THIS IS YOUR DESTINY , I Don’t Need Your Name to Tell You – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau (Many People are Following the Wrong Destiny)

THIS IS YOUR DESTINY , I Don’t Need Your Name to Tell You – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau (Many People are Following the Wrong Destiny)

In Every City , There Must be Only 1 King , There cannot be 2 Presidents at a time , Not everybody is destined to be Rich , But everybody is Gifted , Don’t Fail to submit your Prayer Request Today , I Will Pray for you in a special way.

This is your Destiny , For 1 Minute , Keep your Phone .. Close your Eyes …. You will Hear a Voice Talking to you Deeply inside your Heart


This First word your hear or the first though that came to your mind is your destiny

No Body can change it … Now work very heard to Achieve  it … don’t thing your destiny is Poor .. Aim High …


The eyes of God are on you (Isaiah 60:1). Your time has arrived – from today, SHINE in your workplace, SHINE in your relationships, SHINE in that business meeting, SHINE in that interview. Wherever you go this week – SHINE! Much Love


“Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 28:1)

You have to be faithful in the wilderness before God will take you into the Promised Land. When you keep serving with excellence, serving when nobody is watching, serving when you’re not getting credit, serving when it doesn’t look like it will ever change, then one day, you’ll come into a destiny moment where God opens a door bigger than you ever imagined.


    • I work as a police man,and I am sofering accusation and spiritual attacks,this has caused a delay in my promotions and my monetary favour because my enemies around me in the office are jelouse of my elevations.even my father house and land property is still in the hand of my step mother who refuses to hand over those property to of god tank u bcos u HV been trying for me for they are about to give me my promotion and enemies HV started forging another allocation for me again just to make sure that such favour didn’t get to me.hence my prayer request.

    • Sir my prayer request is that may god expose my acussers,
      May god release my fathers hOuse and lands property to me from the hand of a step mother,
      I pray against disappointment,spiritual attack,accident,wisdom,knwdlege,
      Pray for my mother she is sick for healing.Amen.

  1. I receive what my Prophet prophecies in Jesus name Amen,Man of God please pray for me and for my family,OH Lord help me to obey the voice of the Lord,To observe carefully all his commandments,which you command me today,And to fullfill his Glory in my life ,Man of God please pray for me for financial breakthrough, In Jesus name i pray Amen

  2. Lord Jesus i pray for your grace. Im standing at river Jordan want to cross over to my promised land. May Lord my Jehova Yaweh make a way for me. Dispach Your special Angels to search for my destiny in Jesus Christ name i pray. Amen….

  3. I receive my prophecy man of God. Pray for me for abudent blessings, pray for my financial break through to able to finance my study and publish my book man of God. Pray for me to be employed as a full time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus.

  4. Oh Lord Please Open Finacial And International Doors And Allow Me To Do Your Work Throgh The Talent And Gift Of Singing That U Hav Given Me,may I Stand Firm And Also May Favour B Upon My Fiance’ To Do Your Work Through Ministry Like He Always Does

  5. Pastor Alph Lakau you are surely a man near to God’s heart.please pray for me i get alot of panicky attacks in my sleep.please pray for my husband a d daughter that the favour of God will be upon us.and I believe in your prophecies and believe God will open a big finance door for us.thank you pastor be blessed

  6. Amen God help me to observe your commandments and obey them please man of God pray for me financial breakthough I need 500m and to discover my destiny and God purpose in my life

  7. Pastor Alph Lukau, please pray for me so that my spiritual eyes & ears can be open to hear directly from God in Jesus name….Haleluayh!

  8. Good morning Prophet please pray for me i have a lot of afflictions me my mother and my siblings. Im in a deep financial crisis i cant afford even to pay for the textbooks of my grade 12 daughter please im desperate for God’s intervention today may the Good Lord have mercy and favour me in this situation Amen Man of God

  9. I request prayer for financial breakthrough, I am in debt I cant even settle my outstanding balance to get my certificate at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, growth of my business, promotion and calm in my marriage in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name.
    Daddy please pray for me concerning
    – attack in my body
    – may God expose my hiding enemies
    – may God fight my unseen battle
    – financial breakthroughs
    Thank you Daddy.

  11. Amen. Pray with me that all elements to get aligned together to receive my visa and citizenship as quickly as possible to get to AMI not only to watch you live stream but to get there physically as well, also anything I am not liking in my family to be uproot from the root, witches & wizards interference to be crushed by the blood of Jesus, a complete turn around, may my divine helper locates me, I am sick and tired of doing everything by myself as a widow. I am praying, I am receiving prophetic declarations, I am claiming the miracles God is doing in other people lives as well, may all of that prayers manifest now in my life, to get back all the devil has stolen from me. To be one of the heavenly kingdom financier too. I am claiming my destiny in Jesus name.

