IF YOU Need Miracles This New WEEK – Click Here to Start It With Me (I Prophesy In The Name of God) – May 20TH 2019

I decree and I declare, you have entered your week of manifestation.
This is your week of open doors
What was closed you will see it open up this Monday.
Whatever was locked. Whatever was closed. Whatever was stolen or denied is COMING BACK. So shall it be!



There’s another world that we can’t see with our natural eyes. If God were to pull back the curtain, you would see into the invisible world; you would see all these forces that are for you.

Powerful warring angels at work on your behalf, standing guard, protecting you, pushing back the forces of darkness.

You would see God moving the wrong people out of the way, lining up things in your favor, arranging good breaks, healing, deliverance.

Don’t get discouraged by what you see with your physical eyes.

Through your eyes of faith, you need to see every obstacle that’s holding you back surrounded by the Most High.


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  1. O God of pastor Alph LUKAU, i lay my burden in your hands this morning, anyone or power causing fear in my life, may God take it away from me and Grant me Devine cover in Jesus name.

  2. I pray father to give me financial break through, to give me strength and courage to overcome adversity, let my book and my study guide dominate the industry. Amen

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