Checkout My Vacation Pictures With My Children July 2018 – Pastor Alph Lukau

– I pray that the power of God may locate you now.. Your story is about to change • by • Fire • by • Force • in Jesus name


– GOD sent me to declare a turn around miracle in your life – Your mockers are about to become your admires – receive it NOW in Jesus name

– I see you receiving good news this week. You are about to salute greatness. May your faith work for you.

– There is time to cry, there is also time to rejoice. YOU HAVE CRIED ENOUGH, your time to rejoice is here! GET INTO IT.


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  1. I receive it in the name of Jesus Christ. What mine is mine. Devil is a liar. Pastor, I have plans ahead for Australia this year. God saw everything and I am still waiting for his time for me. I have faith in everything I do

  2. Pastor Lukau, Late last year, I planned a trip to AMI, but have not given the opportunity yet, still waiting for the historic journey. My health and Finance play a role as well. I am not giving up. Continuously pray for me! Amen.

  3. Amen, l receive it in Jesus name. May God expose my hiding enemies and destroy them.
    Thank you Daddy.

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