Say This Prayer With Me and Get a Shocking Miracle !!! – Pastor Alph Lukau

 Say This Prayer With Me and Get a Shocking Miracle !!! – Pastor Alph Lukau

“May today be all that I need it to be. May the peace of God and the freshness
of the Holy Spirit rest in my thoughts, rule in my dreams and conquer all my
fears. May God manifest himself today in ways that I have never experienced.

May my joys be fulfilled, my dreams become closer and my prayers be
answered. I pray that my faith enters a new height, that my territory is enlarged
and that I make one step closer to my destiny. I pray for peace, health,
happiness and true and undying love for God.”



  1. I pray for God miracles to work in mission for me ti get extension even to the last day…i pray for financial break through in my life…promotion…victory for my daughter …favour… to win the context competition in our country.
    I pray for my last daughter God to free her from wet bed sick…and healing for Jesus name Amen
    Pray for me to finish my house and buy a private car fir my self in Jesus name Amen

  2. I pray to get marry in October and my mentally ill sister be healed in Jesus name.
    I also pray for good health financial breakthrough and double promotion at my job

  3. Please pray for my children for finical breakthrough my daughter. In England to get her papers,an me to debt free in Jesus name thank you mog

  4. seeking prayer for my business, and heath for my spinal cervical disc. That my life and soul will forever serve my God in heaven that i will have wisdom to help and distribute my wealth for Gods Glory. May God remember me this day, that the love of God that surpasses all understanding be my portion this day. I bless you Pastor Lukau, man of God, may his face shine upon you and you family, Ive never seen signs and wonders manifest like they do in South Africa, Please say a prayer for my Jwish friend suffering from Migrain headaches.

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