Can I Prophesy For You , I Don’t Need Your Name , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Prophesy Over Your Life – If You are Online , Click Now

Can I Prophesy For You , I Don’t Need Your Name , Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Prophesy Over Your Life – If You are Online

2019 Is Your Year ….. You Will Not Die …. You Will be alive and Witness Your Blessings In Jesus Name …

This Year , you will buy cars and Build your House – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau 



People are people, they love you today and drop you tomorrow. They smile with you while their hearts are dark toward you. Keep your eyes on God – he is forever true and will never betray you.

The Devil thought you would be long dead and buried by now, but guess what? You are still here because your God is strong… Be grateful and praise him..

I pity those who expected your down fall this year. They had hope to see the end of you but guess what: “you are still here”… and God who brought you this far will not leave you nor forsake you.

God is about to embarrass your enemies and mockers. My spiritual eyes are Open, i see you Celebrating Victory and shouting: “GOD has done it for me”. You will surely not miss it this time.


People didn’t lay out your plan and purpose. People didn’t put gifts and talents in you. People didn’t give you dreams and desires. You have to be strong; it’s your destiny. When you come to the end of life, you’re not going to answer to people. You’re going to answer to God. People may mean well, they may be for you, but if it doesn’t bear witness in your spirit, be bold enough to say, “That is not who I am.”


    • Pastor please pray for my children to grow under Lord. I am condtructing house.., for Finance break through and my husbands business to do well he to struggles., my elder son is struggling to complete his studies.. and for me to walk with my Lord more closer. Amen

    • We are opening anew ministry on may with my hubby.that is branch church.pleas give us direction man of God.I’m Dorothy in kenya

    • 2019 I shall not die, I shall prosper and declare the goodness of the Lord. Papa please pray for me, the devil wants to try your daughter. I’m making plans to come for the IVP, I’ve already paid for my package Papa. But now am having issues locating my payments. The devil is a big big liar, I will be in Johannesburg for the first IVP of the year. The devil likes it or not, it’s my God given right. I also pray for fun breakthrough for me and my family in Jesus Name.

  1. Financial breakthrough, Car, house in Surbubs, drinking and smoking, healing in my family and restoration, promotion and salary increase, repent and Christian wholeness, children to perform at school, ways to business,peace and love.
    God bless you Sir.

  2. Wow!m speechless papa,this prophecy!I believe that you are talking to me.i receive all in the name of Jesus amen Nd thank you

  3. I declare in Jesus name that everything I have always wanted and wished for the God of Alf lukau ,Jehova jira. .the Lord of host,he who was and is to come will change my life today ,I will by cars and build houses in the name of Jesus..I will not die ,I am in good health,my enemies will trample when the see me …all that was lost shall be renewed and multiplied in Jesus Name .

  4. PL pray for me I can pay all my bills I owed please pray for my enemies they’re do wicth craft at my son who has lungs problem my immigration paperwork to succeed. My school interview to be successful

  5. I need prayer to destroy the devil’s attack . devil is stealing away what God has placed in our hands . devil and his angels walking inside the ceiling of our house at Freswota 3 , Port Vila , Vanuatu .

    I know the devil is a looser and cannot win anything . it is here just to steal , kill and destroy. The Blood of Jesus has destroyed its curses – Amen

  6. Ameeen…I pray in this year i and my husband will expand financially and otherwise,we will build our house we have every single car we’v always desired i believe it and i trust the Lord has answered …pastor please pray for me

  7. Pastor the enemy is eating up breakthrough I have tried to invest money but my efforts bear no fruits.sir I am almost losing hope pray for me please

  8. Man of God nayelaki yo na mboka nayo .Nazozonga na UK namonani na Mwana nayo.Sambelela biso Papa Famille mobimba ebonga.Polisa biso na mabenisi YA Nzambe nayo Yezu Nkristo.Amen

  9. Amen I receive financial break through,cars above all buildings.Pastor continue praying with me that my relationship with Ben Otto should materialise this year let fire of Lord burning in him that may not see any other woman other than me and also pray for my daughter Cynthia that father okoli Charles pays her fees ,provides for her above all favour,pray for my brother and sister olupot Emma ,Aigi, Odongo and that God may deliver me from fun sounds in my ear drums and God should disconnect me from wicked people and I should be short list for interviews get job this Month.