  12. I have come into my destiny moment today. Praise the Lord for the beautiful Prophet. I have begun my journey now I need a well paid part time job while I study and do internship. I trust in the Lord. He is my strength and my maker. He is the same yesterday- today and tomorrow. His unfailing love must see us through. I thank you great Prophet of God. Love Christina

  13. My Jesus please bless me financial break through Amen and please make completely free from the huge loans to many people i make this prayer in your mighty name. Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for me Amen.

  14. Man of God I need the visitation of God Almighty Father in Jesus name a turnaround in my children’s life. My daughter’s to get married. My son has a calling but he dies not know for God to visit him in an usual way. For God to bless my daughter’s worm with a bouncing baby girl from his throne of have. My younger son God to raise a helper that his scouted as a footballer. Lord use all my hive children in Jesus Christ name

  15. Thank You Lord, I greet you my spiritual father, O Lord give me the spiritual eyes to see spiritual things in the realm and make me hear voice my dream line should be clear, thank you my Maker and Author and finisher of faith, please daddy prayer for my family my elder brother to receive his sight, my younger sister to have a children, I also to get marriage, total deliverance, total breakthrough, healing, promotion and every good things our good God has for us, I also connect my faith with my spiritual father, I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen, Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooo

  16. Pray For Me To Be Called For Interviews Soon And Start Working,healing Frm Gential Warts And My Aunt To Hand Over My Late Parents House And Money To Me.

  17. I receive the prophecy in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ AMEN! Thank you my Spiritual Father Alph Lukau, pray for me and my Family

  18. Amen Papa. I experience a change in my ministration yesterday and I knew the Spirit of God at work in the life of Pastor Alph Lukau is already at work in my life and ministry.I am a daughter of pastor Alph Lukau and I want him to speak into my life and finance and make all close doors be open unto me. Amen

  19. URGENT.
    Man of God, I have many things right now in my heart, but the most urgent things are these:
    1. Please pray for me about my property. Someone is trying tricks and wants to steal it. We are in court. Pray that they fail awfully.
    2. Pray for my children EDITH and ERIC, They are graduates…. without jobs.
    It is very painful for me.

  20. Good morning papa. I receive my prophecy man of God pray for me and my family so that our spiritual eyes and ears can be opened to hear God’s words amen.Pastor my sister Nelissa we need help in this difficult matter she is demon-possessed. My niece Ramatu for fruit in her womb she is married for 2yrs now. My son IB, my nephew Amid,Sarah my niece I pray that the God of Alph Lukau will locate them and meet all their desires watch over them and direct their paths. My brother Raymond and I I’m ask God for total healing,deliverance,restoration,favour,provision,guidance and protection bestowed upon us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen. Thank you lord

  21. Papa we have just come back from the auditions please my Moses pray for my daughter to be chosen for the big TV commercial please…

  22. I receive the prophecy in the mighty name of Jesus Amen. Papa pray for me and my family most of them they are addicted to alcohol and no progress in our family we are just stack, no communication or helping each other in my family papa. Even those are graduated they have no jobs and pray for those who are sick in my family to be healed man of god. Please man of god have mercy on us.

  23. Pastor Alph Lukau, thank you for the word of wisdom, really encourage me to walk thru challenges and hard times. I am requesting with humble heart, please pray for the health of my family, my parents, siblings, grandchildren, my husband and my three boys. We have plans for this year, plan to develop and assist my family hope and future. We are seeking our Lord with all our hearts to bless us with his everlasting love. Please make it easy for the process of our paper work at locally in company as well as overseas for accepting us to come to work there for the future of our family. Please pray for all my own plans to be success in any way so that I can help to feed my family and church contribution.

  24. Man of God my friend has a bad heart. The doctors say it is no good. She is in Duke Hospital in NC, please pray for her. Her name is Dianne Pettiford Bumpass! Thank you!

  25. Man of God please pray for my so that closed doors are opening this year I really need a job and want to study please pray for me so that God forgive me for every bad thing I have done in my life please

  26. Pastor Alph thank you for the word of wisdom it really encourage me to walk in faith through my troubled challenges please i pray for Grace help me to obey my spiritual voice of the Lord.Dispatch your Guardian Angels to search for my Destiny. I pray for abundance in my life. I pray for a husband and a financial breakthrough oh Lord may you expose my enemies and Lord for my sister Libertine and my cousin Anton may you guide them and protect them bless them my Lord in Jesus name Amen

  27. Father in heaven I pray for spiritual insight to enable me know your words that direct me to my destiny. Lord keep me alert so that I will not miss my blessings and prosperity.

  28. Father give my family the signal to direct them to their destiny and prosperity. An alarm to show them your rightful answer to their problems.

  29. Heavely father I pray for my son and son in law to be granted a spiritual insight to alert them toward their destiny and prosperity. Give them the signal for rightful decisions.

  30. I receive that Word. My day is coming even though it may not look as if it is. My day is coming and I receive the blessing. I expect it to come. Thank you Jesus. You know I have been faithful. I love you Lord!! Thank you in advance!!

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