Miracle Money for 500 Persons – With FAITH …. Click Here and Join Me – Pastor Alph Lukau – April 16 2019

If I be a man of God, may FIRE come down from heaven and consume each and every enemy of your life. This Easter may fire destroy HIV and cancers, diabetes, irregular blood pressures, back, neck pains and any sickness. May fire consume the power of witchcraft in your home, fire to destroy the witches in your finances.


When last did you do the will of God? (John 4:34-35)
When last did you go out of your way because He (God) is asking you to do it?
When last did you do something that cost you your time, your finances, your resources, your effort or your pride?

If you will put God FIRST, His blessing shall fall upon the works of your hands.
From this day forward, your God will go before you
From this day forward, the world will know that you belong to Jesus. So shall it be!


God is a God of justice. He sees the wrongs. He sees what’s unfair, who left you out, who betrayed you.

You’re going to be restored to greater honor. Because of what tried to stop you, God is going to take you further than if it had not happened.

When you get a double dose of trouble, you’re going to get a double dose of favor.

Now quit believing those lies that you’re stuck, that the bad breaks will always limit you, that you’ll never get past the divorce, the financial difficulty, the sickness.

That is not how your story ends.


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  1. In the name of Jesus Christ I connect my self there I know distance is not a barrel Amen

  2. Thanks you Lord for the man of God and all the family represented on the site today. I also pray that my Son will get the three years scholarship to finish this four year program. I also pray blessings for the person who will be granting him this scholarship also the person who is the mediator in this process.

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