  10. I believed that God wants me the best for His glory and honor. I will have a financial breakthrough over my life. Please pray for me Pastor and thank you.

  11. Father Lord may you locate me in your mercy and help me to overcome my trails. Father help me achieve my greatest wish and let your will and only your will be done in my life.

  12. Prayer for more grace in my spiritual life. I need money to do help my family and to be fulfilled in whatever area the Lord want me to be.

  13. Amen l receive it in Jesus Name. Please Daddy pray for me grow in my spiritual life, need money, financial breakthroughs, debt cancellation, buy a car, marital breakthrough, my education, and may God destroy all the plan of the enemies.
    Thank you Daddy.

  14. Man of God please pray for to get married to a lovable & caring husband please, Pray for my financial breakthrough and my own hous please for my familly, this my breakthrough year! Amen

  15. Pastor all i need is to prophesy in my life i want a change in my life have a good health sothat i can enjoy all my benefits of good life in this world Amen

  16. Man of God please Prophecy my destiny and the situation that I am in now case it looks like my world is crashing down and dont know what to do. Anything i try is not working out and dont know where to start or what to do with my life anymore.

  17. Man of God i believe and trust the only God to bless me with financial break through and help me to complete my house and buy car in the mighty name of Jesus Amen Amen Praise the lord Alleluia

  18. Praise God I receive it in Jesus name Amen thank you Lord I need prophecy over my life today my husband who will God more than he loves me my finances to be debt free my own piece of property my own home and my vehicle good health prosperity love happiness and long life in Jesus mighty name Amen

  19. Please Man of God pray for my husband and son, they need healing, they have been sick for long now.. husband’s legs give him pain so much and son has boils all over his back for more than ten years now, they are on and off,and please pray also for our financial breakthrough..

  20. Pastor alph lukau my spiritual father I pray first for my healing and that of my family. Then come the othes. 1. I need a house 2.a 🚙car. 3. Any activities that I can generate income from or jobs. Let a destiny helper locate me with a miracle.

  21. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,i receive what my Prophet prophecies,Man of God please pray for me and for my family and my financial breakthrough,Oh Lord you know me without you oh Lord i cannot to anything, To something new in my life ,i believe in you oh Lord so shall it be in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen

  22. Father I pray for my son to be located with a miracle to sail through his coming exams. To be hired after to work in Saudi Arabia.

  23. Please pray for me man of God,i want to buy a house but I can’t because of the loan that I have.nothing is impossible with God,he makes the impossible possible,he qualifies the unqualified!I really need to buy my own house in Jesus name! Amen

  24. Pastor alph lukau I pray for my son in law to have contracts for his firm. Hasten the process of my daughters passport to travel to Sudan to receive her treatment may the lord conquer any force that stands against that. Open opportunities for my daughter after her treatment.

  25. I am praying for money and financial break through as declared by the Prophet of God, Pastor Alph Lukau in Jesus Christ name amen.

  26. I receive my Audi, my 5 Bedroom house, my well paying Career and Miracle money in my bank account this month in Jesus Christ name Amen. So shall it be it cannot be otherwise. Manifest your Power in my life.

