Happy New Month – December 1 2022 ( My Messages)

Don’t let the fact that we are several weeks until the end of the year get you worried about if God’s word concerning your life will come to pass.

If He spoke it then you can bet on it because His word never returns void without reaching the intended recipient at the appointed time.


Understand God doesn’t need a month to make a miracle, all he needs is a moment; a Kairos moment. So instead of being worried about the time or your deadline worry about are you in the right place for your moment to occur. Your kairos moment has to do with not only your patience but also your position.

When you’re not resting on the right hand of the Father as we ought to be we run the risk of getting in the way of our own miracle, thus delaying our moment.

Don’t worry, rest on the sidelines and let God be God in your situation regardless of the time left.

If He created time and your miracle then you’ll never be on the wrong side of your kairos moment. Just REST IN HIM.