New Week Prayer and Motivational Words – June 2021

New Week Prayer and Motivational Words – June 2021

I know things might be difficult after giving it your all yet it seems like you can’t catch a break right now, but I encourage you to give it one more try.


This time dig deeper and give it all that you’ve got. Go deeper in your faith, get deeper in your prayer time and take your relationship with God to deeper levels because the things that God is preparing for you will be great however a deeper connection is needed in order to administrate it wisely.

Even if your only response is, “If you say so Lord.”, give it one more try believing this time God is making the attempt with you.

Make your way out to deeper waters with the mentality that sink or swim I’m riding with Him. Once you’ve tried again be prepared for a catch of epic proportions, so much that you might need backup nets to haul in everything God has for you.

This is your season for a net breaking return on the depth of what you’ve invested time, tears and many prayers on.


? O God, give me the grace to trust in You, make the Eagle of my destiny, arise, fly, and shine, in the name of Jesus.

? Holy Ghost Fire, this week and beyond, guide me into my breakthrough, in the name of Jesus.

? O God, my Father, establish me in Your power, in the name of Jesus.

? I use the Chariots of Fire of God, to claim and collect my goods presently residing in wrong hands, in the name of Jesus.

? Thank You Lord, for answered prayers,