  27. Good day pastor Alph

    I really wish to meet you in person and believe in prophetic words. Because God speaks in his presence so if you can read my message feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards

  28. Rejection,mocked/R n Betrayed,Blood shielding n broken bones,unmarried,jobless,Falsely accusations,separated from son since he Young upto now. he’s drunk addict. Failure all directions. Not able invite him because he’s past 18 years, am not working and have certainly citizenship. Have enough faith when you Anointed servant of God prophesies all is well with me and my son, in the Almighty Name of JESUS Christ, Amen 🙌👏

  29. Papa please pray for my promotion, financial breakthrough,cancellation of my debts, building my own house, winning the court case, getting my money from those who owe me and my brother Seloka to find a job and my sister Relebohile to find a permanent job, my sister son to have funds for his operation and my mom to be healed from arthritis.

  30. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my able and wonderful spiritual father, so true papa people are people, Papa prophesy to me I receive my prophesy in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amenooooooooooooooooo

  31. please man of god, I have no income, no money, no job, I was a nurse in Australia and health department retired me from my work, 4 years now without job. please man of god pray for me so I could get my nursing job back pulse they must back pay me for those 4 years I was out of work. this is my god given vocation when he sent me to this world. iam truly missing my job. thank you very much man of god, god continue to bless you mightily.

  32. Good Morning Daddy,
    Please surreal to God on behalf of my husband. The doctor has said that he is going to need a hip replacement. He’s only 49 years old and he has been in so much pain. He’s going to need a miracle. There’s no cartilage between his hip and leg bone. It’s bone on bone at this point. His name is Dennis Johnson.
    Please pray for our financial breakthrough. I have been believing God for land and a new home. Thank you for being such an amazing man of God.
    Your spiritual daughter,
    Fairie Johnson

  33. I will be released from prison in June, Father please pray for me that I get a house for my kids and money through business. I need a man that knows God cause I’m an Evangelist.

  34. Prayer for me and my family papa. Am suffering from family spiriand my relationship is not good. I can’t stay with a boyfriend long just few days then he leave me without reason man of God

  35. Merci Papa, Homme de Dieu,Merci de prier pour toutes mes demandes et mes vœux pour cette année 2019.
    Pries pour ma famille (mes enfants, mon épouse et moi). Pries pour moi pour la santé parfaite et absolue, pour la percée financière illimitée , pour la protection de ma famille tous les jours ,pour le déblocage total et définitif là où il y a des blocages,je veux que Dieu embarrasse sérieusement mes ennemis visibles et invisibles et que leurs malédictions deviennent sans effet sur ma vie et ma famille dès aujourd’hui jusqu’à l’infini, je reçois l’acquisition (j’achète) des maisons, des voitures, des immeubles , je m’installe aux USA pour être également proche de mes clients, je voyage dans le monde pour réaliser des grands contrats d’affaires, je crée des écoles et des orphelinats en Afrique, je crée plusieurs entreprises florissantes qui réalisent de gros chiffres d’affaires, toutes mes dettes effacées au nom de Jésus, je reçois des sommes importantes d’argent cette année 2019 provenant de mes business. je reçois une pluie abondante de multiplications d’argent dans mes comptes bancaires provenant de clients milliardaires que je rencontrerai et avec qui je signerai des contrats d’affaires importants, de toutes les opportunités que je saisis par la grâce de Dieu au moment et à chaque fois que les opportunités se présentent et se présenteront dès maintenant et durant toute cette année 2019, je les reçois, au nom de Jésus. Homme de Dieu, Pasteur Alph LUKAU, étonne-moi au nom de Jésus, étonne ma vie, étonne ma famille, étonne même mes ennemis, change les choses, bouscule ma situation, étonne tous ceux qui ne croient pas en moi (en ma réussite, mes succès, à ma carrière, à mon évolution dans la vie) depuis des années. Cette année 2019, ma vie change radicalement en bien au nom de Jésus. C’est ma demande de prière. Et merci pour tes prières et proclamations sur ma vie maintenant au nom de Jésus. De là où je me trouve actuellement en Europe, je veux voir la gloire de Dieu se manifester maintenant.Que Dieu te bénisse Homme de Dieu pour tout ce que tu fais au nom de Jésus.

