Can I Prophesy For You , I Don’t Need Your Name , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Prophesy Over Your Life – If You are Online , Click Now

Can I Prophesy For You , I Don’t Need Your Name , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Prophesy Over Your Life – If You are Online

2019 Is Your Year ….. You Will Not Die …. You Will be alive and Witness Your Blessings In Jesus Name …


This Year , you will buy cars and Build your House – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau 


People are people, they love you today and drop you tomorrow. They smile with you while their hearts are dark toward you. Keep your eyes on God – he is forever true and will never betray you.

The Devil thought you would be long dead and buried by now, but guess what? You are still here because your God is strong… Be grateful and praise him..

I pity those who expected your down fall this year. They had hope to see the end of you but guess what: “you are still here”… and God who brought you this far will not leave you nor forsake you.


People didn’t lay out your plan and purpose. People didn’t put gifts and talents in you. People didn’t give you dreams and desires. You have to be strong; it’s your destiny.

When you come to the end of life, you’re not going to answer to people. You’re going to answer to God. People may mean well, they may be for you, but if it doesn’t bear witness in your spirit, be bold enough to say, “That is not who I am.”


    • Man of God and here waiting on the money am to go on vacation and she do is promise and not coming true I have two days leave to go and don’t get it help me pray I believe that nothing is too hard for my God to do .

  1. Thank You Jesus, I greet my able spiritual Father, me and family will not die untimely death, we will live to testify about the goodness of God, my prayer requests is this: Marriage in My family, Healing in my family, total deliverance, to see my menstruation again, my children will be the head and not the tail, they will pass their exam with flying colours, Divine blessing to build our houses, promotion in my place of work, my elder brother to receive his sight, Divine favour, grace, fresh anointing, International travel mercy on Business and above all the presence of God to be with me and family and all the good things our God Have for us this year we will receive our blessing this year, and all the one who asked us why our situation is like this will come and testify about the goodness of our God in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen, Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooooooooooo

    • The mold of clay has been broken but now is the time for the Potter to build a new mold different from the last. May the rains of heaven fall on me and receive the financial showers of heaven to do what God created me to do. In Jesus name I pray!

    • My prayer reguest
      God protection,
      God favour,
      Financial breakthrough,
      May god settle my case.
      God health,
      Peace and success in my carrier.Amen.

  2. Thanks you Lord Jesus Christ I receive the word from man of God pastor Alph Lukau.I will not Die I will be alive and witness my blessing and this year I will buy my cars and build my house I pray that may almighty God who make pastor Alph Lukau to prophesy for me to let your will be done by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Amen

  3. Thank You Jesus that you have spoken to me through this message .. Thank you Pastor Alpha (Daddy)., you are a real blessing.. I never miss your sermon in Tube if I miss also I see the next day, I am really blessed, Keep me and my family in prayer, my son’s specially, Rohan and Ezekiel, I am construction house and car I want to buy and also every break financial break through and happy and peaceful life.

    • Hi Daddy I am sending my prayer request from Liberia, daddy please pray for me so that God can open a door of success for me

  4. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet Alph I received this today’s prophecy is for me and for my family, Oh Heavenly Mighty loving Father to it for me help me to come out of my financial breakthrough , I am a sinner, forgive my sin by the blood of Jesus Christ,oh Lord without your mercy I can’t to anything in Jesus I pray Amen

  5. I do follow u through YouTube but I need also the power of God to breakthrough my difficulties in my life

  6. Amen Amen i trust your prophesy Man of God one of the stubborn people who owed me for 6yrs has paid thr remaining one is Odirile Jeremia who owes me 6000


  8. Thank you Lord Jesus for your favour, financial breakthrough as well as your healing and protection, for breaking those adversities in my family life.

  9. Amen man of God please pray for us in our family no one is married even our mothers nothing is moving on stagnation,no breakthrough no jobs no promotion,no money please pray for us we love God so much


  11. Hallelujag Amen we are waiting salary adjustment wonders shall never end last year i make resolution of how to conquer 2019 its happen,i have started a foundation for my house,if the salary adjustment is done ooh God of Alph Lukau will be rich many dollars a month my life will be back on track


    • Papa,I’m asking God for a faithful and God fearing partner. I really need a relationship man of God,please pray for me.

