouragement and hope I pray God continues to use you mightily in Jesus name,Papa please pray the my prayer life will be stronger and people will see God in me in Jesus name
    All of my love is sent to you

  3. halleluia halleluia Glory Glory to Jesus halleluia Amen, Thank you JESUS thank you Papa, I recieve i believe what my papa prophecies my life will turn and change around in Jesus mighty name Amen, Thank thank thank you Jesus thank you Papa, Amen and Amen

  4. Things are not smooth,am having difficult using my laptop , so couldn’t join the prayers, specially about about the angels .
    I need to join the IVP in Paris France.
    Please Papa did you receive my details ? Please contact me 07368188076
    Am suffering from my heart 💓 and severe blood pressure. Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

  5. Ohh yes,my LORD God never fail. He said value His word more than His righteous name.And He said he is the Lord that confirms the words of His servants.So to say that what the servant of God had just said today about me this remaining year must justly come to pass in my life.In jesus name.

  6. My Moses, Man of God, I love 💕 you watch you daily, your my strength,… remember me papa, locate me, I would love to me you soon, papa I need an Emergency break though, dreams not good, health, I need a house, pay increase, ppl owing me , I do need a deliverance my Moses remember me when you go to our father god blessed you… I’m Apostolic, prophetic, I’m AMI…Amen Anen Amen 🙏🏾

  7. Eu tenho lido a Bíblia quase todos dias, mais o que me falta neste momento é o poder de gravar tudo que tenho lido sobre as sagradas escritura.
    Tenho ido a Igreja, tenho orado todos os dias com a voz alta e no meu coração porque estou numa casa alheia que não gostam de orar.

  8. My Moses, Man of God, I watch you daily I love you❤️, my health kids, need my own business I work at a hospital need raise pay Man of God please I need a house for my kids myself jus so much I need an Emergency breakthrough… remember when you go to Our father .. thank you!

  9. Blesses be the name of the LORD, Hallowed be your name. Yahweh my king and my Lord, You’re my provider and sustainer, you know what lm going through in my life, King Jesus please cloth me with your garment of peace, love, Joy, faithfulness, blessings, financial breakthrough, new visions, new opportunity, Do not pass me by, hold my hands, l need you every minute, hour and day, my life is fully depend in you. I Love you Lord in Jesus name l prayed . Amen Amen Amen.

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