  36. I want God to rewrite my lifes’ story and set my life on fire for Him.
    I want a total turn around in every areas of my life.
    My spirituality
    My finances
    My marital story and so on

  37. of prophesy for me man of man I need in answer from God I am waiting for the one I love God you know his name Lord.

  38. Papa pray for me and my family that my sister’s and I will get married and also for financial breakthrough. That our destiny helpers will locate us

  39. Amen and amen.I receive in Jesus name. I need money,I need fi financial breakthrough, I need marriage breakthrough.

  40. I received it in Jesus name. Thank you Pastor for the word today, it like you are preaching the word infront of me, anyways distance doesnt matter. I can feel the holy spirit is working within me. Please I am requesting for financial matters. I am suffering to pay lots of loans but my salary is not enough. Each day before I start my job, I am thinking of where to get the money from to buy food for my family for the other next day, it like I am living inside a cage full of lions. My mind is struggle every day. Our Lord deeply see what is happening inside of me. Pastor, as I humbly request last days, I am seeking our Lord to bless me with another baby this year. I have miscarries last year dont know why. For my fasting and praying, I am seeking the Lord with all my heart to hear my prayer even the silence of my heart for everything I request to him. Bless you Pastor and your family. Jesus name.

  41. 2019 is my year of financial breakthrough in Jesus name. Papa this is my long await desire to own a car and a house. We paid a piece of land last year but another person gave higher amount of money to the landowner and get the piece of land from us. Please papa I need your intervention to get the pieces of land back ( that person corrupting the landowner.

  42. I receive this prophecy in the name of Jesus Christ….as I urgently need a house & car..Also please pray for my salary increment & job opportunities for my husband..

    • Papa pray for me and my family and whatever devil take from to be restore my relationship i know the you save he make it pray for job and study’s so i past in Jesus name Amen

    • Papa pray for me and my family and whatever devil take from me to be restore my relationship i know the Lord you save he will make it pray for job and study’s so i pasd this year in Jesus name Amen

  43. Pastor Alph please pray for me. I am fed up of my life. My brother in law is speaking too much lies on me to all known family. Gossips n accusations on me. His wife is performing black majic with the help of a malagasy witch. Someone has seen her. I dont know how and what to do to have peace and protect my family.
    Please also pray that i can visit your AMI this year in SA. We cannot find money. Thanks Pastor.

  44. Great man of God, i request you to pray for me for God’s intervention in my life.I have been bruised and hurt b the enemy and nothing seems right financially,healthwise, careerwise am down down down man of God please pray for me.


  46. Myself and husband are going through financial situations.i have prayed for a breakthrough for pregnancy, break generation curses off my life and family.myself & husband to live in peace and joy

  47. Yes,Pastor Please pray for me for the following subject. 1.Please pray for my job,I am waiting for my re-joining letters from NVS RO SHillong for which ia not getting salary from last year 2018.Please pray for me. 2.Please pray for my dept to repay. 3.Please pray for my family I have one child. 4.Please pray for my business,I have Restaurant and I have already started a new school.Please pray for prosperity. 5.Please for my health problem,for my wife and my child and please pray for my mother neck problem she has goitre for many years. 6.Please pray for my spiritual growth. May God bless you abundantly in your ministry,Amen

  48. I recieve this Word in Jesus name Pastor Alph
    2019 Is my Year, I Will Not Die, I Will be alive and Witness My Blessings In Jesus Name. This Year , I will buy cars and Build my House, God who broughtme this far will not leave me nor forsake me. God is about to embarrass my enemies and mockers. I thank God Pastor Alph eyes are open for me. I praise God My spiritual eyes are Open to what he sees as well, i see myself Celebrating Victory and shouting because I receive this prophecy in Jesus name : “GOD has done it for me”. I will surely not miss it this time. I thank you Pastor Alph Lukau – I receive this in Jesus Name

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