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Lukau Weekly Prayers
Lukau Weekly Prayers

Prayer For Families

God wants us to pray for families. Pray for your loved ones, pray for your families.
I need you to understand that you are not completely free until you are all free (Joshua 24:15)
• Joshua said to Israel: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
It is not enough that you serve the Lord alone, your family must serve the Lord
• If your family does not get free, your battle will come and come again

Lukau Weekly Prayers
Lukau Weekly Prayers

Declare over your family;


• We break the yoke of the enemy that is keeping families bound in the name of Jesus
• Lord I destroy every generational curse that has been passed from one to the other in my family
• Lord we speak freedom, freedom, freedom, in every family
• Your family is blessed
• The light of God will shine in your family
• Poverty is not to be seen in your family ever again
• I speak the protection of God over your family in the name of Jesus
• Whoever is practicing witchcraft, I destroy that witchcraft in Jesus’ name
• I pray for the protection of siblings

• Father, bring Your sons and daughters to the light of salvation. It is done in the name of Jesus!


  1. Amen keep my family in prayer against every attack of the enemy and this evil man name ((Willy petit home)) he is willing to bring death in my family.i believe God to send fire fire fire where he is doing his witchcraft against my family victory shall be mine in Jesus Name thank you Bless you and family.

  2. Thank you papa for your prayer over my family.🙏🏽
    Daddy am here on my own, this reason I always pray
    Am just waiting for someone to show me how to do selfie for my testimony.
    Daddy I have come to realised in year 2018 that you are Anointed by God. I can prove it Jay Israel, if only you give me the permission to do so.
    Its such a betrayal, but please remember Judas ! did the same to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be strong papa; I love 💔 💕🙏🏽✌️.

  3. Good day pastor please pray for me and all of my family we need to be realies out of bounds bad luck is on our door step no future nothing at all please pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus 🙏

  4. Prophet of the living God, please pray for me i need healing in my body total deliverance spiritually. physically, financially. Amen

  5. Papa please connect me to the alleluia ministries Church here in the UK here I’ve already tried both churches no response. Please pass my number or they’re number 07368188 076 to join for church service.
    Papa please pray for me hire blood pressure.

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