  13. Morning man of God, I am Nelson Kavari from Namibia. I humbly requesting for your kind prophecy and prayers in my life endeavour;
    1. Financial difficulties
    2. Marriage
    3. Promotion
    4. Health, just to mentioned the few.
    I have been writing to you many times, thus, help and delivered me man of God, Amen….
    Here is my contact: +264 81 2929 278

  14. Good Day

    Please I need a job where am going to be paid well and a breakthough in my marriage and Financial status

  15. Man of God pray for Reginah Dichaba she has been very sickfrom low blood and Liver problem for the past 3months and Dimakatso Sento let them get healed

  16. i want GOD to bless our father pastor Alpha Lukaw and his familys and also should increase my spiritual life in saving him, and protaction and provision of GOD for my family. and also in our schools GOD Success that we can not fail in life let GOD Grant onto us…AMEN

  17. Amen Man Of God I need some prayers to my family break through, my son to do well in his matric studies, and to get rid of many wrong friend and leave his bad behavior and my daughter who have dropped from university because of funding and difficulties I encounter. in her family as the divorcee her financial break through and pray for her to get permanent job any where. my financial constraints as I have difficulties on paying debts and school fees for my children and grand children. praying for mercy to my daughter and her ex husband to re unite again as they are having 4 children and please give her strength and funding to further her studies for better future. Pray for me to complete my house renovation and new cars. Pray for my good health and children and my house.

  18. Thank you Jesus for your son thank you for your love and support thank you for my children and I will always be grateful to Daddy Jesus Amen

  19. Amen, I receive it in Jesus Name.
    Please Daddy pray for me, l need divan intervention is every area of my life. Nothing is working for me.
    Thank you Daddy.

  20. Pray for me to know the things of God,let my ministry be emerge, and let God locate u to me here in Nigeria bcus I have been dreaming u.
    U anointed me in my dream I don’t know the dream. Plz tell me the meaning and pray for me.

  21. Daddy please pray for me I want to be a international business Man and I need the grace of God to serve him in the name of Jesus christ Amen and Amen

  22. Yes Man of God. Pray for me, I am in a financial situation that I don’t have a choice than to file bankruptcy, I am paying different things but it’s overwhelming at the same time I want to buy property my own house, may the Lord favors me to make it happen sooner than it requires, also pray for my household protection, deliverance to be united my children, one whose job matter to get steady job, wisdom & discipline needed, may our Lord sends me a divine helper in Jesus name. May your anointing continue to increase my Prophet

  23. A prayer request for deliverence of my family
    A permanent job
    Financial breakthrough
    Healing in my life
    God’s protection

  24. Thank God for Daddy who God has anointed for difficult matters. I claim the prophesy in Jesus matchless name Amen. I will visit Alleluia Ministries in October 2019 Daddy Alph Lukau!!!!! I have been following you from Liberia on You Tube since January 2019. I praise God so much for you Dad.

  25. i need my deposit of R3500 back from khumo trading properties…they refuse to bring it father please help me get it back i need it

  26. Oct 5th I sit for my test please help… pray for me I’ve taken it numerous of time I declare to pass this exam in Jesus name

  27. The promise of God is for his children, i receive it in the name of Jesus. So shall it be, it can not be other wise

  28. Amen, Lord I rely on you to cover me, my children & and that pertains to us, no weapon forms against us should proper in Jesus name. Bless you always my Prophet.

  29. Daddy may you pray for me and my family. please destroy any altars that may be still standing against my family and i. I also would like you to pray for the relatioship im on now with the kids and our children to come. Daddy i ask for open doors in my finances and also in business i want to be a financer in the kingdom of God. thank you Daddy. i love you very much may God continue to bless you in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  30. My Moses pls pray for life is hard enough is enough I really need a miracle and speak over my life living from hand to mouth every month I had enough i really need financial breakthrough my moses pls pray for me

  31. Plzz Brother..pray for me, so that i could bring my life ahead an fight with any difficulties, so that i could help my family friends and other neediest

  32. Pastor please pray and prophesy for my children career and financial breakthrough in my life. I want to know what is God’S gift for me.I am a single parent please pray for my twin son Benny Eleazer and Raymie Eleazer they are not serious in their studies and always getting low Percentage.Pray that God will put in their hearts His word and to fear the LOrd. They will be 13 years in 29 Aug .Please reply to me if possible because nothing impossible in my living Jesus.

    • Man of God help me I have hot things that are moving in mu body ever since I start sexual intercourse some years ago.My life it self its so miserable without knowing am I going forward or backward pray for me Prophet.

  33. Please man of our living God help me out with my spiritual deliverance…
    After that I will love to ask for my financial breakthrough prayers please receive my message in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏

  34. To God be thy glroy, I greet you my spiritual father, I connect, believe and me and family receive our total healing, breakthough, deliverance, divine blessing, financial to build our houses, promotion in my place of work and all the good things our God has for us will manifest and those who are asking us where is our God will joint us to celebrate in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooo

  35. People are people, they love you today and drop you tomorrow. They smile with you while their hearts are dark toward you. Keep your eyes on God – he is forever true and will never betray you.
    Amen Amen Amen Man of God i dont take your Prophecies for nothing i trust you i am proud of the way you teach us the word to refrain from Sin,and you have taken off our shoulders the burden imposed on us by the devil God bless you

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