JOIN PASTOR Alph Lukau Night Prayer – JANUARY 20TH 2021 (Money Night)

JOIN PASTOR Alph Lukau Night Prayer – JANUARY 20TH 2021 (Money Night)



What God has in store for you is bigger than you can imagine, more rewarding, more fulfilling. Instead of going around frustrated because of what’s not happening, turn it around and say, “Father, thank You for the blessings You’ve already set up.

Thank You for the favor, the promotion, the healing, the good breaks that You’ve already ordained to come across my path.”

When you live in faith, expecting God’s goodness, there are moments of favor that you’ll come into suddenly. You didn’t see it coming. There wasn’t any sign of it. But suddenly, a good break.

Suddenly, you meet the right person. Suddenly, the paperwork goes through. It’s one of those blessings that God has already set up.


Day 12/40 Breaking Generational Curses (John 8:36). Everyone will have to fight his or her parents devils. It is the work of the devil to stop family members from marriage, to kill everyone at 40 (or at a defined age), to block the womb and to keep everyone in poverty… but on Day 12 we break every generational curse operating in your life in the name of Jesus! PRAY, Go FREE NOW


  1. Pray for me man of God to get a better job ,because I submit my copies to project hope want this job to be mine man of God

  2. I pray that God will bring me miracle money. I ask for God to restore my relationship with R Brewington and protect my daughter in Jesus name Amen.

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