Takealot APP : Windows , Blackberry , Discount , Free Delivery , South Africa , I have to say, in terms of product variety Takealot cannot compare to Amazon – not even close.

But, I was looking for a couple of books and I decided to try my luck with Takealot and to my amazement they had the books! They weren’t only available in the country but they were much cheaper than Amazon! If only you had more variety, I’d never leave my house.Takealot APP : Windows , Blackberry , Discount , Free Delivery , South Africa


Great service and delivery.

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Takealot APP : Windows , Blackberry , Discount , Free Delivery , South Africa

– I would u guys to add a COD option for pre orders as that would really make me enjoy shopping as I stay awake to order the next day after release but have to wait a while as the supplier is out of stock as soon as it releases I would really appreciate it thanks

– Love the app. It would be amazing if a custom delivery time could be chosen. Secondly, adding the GPS coordinates of a delivery address may make deliveries even easier for the drivers to handle. Lastly, it would be nice if a distinction could be made between items that have been delivered and items that are still available on the way.


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