This Prayer By Archbishop Benson Idahosa Will Change Your Life

This Prayer By Archbishop Benson Idahosa Will Change Your Life



There is that period, you have to go through fire to archive your life dream. There is that time in your life, no matter how holy you are, holiness does not put Satan to hell. Holiness makes you a better person, holiness makes you live longer, holiness makes you an instrument in the hand of God. But your righteousness doesn’t kill the devil
Anyone that is kind enough to knock you down will not be kind enough to raise you up. Any man that hates you enough to knock you down, cannot love you to pick you up.

I see a lifting from your knockdown. Elijah said; I hear a sound of the abundance of rain. The ground may dry but I hear a sound. Lazy people don’t go far, unwilling to endure don’t go far.

Many time, the people you call number 2, are not even number 10.

Many time, the people you think you are going to lean on, on the day of trouble have no back.

So many times, the people you think will stand by you when trouble comes, are looking for who will stand by them.
You may lose your strength; you will never lose your God.

Every man may flee from you, every friend may turn their back. But He (God) has promised; I will never leave nor forsake you.

The ground may shake so much that you have no leg to stand, but the God that gave you the vision, will not cancel the vision. I don’t know what is pushing you down. I know if God give you a knockdown, He’s going to give you a lifting up.

It may be a financial knockdown.
It may be a marriage knockdown.
It may be a business knockdown.
It may be a family knockdown.
It may be a relationship knockdown.
But if for any reason God allow you to be knockdown, He’s getting ready to lift you up.
— Archbishop Benson Idahosa


  1. Amen praise Jehovah. Though I have been knock down God is raising me up in Jesus name. My husband was a wealthly man that abused cocaine and abused me. Him and his family took my kids away from me and pushed me out of his home homeless, jobless and penniless but my God is turning it around. He even destroyed my passport so I can not travel. The enemy Satan stole every but God is releasing it back to me double fold for my trouble. My prayer is that I get a job to support my business and get a business grant to help me financially. I am also praying for a home. I was given a property by my mum and I am praying for the finances to build my home and get my children from the Children’s Home from Social Services. Their father placed them there since 2016.Please pray for my finances, family and business in Jesus name.

  2. 17th August, 2021

    Dear Prophet Alph!!

    Bless you, your family and the household of faith.

    Prophet Alph I thank God for your caring ministry in my life. This prayer is prophetic in my life and it helps in releasing my harvest 100 fold. To God be the Glory, Honour and the Praise. I know that my life will never be the same again. Thank You Lord for my knockdown and thank You for my “pick up” in Jesus name. If God be for me who can be against me. In Jesus Mighty name there is no one Hallelujah Amen!!

    Thanks Prophet Alph

    Yours in Christ

  3. Papa Alph can you prayer for Cecil he’s an elderly gentleman whose just being diagnosed with a brain tumour he lives in Lewisham please he needs your help currently hes in a lot of pain, im sorry I dont have more details about him, but his only hope is Jesus

  4. Thank You Jesus for lifting me up for Your Glory, Honor and Praise. Lord I will always give You the Glory that is due to Your name. AMEN!!

  5. I receive this word however I dreamt my spiritual father I had seen him in my dreams before but this dream keep recurring in my mind I would love to get clarity.I dreamt papa Alph ask me for a drink of juice an as I was pouring the drink it flowed upwardly in the glass an I ask him how did you do that an he said follow me my daughter let me show you but as I running behind him with the bottle of drink in my hand the bottle fell an he responded leave it but yet I ran after the bottle to catch it as I keep running after the bottle is became smaller when I caught it an I just woke up from the dream an like I saw a image of my father on the walls of my room.Please papa can you explain thanks in advance.

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