IF YOU Need Miracles This New WEEK – Click Here to Start It With Me (I Prophesy In The Name of God) – August 14th 2019

IF YOU Need Miracles This New WEEK – Click Here to Start It With Me (I Prophesy In The Name of God) – August 14th 2019

I decree and I declare, you have entered your week of manifestation.
This is your week of open doors
What was closed you will see it open up this Monday.
Whatever was locked. Whatever was closed. Whatever was stolen or denied is COMING BACK. So shall it be!



There’s another world that we can’t see with our natural eyes. If God were to pull back the curtain, you would see into the invisible world; you would see all these forces that are for you.

Powerful warring angels at work on your behalf, standing guard, protecting you, pushing back the forces of darkness.

You would see God moving the wrong people out of the way, lining up things in your favor, arranging good breaks, healing, deliverance.

Don’t get discouraged by what you see with your physical eyes.

Through your eyes of faith, you need to see every obstacle that’s holding you back surrounded by the Most High.


  1. Amen, I receive it in Jesus Name.
    Father, l need your help show yourself in my life, l m so tire.
    Daddy please pray for me.
    Thank you.

  2. My prophet Alpha Lukau, thank you for the powerful miracle. I love you. Please remove my obstacles and return what was stolen from me in the blood of Jesus Christ. open the door of your blessing and rain it upon me. thank you Jesus, thank you. Let me yours forever.

  3. Daddy i need a total healing of my body, and pray for my entire family too. God bless you with your family in Jesus Name Amen!

  4. Away with allien spirits in my life and all sorts of demons that are hindering and closing doors in my life in the name of the Lord of lords Jesus, i stand with you prophet of God and i decree and i declare upon my life that doors open. Freedom i claim and enthusiast i recieve. AMEN

    • As the spirit of god is upon me, and the spirit of god is within me i decree and i declare doors are opened for me, my family , my congregation and my pastor.we are serving the most high in jesus name i pray. Amen.

  5. Thanks for your dedication towards the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
    The Almighty Father God is pleased with your activities daily.
    I am waiting to see your prayers answered on my behalf here in Finland:
    Prostate enlargement, blood pressure and complete stagnation.
    But Satan is a liar and I shall be made whole and experienced a breakthrough in Jesus Name.

  6. So shall it be Papa, miracles, miracles this week I receive, God please open doors for me that we closed before, unlocked everything locked in my life in Jesus name, amen.

  7. Father, I pray for strength and clearness in filling up my visa application to Nigeria. The date is soon but I haven’t completed the form and documents. Please father the travel date is supposed to be on the 2nd of may. Please make it easy for me to submit the form and to be called for interview soon or better still get the approval without going through interview at the embassy. Please father pray for me. I need financial miracles too to sustain me while in Nigeria. Thank you father. I pray these in the name of Jesus. Amen

  8. Pastor… I’m awaiting response from an employer where I had been for an interview…I’m now almost 1 year 8 months without job…please pray… I receive the breakthrough in the name of Jesus…
    Alex Martin

  9. Amen, may God the father Almighty creator of heaven and earth that call you to do his work let it working in our life as you prophesy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen

  10. MOG I asking you to pray for me I need a miracle this week am in need of a good paying job I need you to pray for my son’s as they too need a job and I need my spouse home with me I need a miracle now the devil is a lier I need i break through in the name of Jesus Amen


  12. I need it and I receive it in the powerful name of Jesus. Lord, please let this be my day , week of manifestations of miracles n my life in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Pastor Lukau. God bless you continually.

  13. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father,I receive my miracle in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Aen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. In the mighty name of Jesus
    I beg your prayer and prophecy a miracle
    for my financial breakthrough, i m very difficult from the debt….
    Pray for my life partner
    Prayer for my familyļ

  15. Hallelujah!! I have entered the week of manifestation, every closed doors are opened to me. Whatever is stolen ,locked ,blocked and denied of me is coming back to me in the name of Jesus.
    Amen &Amen👏👏
    Paster it is so difficult doing the clicking .
    Pastor your Highness Please pray and intercede for me . Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi Pastor,words of wisdom always encourage me to move forward whenever I fall. Yes, please I need miracle within this month. God deeply saw what is inside of me and what I am trying to complete. Humbly request for wisdom to bless me with

  17. I receive in Jesus Name. Please man of God,pray for my finances, Iam in 21000pngkina in debt with the BSP bank. And 4000pngkina with the moniplus limited. Pray for giant warring angels to cancel my debts. I trust you man of God. Bless you. Bless the Blessed Most High. I ask this prayer in Jesus Name. Amen.

    • Please father Alpha Lukau please i need your prayer for my financial Situation to be better. So for my children that they can get them straight with there depth. Please help us through your prayer how can we get back the Company of my husband since he passed away in the year 2004. His paterner took the company but my husband is the owner. The company we had them here in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusoldorf it spread around here in Germany. I have nothing with my son out of the company …My husband found the company in the year 1997 in Hamburg..it is soo sad but GOD is in controll. Is there any way that i can get back with my son he is 25years now and made his own way. Now he is working for a fter his education. I have been struggle with my children since. So please Lukau pray for my Situation if i get His company back i would love to invest or give some money for your church AMI i would love to attend the church and healing service next year in Johannesburg. I watch the Service everytime when i can. Thank You Father Alpha Lukau I love you with your family. Thank You for everything. And i am very thankful to our Heavenly father for connect me here Online. With you and the church AMI. I love YOU oh Almighty GOD Father Amen and Amen.

    • Please pray for me sir. I am in dire need for financial miracle this week to pay up the balance of my rent. I don’t know what to do. Please, sir, speak into my life.

  18. Please man of God pray for me for twins, spirit of delayment, financial breakthrough, permit papers and spirit of delayment.

  19. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet, I received today’s prophecy in Jesus mighty name, oh Lord I place everything in the hands of you oh lord, fight for me I can’t to anything I can’t come out of my troubles, Lord I need my financial breakthrough In Jesus name I request I pray in Jesus name Amen

  20. oooh my beloved pastor ineed ur deliverance pls.pray for me God to open ways of money i come for my deliverance and my family.u’re too loud here in kenya.we love you too much.

  21. Nothing is impossible to God through annointed Man of God it has located me FAITH is believing without seeing it has happen to me im peggy

  22. Dad i believe in every word you say.Spiritually your my best friend.When listening to the word and watching in youtube i feel secured and i know all is well drinking from the well of AMI.In dubai working as a house help,i come from kenya but my profession is in Security ground.I have two daughters my husband died 2014.I wish and work hard to get means to come to Johannesburg in person to tap the annoiting.Through you there is hope and direction;be blessed pastor Alph Lukao dadi.
    Pray for me and my family am the 1st born but i have never seen my mum happy life,pray for her dad.Interven for her and the family to go through all challenges being victorious.
    Dad i wish to settle get married but every time a man come in my life they are either married or they leave me without any reason.Currently in relationship which i value so much interven dad i desire to be happy.
    Interven in financial ground i wish to clear all debts,to pay schoolfee and to fulfil my vows.I wish to have enough to assist those who needs my help.I pray for salary increase.
    Pray for me to have peace,understanding wisdom knoledge and power.To be honest trustworthy and obedience.I fot beautiful spiritual gifts but everytime i try to rise n shines it fades.I wish to compose gospel songs,to minister through singing and teaching the holy word.I wish to talk in tongue and interplate tongue.I wish the prophetic gift in me to grow.To have spiritual eyesight and spiritual hearing.
    My dream to become international Leader, to minister internationally,to travel to many continents and have international citizenshipto become true.
    Dad intervn and pray for me.Thankyou for your true man of God as i look forward to your respond.thankyou.

  23. Thank You Jesus, You desire all the praise, I greet you my spiritual father, I receive my miracle money and all the good things our Lord have for me and family this year, for in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. Amen Papa by Monday all closed doors will be open, my financial problems will be gone my rent will be updated, eviction word wont come back, my life will be better. headache ive been having for quite weeks will be gone and the itchiness will stop, they will be food in Jesus name

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